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Updated December 9, 2017 - 10:08 PM EST
UN Security Council Condemns Jerusalem Move
  Israeli Airstrikes Pound Gaza After Rocket Hits Sderot
  Two Dead, Hundreds Wounded in Palestinian 'Day of Rage'
  Protests Across Middle East Against Trump's Jerusalem Move
Russia FM: North Korea Ready for Direct US Talks
  US Foresaw a Costly Victory in War With North Korea – in 1994
44,000 US Troops on 'Unknown' Deployments Worldwide
US Elite Troop Training Produces Zero Results After Mosul
White House Calls on Saudis to End Yemen Blockade
item Syria Peacemaking Is No Longer Made-In-America  by Sharmine Narwani
item The Necessity of Imagining an Unimaginable War  by Lisa Fuller
item The US Will Stay in Syria Even After ISIS Is Defeated: Here's Why  by Darius Shahtahmasebi
item Barak's Disappointing Peace Plan  by Uri Avnery
item America Can't Win the Drug War in Afghanistan  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item The West Backed the Wrong Man in Ukraine  by Leonid Bershidsky

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Russia Says Ready for Talks With US to Try to Save Arms Pact
World Powers Push Saudis, Iran to Stop Interfering in Lebanon
Cuba Authorizes Sending Text Messages to US Phones
Tillerson: 'Status of Jerusalem Not Final'
Debunking Trump's Claims About 'Reality' in Jerusalem
Trump, PM Netanyahu Spoke Three Times Before Speech
Israeli Minister Sees Trump 'Hint' at Jerusalem Partition With Palestinians
Despite Furor Over Jerusalem Move, Saudis Seen on Board With US Peace Efforts
Egyptian Muslim Leader Rejects Meeting With US Pence Over Jerusalem
Iranians Rally Against Trump's Jerusalem Move, Burn US Flags
30 Years Since First Palestinian Intifada Erupted
Archaeologists Expose Muslim-Jewish 'Dialogue' in Jerusalem From 1,300 Years Ago
Nasrallah Calls for Support of New Palestinian Intifada
Israeli Soldiers Filmed Harassing Schoolchildren in Occupied Hebron
Israeli Police Target Ultra-Orthodox Protesters With Weapon Developed Against Palestinians, and It Stinks
Japan to Acquire Air-Launched Missiles Able to Strike North Korea
What's Behind the Islamist Protests in Pakistan?
With Opposition Split, Venezuela Mayoral Vote Will Strengthen Maduro
Americans Still Dying
Devastated Riverside (CA) Family Hopes Army Will Change Training After Soldier Killed in Iraq Friendly Fire Accident
Christians Again Displaced; 13 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Kurds Denounce PM for Comparing Them to Jihadists
Syrian City's Survivors Describe Three Years of Siege Under ISIS
US Military Says Airstrikes Kill Five al-Qaeda Militants in Yemen
The Last Hours of Yemen's Saleh
Protesters Gather in Kiev After Police Recapture Ex-Georgia Leader Saakashvili
Criticism of Ukraine's Language Law Justified: Rights Body
Serbian President Says Serbia Does Not Plan to Join NATO
Swiss Propose House Arrest for People Seen as Security Threats
Rebels Kill 15 Peacekeepers in Congo in Worst Attack on UN in Recent History
At Least 45 Killed in Ethnic Fighting in South Sudan: Official
They Fled Boko Haram, Only to Be Raped by Nigeria's Security Forces
Security Council Authorizes UN Support for G5 Sahel Troops
The War at Home
Military Toxins Are Becoming More Harmful to Our Veterans
Fort Stewart Soldier Critically Injured During Live-Fire Exercise
Trump Administration Requests Delay on Military Accepting Transgender Troops After Failing to Ban Them Entirely
Florida Rally Cheers When Republican Predicts Trump's Jerusalem Embassy Decision May Usher in Armageddon
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