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Updated December 12, 2017 - 10:08 PM EST
White House Hides US Troop Numbers in Wars
Putin Sets Partial Pullout on Surprise Syria Visit
  US-Backed Syrian Kurds, Iraqi Army Coordinate at Border
Key Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Urges Fighters to Disarm
  ISIS Is Gone, but Iraq's Main Refinery Remains in Ruins
  Turkey: 29 PKK Killed in Strikes on Northern Iraq
Bomb Explodes at NYC Port Authority Terminal
Iran FM Urges Europe to Preserve Nuclear Deal
Netanyahu: The Bible Proves Jerusalem Is Israel's Capital
Sgt. La David Johnson Survived Initial Ambush in Niger
item Yes, the FBI Is America's Secret Police  by James Bovard
item Finally, Evidence of Russian Election Meddling ... Oh, Wait  by Thomas Knapp
item When Washington Cheered the Jihadists  by Daniel Lazare
item What Should We Fight For?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item The 'Last Martyr': Who Killed Kamal Al-Assar?  by Ramzy Baroud
item We Must Reject Preventive War in Korea  by Daniel Larison

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Class Action Lawsuit Sought Over 1966 Spain H-Bombs Accident
How Corporate Media Tacitly Justify the Murder of Palestinian Children
Pentagon to Allow Transgender People to Enlist in Military
Qatar Buys 24 Typhoon Fighters From UK
Turkish Jets Strike PKK Camps; 38 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq-Iran Oil Swap Deal to Run for One Year
Emirates and Flydubai Resume Operating Some Flights Over Iraq
Palestinians Miss Major Reconciliation Deadline
Israel Intercepts Gaza Rocket, Retaliates With Tank Fire
Israeli Defense Minister: Arab MPs Are 'War Criminals,' Should 'Go Back to Gaza'
Jerusalem: Global Reaction
US Jerusalem Move: Fury Spreads From Jakarta to Rabat
Fifth Day of Protests in Middle East Over Trump's Jerusalem Move
Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah Vows to Focus on Palestine
EU Tells Netanyahu It Rejects Trump's Jerusalem Move
In Brussels, Netanyahu Talks Up US Peace Bid as EU Pushes for Bigger Role
Indonesians Burn US, Israeli Flags in 4th Day of Jerusalem Protests
Putin: Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Destabilizes Middle East
Senior Saudi Prince Condemns Trump's 'Opportunistic' Jerusalem Move
Middle East
More Than 8 Million Yemenis 'A Step Away From Famine': UN
Iran Says It Will Look Into Releasing British National
Turkey, Russia Will Meet to Finalize S-400 Defense Deal in Coming Week
Venezuela President's Threat to Ban Opposition Draws Rebuff
Buoyed by Mayoral Votes, Venezuela Socialists Eye Presidency Race
Army Clears Honduras Streets of Protesters Alleging Poll Fraud
Libyan Forces Suffer Casualties as Fighting Drags on in Benghazi
Slave Trade: 5,000 Nigerians Trapped in Libyan Detention Camps
Amnesty Accuses EU of Complicity in Libya Migrant Abuse
Six Nigerian Soldiers Killed in Boko Haram Ambushes
Nigerian Police Official Defends Unit Against Brutality Accusations
Car Bomb Kills Journalist in Somali Capital
Putin, Egypt's Sisi Discuss Restart of Flights, Sign Nuclear Deal
ICC Reports Jordan to UN Security Council for Not Arresting Sudan's Bashir
Ivory Coast Offering $26,000 Buy-Outs to Reduce Army Size: Documents
Russian Military Chief Criticizes US, Japan, and South Korea Drills
Dennis Rodman Requests US-North Korea Envoy Role to 'Have a Glass of Wine' With Kim Jong Un
Hunting Taliban and Islamic State Fighters, From 20,000 Feet
China, Taiwan Spar Over Chinese Diplomat's Invasion Threat
Rohingya Methodically Raped by Myanmar's Armed Forces
Pakistani Peace Activist Reported Missing, Police Say
Duterte Seeks Martial Law Extension for Southern Philippines
Polish Media Regulator Fines US-Owned News Channel $420,000 Over Election Coverage
Ukrainian Judge Frees Saakashvili From Detention
Scuffles Break Out as Artworks Removed From Catalan City's Museum
Bulgaria Asks Russia to Overhaul MiG Fighter Jets
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