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Updated December 29, 2017 - 11:29 PM EST
Trump May Try to Kill Iran Deal in Mid-January
  US, Israel Sign Secret Deal to Cooperate Against Iran
US Underreports Civilians Killed in Iraq, Syria
  Over 33,000 Killed in Syria in 2017; More Civilians Killed by US
Trump: China Caught Letting Oil Into North Korea
  South Accepts There Is No Proof Park Cash Funded North's Weapons
Saudi Airstrikes Kill 68 Civilians in One Day
Bombers Kill Scores of Shi'ites in Afghan Capital
Records: Palestinian Double Amputee Was Shot in the Head
item How Cheney and His Allies Created the N. Korea Nuclear Missile Crisis  by Gareth Porter
item Ellsberg's The Doomsday Machine: The Madness of America's Nuclear Weapons  by William J. Astore
item Liberals Getting Back in Touch With Their Authoritarian Roots  by Justin Raimondo
item Drugs Versus Nukes
 by Paul R. Pillar

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Chechen Leader Banned From Facebook as Part of US Sanctions
Palestinian Teenager Who Slapped Israeli Soldier to Face Charges: Army
Eastern Libyan Forces Say They Fully Control Benghazi
A Look at Most Dangerous Places for Children in 2017
ISIS Kills Jabour Tribal Leader; Three Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Rapid-Fire Trials Send Alleged ISIS Members – Including Foreigners – to the Gallows
Journalists Arrested to Prevent Coverage of Iraqi Kurdistan Protests
Few Ready to Pay to Rebuild Iraq After ISIS Defeat
Critically Ill Syrians Evacuated From Eastern Ghouta
Tehran Police Say Women Will No Longer Be Arrested for Violating 'Islamic' Dress Code
Hundreds Protest Against High Prices in Iran
US, Turkey Mutually Lift Visa Restrictions, Ending Months-Long Row
Turkey Detains 38 ISIS Suspects
Turkey's Erdogan Seeks to Mend Strained Ties With Europe
Two Boys Lose Eyes to Israeli Fire
Netanyahu Embraces Racist Rabbis as EU Lavishes Support on Israel
US Envoy: Palestinian Reaction to Trump Is Antisemitic
Arab Parliament Set to Block Israel's Bid for UN Security Council Seat
Saudi Arabia
Two Saudi Princes Released From Detention: Source
Regional Mexican Lawmaker Shot Dead in Jalisco State
Russia Warns US Against 'Meddling' in Presidential Election
After St. Petersburg Explosion, Putin Orders Police to 'Liquidate' Terrorists
Russian, US, Other Satellites Lost After Being Set to Launch From Wrong Spaceport
Sarajevo Prosecutor Indicts 14 Bosnian Muslims Over War Crimes Against Serbs
France Repatriates From Iraq Three Children of Suspected Jihadists
Russia Says Tokyo's Deployment of US Missiles a Blow to Relations
Bomb Kills Six Shepherd Children in Northern Afghanistan
UN Bars Four North Korean Ships From International Ports

Chinese Military Says India Should Control Its Border Troops

Reuters Reporters Held in Myanmar Were Handed Papers, Then Arrested
UN Says 'Massive' Rights Abuses in Southern Philippines Could Intensify Under Martial Law
Bomb Kills Six, Including Army Colonel, in Egypt's Sinai
Militants Kill Two in Bank Attack in Egypt's Sinai, Security Sources Say
Uganda Army Claims 100 Rebels Killed in DR Congo Strikes
George Weah Elected Liberian President
Zimbabwe Ex-Army Boss Sworn in as Mugabe Gets Diplomat's Rights
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