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Updated December 11, 2017 - 10:41 PM EST
Bomb Explodes at NYC Port Authority Terminal
Jerusalem Protests Continue Across Palestine
  Worldwide Protests Continue Over Trump's Jerusalem Declaration
US Pushes Diplomatic Isolation for North Korea
  Nobel Peace Laureate Group Tells US, North Korea to Negotiate
Syrian Army, Allies Advance Against Rebel-Held Idlib
As US-Russia Tensions Rise, 1987 Nuke Treaty in Jeopardy
In Yemen Push, US Warned Saudis of Threats in Congress
Defense Contractors Hold Pentagon Hostage With Contracts
State Dept Spends $1 Million Funding Venezuela Opposition
Pentagon Foresees Two More Years of Combat in Somalia
item The Enemy Within: It's Called the 'Intelligence Community'  by Justin Raimondo
item The Pundits Were Wrong About Assad and the Islamic State  by Max Abrams & John Glaser
item Saudi Prince Delivering Yemen Into Arms of Iran  by Michael Horton
item Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid  by Ran HaCohen
item A Country Addicted to War  by Andrew Bacevich
item US Media Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages  by Glenn Greenwald

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Pope Prays for Nuclear Disarmament
SIPRI: Weapons Sales Up Again Worldwide
Venezuela Opposition Parties Banned From Running in 2018 Election
Communist Parties Win Majority in Nepal Vote
Victory Parade in Green Zone; Seven Injured Across Iraq
Iraqi PM Abadi Declares 'End of War Against' ISIS
Iraq Holds Victory Parade After Defeating ISIS
Top al-Qaeda Operatives Killed in US Airstrike in Yemen, Pentagon Confirms
Yemen Rebels Disrupt Internet Nationwide: Rights Group, Residents
Middle East
Powerful Iraqi Militia Leader Appears on Lebanon-Israel Border
Qatar Signs $8bn Typhoon Fighter Jet Deal With the UK
Officials From UN, North Korea Agree Situation Is Dangerous
Japan, US, South Korea to Hold Missile Tracking Drill Amid North Korea Crisis
Taliban Kill Three Afghan Soldiers in Attack on Checkpoint
Harassment All Around, Afghan Women Weigh Risks of Speaking Out
Indian Soldier Kills Four Colleagues in Chhattisgarh
Pakistan Says Over 300 Baloch Separatist Militants Surrender
Philippines' Duterte to Seek One-Year Extension of Mindanao Martial Law
Thousands of Saakashvili Supporters Stage Protest Against Ukraine President
Ex-Georgian President Saakashvili on 'Indefinite' Hunger Strike After Second Arrest
Corsican Nationalists Win Regional Elections, as Another Corner of Europe Seeks Its Own Path
Catalan Separatists to Lose Majority in Tight Election: Poll
US Demands NATO Action on Russian Missiles
Survey: Germans Say Russia Is More Reliable Than the United States
Hungarian Military to Purchase Transport Aircraft, Helos
Basque Protesters in Paris Demand ETA Prisoner Rights
US Military
Pentagon's Ambitious Goal: Launch a Weapons Program in Just 12 Months
Marine Corps Investigation Faults F-35 Program After In-Flight Fire
Abbas to Boycott Pence as Protests Over Jerusalem Continue
White House: Unfortunate That Palestinians Declined Meeting With Pence
Israeli Defense Minister Calls for Boycott of Arab Citizens: 'They Don't Belong Here'
Israel Says It Has Destroyed Hamas Attack Tunnel From Gaza
IDF: Further Gaza Rockets Will Be Met With 'Severe Response'
Israeli General to Hamas: 'Wake Up, Time Is Not on Your Side'
Thousands March in Tel Aviv to Protest Against Netanyahu
Jerusalem: Global Reaction
Shi'ite Militias in Iraq Threaten US and Israel After Jerusalem Move
Violence Flares at Protest Near US Embassy in Lebanon
Jerusalem: Malaysia Army 'Ready' to Play Role
Arab Ministers Demand Reversal of Trump Jerusalem Decision
Trump's Jerusalem Decision Could Help Militants: UAE's Sheikh Mohammed
Israel a 'Terror State,' Turkey's Erdogan Says After Violent Fallout Over Jerusalem
Netanyahu Blasts Erdogan: I Won't Be Lectured on Morality by a Leader Who Bombs Kurds
Turkish Police Detain Activists at Anti-Israel Demo
Egyptian Christians Reject Meeting With Pence in Protest of Trump's Jerusalem Decision
Macron Tells Netanyahu: Give Peace a Chance, Make Gestures Toward the Palestinians
Women Take to Streets to Demand End to South Sudan War
Khalifa Haftar Loyalists Attack Polling Stations in East Libya, Vow to Ban 2018 Elections
Kenya President Says No Talks With Defiant Opposition Leader
Tanzanian Leader 'Shocked' by Killings of Peacekeepers in DR Congo
Honduras Tribunal Says Partial Vote Recount Shows Same Result
Honduras Opposition Parties Ask for Disputed Election to Be Annulled
By Going on Strike, Honduran Police Win Over Protesters
With Foes Absent, Venezuela's Socialists to Gain From Local Vote
Amid Criticism, Mexico Is on Track to Strengthen Military's Role in Fighting Crime
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