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Updated December 23, 2017 - 9:04 PM EST
Trump: US 'Foolishly Spent $7 Trillion in Mideast'
  Tax Cuts Have Hawks Pushing for More Military Spending
  ACLU Sues Trump Administration, Seeking Killing Policies
UN Imposes Tough New Sanctions on North Korea
Iraq Deploys Shi'ite Militias to Syrian Border
US State Dept: No Military Solution to Ending Yemen War
Putin Says US Plotting to Withdraw From Missile Treaty
Pence: New US-Afghanistan Strategy 'Already Bearing Fruit'
FBI: Ex-Marine Planned San Francisco Terror Attack
item The Difference Between N. Korea's Capability & Intent  by Bonnie Kristian
item At 16, Israel Promised Me Freedom. Why Deny It to Ahed Tamimi?  by Simone Zimmerman
item Taking Names for Israel  by Brian Cloughley
item Did Obama Arm Islamic State Killers?  by Daniel Lazare

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Senator Rand Paul Freezes Trump Nomination Over NSA
New Snowden App Uses Smartphone to Physically Guard Your Laptop
Congress Staves Off Shutdown, Gives Pentagon Emergency Funding
Israel Quits UNESCO Over 'Attacks'
US Soldier Dies in Non-Combat Incident; 32 Others Killed in Iraq
ISIS Crushed in Iraq and Syria, Says UK's Theresa May
Uighurs Fighting in Syria Take Aim at China
US Ups Border Training in Syria to Prevent ISIS Resurgence
Iran, Turkey, Russia Strike Deal on Syria Detainees
Israel Has Detained 148 Palestinian Children Since Trump's Jerusalem Speech 2 Weeks Ago
Two More Palestinians Shot in Anti-US Protests
Abbas: We Won't Accept Any American Peace Plan, US No Longer a Mediator
Fewer Than Half of Americans Support Jerusalem Recognition
Three Images Become New Face of Palestinian Resistance
Bedouin Community Uses Christmas Celebration to Challenge Israeli Land Grab
Middle East
Arab States Believe US Aid Secure Despite Defying Trump Jerusalem Move
Turkish Police Arrest 15 Senior Military Officers Over Coup Attempt
Saudi Arabia Threatens to Go Nuclear: if Iran Allowed to Enrich Uranium, So Should We
Honduras Opposition Admits Defeat as US Recognizes Poll
DEA Operation Played Hidden Role in the Disappearance of Five Innocent Mexicans
Young Catalan Liberal Rises in Challenge to Rajoy's Grip on Spanish Power
Catalonia: What Next?
Winners and Losers: Five Takeaways From the Catalan Election
Government Aide Suspected of Spying for Russia Placed in Custody in Ukraine
Ukraine President Submits Anti-Corruption Court Law to Parliament
'It Just Exploded': Ukraine's Children Lose Limbs and Lives as Landmines Surge
Polish Supreme Court Chief Says Government Staging 'Coup'
Kosovo President Urges Approval of Montenegro Border Deal
Britain Designates Two Militant Groups in Egypt as 'Terrorist'
Rights Groups Call on Egypt to Free Al-Jazeera Journalist
South Sudan Rebels Say Army Attacked Them After Signing Ceasefire
Need for Food, Arms Spurs Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria
Mattis: 'Storm Clouds Gathering' Over Korean Peninsula
India, China Hold Talks on Long-Running Border Dispute
Pakistan Says Militants Kill Three Troops in Cross-Border Attack
Filipino Rebels Declare Christmas Truce Despite Bogged Talks
Americans Still Dying
20-Year-Old Turlock (CA) Soldier Dies in Iraq
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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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