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Updated December 26, 2017 - 9:38 PM EST
Top Marine Tells Troops: Expect 'A Big-Ass Fight'
  NATO Admiral Hypes Growing Russian Sub Activity
In South Korea, Fear of a US Preemptive Strike
  New UN Sanctions Against N. Korea to Impact Civilians, Not Govt
Saudis Kill Many Yemen Civilians Over Weekend
  Saudi War in Yemen at 1,000 Days With No End in Sight
US Touts Escalation, but Afghan ISIS Far From Defeated
Officials: Saudis Pressured Lebanese PM to Resign
item The Never-Ending Crisis of Zionism  by Philip Weiss
item Intel Community Says US Better Reauthorize Surveillance... Or Else  by Caitlin Johnstone
item 100 Years of Balfour  by M. Reza Behnam
item Want War With North Korea? Better Ask Congress.  by Daniel L. Davis

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Russian Officials Bar Navalny From Running for President
Palestine Slams Israeli Plan for New Settlement Units
Berlin SPD Party HQ Crash Attributed to Suicide Intent
US Says It Negotiated $285m Cut in UN Budget
Romanian Cybercriminals Blamed for Hacking DC Surveillance Cameras
Israel Extends 16-Year-Old Palestinian Girl's Detention Because She Could 'Pose a Danger'
Israeli MP Harasses Families of Palestinian Prisoners
Red Cross Rebukes Israel After Lawmaker Confronts Prisoners' Families on Bus
This Christmas, Santa Is Barred From Gaza for 'Security Reasons'
Jerusalem Tensions Overshadow Christmas in Bethlehem
Israel in Touch With '10 Countries' Over Embassy Moves: Deputy Minister
Report: Israel, Cuba Sought to Reestablish Diplomatic Ties
Four Israelis Arrested in Clashes With Police Over Demolition of Outpost Home
Lavrov Urges US and North Korea to Talk
North Korea UN Envoy Demands US Prove Ransomware Claim
China Calls for Constructive Efforts to Ease Korean Tensions
ISIS Blast at Afghan Intelligence Agency Kills Five
Afghan Political Crisis Deepens as Ousted Governor Refuses to Go
Duterte's Son Quits Post After Battling Daughter on Social Media
Bangladesh Disappearances 'A Matter of Grave Concern'
ISIS Continues Attacks in North; 52 Killed in Iraq
Baghdad Lists 13 Preconditions for Talks With Kurds
Syrian Rebel Groups Reject Russian-Sponsored Sochi Conference
Three Turkish Soldiers Killed in Southeast: Military
Turkish Lawyers Say Decree Grants Impunity for Political Violence
Turkish Court Keeps Opposition Newspaper Staff in Jail During Trial
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Says Shi'ite Judge Killed by Kidnappers
Iran Confirms Upholding Death Sentence for Academic Over Spying
Bahraini Military Court Convicts Six to Death on Terror Charges
UAE Has Information Tunisian Women May Commit 'Terrorist Acts', Tunisia Says
Attackers Torch Democratic Republic of Congo President's Property
Nigerian Army Says It Repels Suspected Boko Haram Militant Attack
Rare Arrest in Mexico Journalist Killings
Canada to Expel Venezuelan Diplomat in Retaliatory Move
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Why Can't Right-Wing Leaders Support Smaller Government?

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Is Wonder Woman War Propaganda?

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Robert Gates, Pro and Con

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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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