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Updated December 13, 2017 - 11:20 PM EST
Tillerson: Ready for NK Talks, No Preconditions
USAID: No Sign Saudis Easing Yemen Blockade
Trump Signs $692 Billion Military Spending Bill
Two Islamic Jihad Militants Killed in Gaza Blast
  Did Saudi Arabia Just Try to Give the West Bank to Israel?
  Trump Nominee Has History of Suing Colleges Over Israel Boycotts
McMaster: Qatar, Turkey Sponsoring 'Extremist Ideology'
Russian, Syrian Airstrikes in Aleppo Displace Hundreds
item Why Are Dem Senators Enabling One of Trump's Worst Decisions?  by Medea Benjamin & Ariel Gold
item The Malady of Excessive Interventionism  by John Glaser
item Yemen's Silent Numbers: Official Count Masks War's Toll on Civilians  by Will Porter
item How the US Could Provoke a New Korean War  by Geoffrey Fattig
item Russia-Gate's Litany of Corrections  by Robert Parry
item Left Shouldn't Make Peace With Neocons – Even to Defeat Trump  by Robert Wright

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Judge Blasts 'Unchecked Power' Over a US Citizen Being Indefinitely Detained
Russia to Send Athletes to Olympics Under Neutral Flag
UN Official: North Koreans Say It's Important to Prevent War
NYC Bombing 'in Retaliation for Trump's Jerusalem Move'
UN Probes Right Abuses in Restive Tuz Khormato; Seven Killed in Iraq
UN Probes Abuses in Iraqi Town Where Troops Fought Kurds
Iraq PM Warns ISIS Might Erupt Again Somewhere Else
Russia Will Keep Bases in Syria to Strike at Insurgents: Kremlin
French Firm Lafarge Paid 13 Million Euros to Armed Groups to Keep Operating in Syria: Rights Group
Turkey Chides Arabs for 'Weak' Reaction Ahead of Jerusalem Summit
Turkish Teachers Linked to Erdogan Foe Detained in Afghanistan
Russian Credit to Cover Part of S-400 Missile Deal With Turkey: Agency
Russia Temporarily Shuts, Evacuates Yemen Embassy
From Cholera to Diphtheria: Yemen's Shattered Health System Battles a New Threat
'We Are One': Palestinian Christians and Muslims Unite Against Trump's Jerusalem Call
Democrats Abandon the Resist Trump Movement When It Comes to Jerusalem
Palestinians Protest Bahraini Delegation Normalizing Ties With Israel
Middle East
US Chain AMC Signs Saudi Deal After Cinema Ban Lifted
Iran Upholds Death Sentence for Iranian Academic With Swedish Residency
Cuba Tells US Suspension of Visas Is Hurting Families
Venezuela to Start Criminal Probe Into Rival, Ex-Oil Czar Ramirez
Canada to Buy Used Australian Jets Over New Boeing Aircraft
South Korea Conducts Anti-Terror Drills Ahead of Winter Games
Thai PM Says No Trade With North Korea, Ahead of US Envoy's Visit
Afghan President's Critics Losing Patience Over Delayed Vote
EU Suspends Funding for Cambodian Election
We See Trump Tweets as Official: Kremlin
Return of Defeated ISIS Fighters 'Real Threat' to Russia: RIA Cites FSB Chief
Most Fake Bomb Calls That Beset Russia Coming From Syria
Spanish Court Orders Seizure of Ex-Catalan Leader's Home
French Government Dampens Corsican Nationalists' Autonomy Hopes
Bulgaria Freezes Assets of Independent Media Publisher
War-Scarred Neighborhoods in Ukraine's Rebel-Held Donetsk
Row Over Syrian Refugee Return Threatens Danish Government
UN Warns of New Syrian Refugee Wave to Europe if Aid Dries Up
German Soldier Accused of Planning to Kill Politicians, Frame Refugees
Death Toll From Fighting in South Sudan's Great Lakes Rises to 170
Bomb Kills Bomb Disposal Expert in Somalia's Puntland, Al Shabaab Suspected
Freed Prisoner Witnessed Radicalization in Egyptian Jails
Amnesty Says EU Is Complicit in Violations of Migrant Rights in Libya
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Flies to Singapore, First Trip Since Ouster
Liberia to Hold Run-Off Vote on December 26: Electoral Commission
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