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Updated December 22, 2017 - 11:00 PM EST
UN Imposes Tough New Sanctions on North Korea
  US Naval Blockade Would Be 'Act of War,' North Korea Warns
  Researchers Doubt US Claim North Korea Behind Ransomware
Pentagon Confirms US Ground Ops in Yemen
  US Praises Saudi Promise to Keep Yemen Port Open for 30 Days
Australia to End All Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria
  Airstrikes and Civilian Casualty Claims in Iraq and Syria: Nov. 2017
Virtually All Aid Recipients Vote Against US at UN
  How a Girl From Occupied Nabi Saleh Emasculated the IDF
Catalonia Pro-Independence Parties Win Majority
Under FBI Probe, Jill Stein Defends RT-Sponsored Debate
UAE Seeks to Buy Its Own CIA, Hiring Former US Spies
FBI: Ex-Marine Planned San Francisco Terror Attack
item Intel Vets Tell Trump Iran Is Not Top Terror Sponsor  Veteran Intel Professionals for Sanity
item Trump's Gross Hypocrisy on Yemen War  by Jonathan Marshall
item US Foreign Aid: Bad for America, Bad for the World  by Thomas Knapp
item Trump Botches It on Iran. Again.  by Reza Marashi

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Jury Acquits First Six J20 Defendants, Rebuking Govt
With Future of Military Prison in Doubt, Mattis Visits Guantanamo Bay
Japan Cabinet Approves Record $46 Billion Defense Budget
An Unusually Deadly Year for Women Journalists Around the World: Report
Iraq Declared Deadliest for Journalists; Three People Killed Across Country
Putin's Syria Envoy: US Forces Should Leave Syria
UN to Join Syria Talks in Astana, With Humanitarian Hopes
Kurdish-Led Syrian Groups Plan to Attend Sochi Talks: Officials
China Looks to Rebuilding, Makes Move in Syria
Erdogan: US Can't Buy Turkish Support on Jerusalem
Turkey Seeks Life Sentences for 60 Ex-Military Over 1997 'Post-Modern Coup'
UN Jerusalem Vote: Mahmoud Abbas Hails Result as 'Victory for Palestine'
Netanyahu Spurns UN as 'House of Lies' Ahead of Jerusalem Vote
King Tells Palestinians Saudi Arabia Backs Jerusalem Claim
Full Text of UN Resolution Rejecting Jerusalem Recognition
Middle East
Sesame Street to Bring Laughter to War-Hit Children in Middle East
South Sudan Government, Rebel Groups Sign Ceasefire
Somalia Releases Jailed Ex-Minister and Government Critic
Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Hussein Detained in Egypt for One Year
French Foreign Minister Visits Libya in New Push for UN Talks
Mexico Enacts Military Policing Law Over Rights Objections
Outside of War Zones, Mexico Is the Most Dangerous Place for Journalists
Mexico President Says Supreme Court Should Rule on Security Law
UN Security Council to Vote Friday on New North Korea Sanctions
South Korea Plans to Buy US Fighter Jets as Tensions With Kim Jong-UN Flare
North Korea Rejects US Accusation, Says It Is Not Linked to Any Cyber Attacks
US Creating 'Sensational Hype' Over China's Military Modernization: Ministry
Chinese Aircraft Drill Again in Western Pacific
Myanmar Says Two Reuters Journalists Remanded in Custody
Rohingya Survivors: Myanmar's Army Slaughtered Men, Children
Pence Visits Afghanistan, Says US Will 'See This Through'
Indonesian Police Warn Islamists Against Raids in Search of Santa Hats
Ukraine Detains Suspected Russian Spy in Premier's Inner Circle
Russia Says Kiev's Belligerence Forced Its Observers to Quit East Ukraine
Russian Foreign Ministry Says Latest US Sanctions Are 'Grotesque'
German Police Thwart ISIS Attack on Danish Ice Rink
Armed by Israel, Honduras's Illegitimate Regime Returns the Favor at the UN
Cuba Delays Historic Handover From Castro to New President
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