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Updated December 14, 2017 - 11:21 PM EST
Tracing ISIS' Arms Supply Chain – Back to the US
  ISIS Got a Powerful Missile the CIA Secretly Bought in Bulgaria
Saudi Airstrikes Against Yemen Capital Kill 39
  Yemen's Pro-Saleh Faction, Houthis Make a Deal to End Dispute
  US to Sanction Iran Because of Worsening Conditions in Yemen
White House Corrects Tillerson, Rejects NK Talks
  UN Official Says North Koreans Agree on Importance of Avoiding War
White House: Abbas Criticism 'Preventing Peace'
  Islamic Countries Declare East Jerusalem Capital of Palestine
  Tillerson Says Embassy Move Unlikely During Trump's Current Term
UN Expert: US Continues to Torture Detainee at Gitmo
US Military to Send Cyber Soldiers to the Battlefield
item Yes, the Constitution Applies to the NYC Bomber  by Andrew Napolitano
item Jerusalem Decision Rubber-Stamps 70 Years of Israeli Violations  by James Zogby
item US Military Is the Biggest 'Big Govt' Entitlement Program on the Planet  by JP Sottile
item Here Comes the Next 'Defense' Shakedown  by Thomas Knapp
item Why Is America Addicted to Foreign Interventions?  by Monica Duffy Toft
item Tom Cotton, Perpetual Warmonger  by Daniel Larison

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NATO Allies Still Block US Convoy Movements in Europe
Facebook Says Russian-Linked Accounts Spent Just 97 Cents on Ads Over Brexit
ISIS Attacks Troops, Mass Grave Found; 68 Killed in Iraq
Putin Must Nudge Syria Into UN Peace Deal, Mediator Says
Turkish Police Summon FBI Official: Anadolu
Erdogan: 'Out of the Question' for US to Broker Mideast Peace Deal
Jerusalem Protests Bring Global Attention to Israeli Brutality
Trump Plan to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem Angers Middle East Christians
Celebrities Break Taboo on Palestine
How Israel Represses the Internet in Palestine
Israeli Intel Minister to Saudi Media: Israel Can Strike Iranian Missile Plants in Lebanon, 'As Is Happening in Syria'
'Leftist' General Threatens to 'Tear the Palestinians Apart' and 'Toss Them Across the Jordan'
Abbas: Palestinians Will Go to Security Council Over Full UN Membership
Child of 12 Is Roughed Up, Then Detained, by Israeli Forces in Occupied Hebron
Labor Hopeful Says Israel Should 'Kick Out' Palestinians in Future War
Iron Dome Missile Defense System Intercepts Two Rockets Fired From Gaza Over Israel
Middle East
Lebanese Army to Get $120 Million in US Aid
Yemen Rebels Free Pro-Saleh Media Staff
Nikki Haley Vows to Present 'Irrefutable Evidence' Iran 'Deliberately Violated International Obligations'
Spike in Murders of Women Erases Decades of Gains in Mexico
Brazil Captures Most Wanted Arms Trafficker in Paraguay
The War at Home
Trump Signs Into Law US Government Ban on Kaspersky Lab Software
Trump Names Pick for Nuclear Weapons Head at Energy Department
North Korea
Russia Says US 'Muscle Flexing' in South Korea Fraught With Grave Consequences
Russia and China Discuss Coordination on North Korea
Pakistan Orders George Soros Foundation, Other Aid Groups to Close
Pakistani Court Summons Police in Case of Missing Peace Activist
Okinawa Boy Injured After Window Falls Off US Marine Chopper
Two Reuters Journalists Arrested in Myanmar, Face Official Secrets Charges
Human Rights Watch Calls on Singapore to Relax Free Speech, Assembly Laws
Philippine Congress Gives Duterte Green Light to Extend Martial Law in South
Rights Group Criticizes China for Mass DNA Collection in Xinjiang
Spy Satellites Are Revealing Afghanistan's Lost Empires
Canada Authorizes Export of Automatic Weapons to Ukraine
US Prepares to Open Doors on Billion-Dollar London Embassy
Report Shows 1,300 Unfilled Jobs, Strain for German Defense Procurement
US Commander Orders New Probe Into Somalia Raid
Congo Fighters Jailed for Life for Child Rape Ceremonies: Rights Groups
15 People Killed by Ethiopia's Security Forces
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