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Updated December 20, 2017 - 11:29 PM EST
Trump Approves Lethal Arms Sales to Ukraine
Trump To Cut Aid to Nations Over Jerusalem Vote
  Israel to Ignore 'Futile' UN General Assembly Vote on Jerusalem
Saudi-Led Air Strikes Kill 136 Civilians in Yemen
  Trump Nominee Admits Blockade of Yemen Could Violate US Law
China, Russia Slam Trump's 'Cold War Mentality'
McMaster: US Prepared to 'Denuclearize' N. Korea by Force
Jill Stein Being Investigated for 'Colluding With Russians'
item Trump's 'National Security Strategy' Is the Opposite of National Security  by Thomas Knapp
item Questioning the Russia-Gate 'Motive'  by Gilbert Doctorow
item Trump Is Pursuing a Defense Spending Hike and a Pentagon Audit at the Same Time?  by Curt Mills
item Three Administrations, One Standard Playbook  by Danny Sjursen
item Trump's Failed and Costly Middle East Policies  by Daniel Larison
item All I Want for Christmas... Is Info About US Military Deployments  by Emma Ashford

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Guam Video Explains How to Prepare for Nuclear Attack
UN Goes Easy on Israel for Killing Disabled Palestinian
65 Media Workers Killed Doing Their Jobs in 2017: Reporters Without Borders
UN Approves Cross-Border Aid to Rebel Areas in Syria
Kurdistan Riots Turn Deadly; 25 Killed, 111 Wounded in Iraq
At Least Six Killed During Violent Protests in Iraqi Kurdistan
Iran Says Trump Cannot Cause Collapse of Nuclear Deal
US Urges UN to Punish Iran, but Russia Says No to Sanctions
France, US 'Determined' to Up Pressure on Iran Over Ballistic Weapons
US Trial of Turkish Banker Not Legal, Should Be Ended: Turkish Minister
US Embassy in Turkey Says Visa Appointments Only Available From Jan 2019
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Intercepts Houthi Missile Fired Toward Riyadh; No Reported Casualties
Palestinian Billionaire Masri Back in Jordan After Release in Saudi Arabia: Family Source
Philippine Military Removes Navy Chief, but Won't Say Why
Philippines Withdraws Bid for US Grant, Says Unrelated to Rights
US Seeks Ship Ban Over North Korea Violations, Moon Proposes Curtailing Drills
US Navy Chief Says Forces in Asia May Be Reinforced With Warships From the Eastern Pacific
Germany Could Send More Soldiers to Afghanistan: Defense Minister
Two Anti-India Rebels, Woman Killed During Kashmir Fighting
Ten Bodies Found in Mass Grave in Myanmar: Army Newspaper
Thai Junta Says to Allow Parties to Get Ready for 2018 Election
Egypt Air Base Attack Kills Officer in North Sinai: Military Statement
Egyptian Army Officer Jailed After Announcing Presidential Candidacy: Lawyer, Family
UN to Pursue Rebels Who Killed 15 Peacekeepers in Congo
South Sudan Army Makes Push Against Rebels as Peace Talks Begin
Tunisia to Hold Long-Delayed Municipal Vote in 2018
Arrest of Ahed Tamimi
Army Arrests Palestinian Teen for Hurting Soldiers' Masculinity
Mother of Palestinian Teen Arrested After Going to Police Station to Ask About Daughter
Israel Threatens Teenage Girl Who Slapped a Soldier. Who Is Ahed Tamimi?
Free Ahed Tamimi!
Israeli Army Brags About Arresting Teenage Girl
Michael Oren Says Palestinian Activists Stage 'Kids in American Clothes' to Provoke Israeli Army
Israel Tells Envoys to Act to Avoid Embarrassment at UN Vote on Trump's Jerusalem Move
Israeli Settler Kills Farmer but Palestinians Face Charges
After US Veto, UN General Assembly to Meet on Jerusalem
Indonesia Labels Calls for US Boycott Over Jerusalem Move 'Misguided'
Israeli PM: Most Indictment Recommendations Are 'Tossed in the Garbage'
'Living in a Prison, Though I Have the Key': All Alone on the Wrong Side of Israel's Separation Barrier
Britain's New Aircraft Carrier Has a Leak
UK Counter-Terrorism Police Arrest Four, Send in Bomb Disposal Team
Kremlin Dismisses Trump's 'Imperialist' Security Strategy
Observers Raise Alarm About Fighting in Eastern Ukraine
Honduras President Calls for Peace Following Re-Election
Israeli Lawyer Demands Israel Halts Arms Sales to Honduras
Colombia Names New Peace Negotiator With ELN, Seeks Ceasefire Extension
Mexico Journalist Shot Dead at Christmas Party at Son's School
Cuba Boosts Trade Ties With Cold War Ally Russia as US Disengages
In Bolivia's Bellwether City, Anger at Morales Grows
The War at Home
Former DC Police Officer Found Guilty of Supporting ISIS
DHS Sued Over Directive Banning Kaspersky Lab Products
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