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Updated January 9, 2018 - 10:06 PM EST
Civilian Deaths From Airstrikes Double in a Year
Trump Team Debates Limited Strikes on N. Korea
  North, South Korea Begin Talks With Olympics as First Focus
  North Korea Agrees to Send Athletes to South Korea Olympics
Syria Confirms Major Israeli Attack on Damascus
  Syrian Troops Capture 14 Villages in Idlib Offensive
  Russians Fight Off Attacks by a Flurry of Syrian Rebel Drones
Rouhani: Iranians Protest Against 'Aging Clerics'
  Iran May Reconsider IAEA Cooperation if US Dishonors Deal
  US Security Experts Back Iran Nuclear Deal, as Trump Faces Deadlines
Israeli Opposition Slams 'Idiotic' BDS-Activist Ban
  Quakers Honored for Helping Holocaust Victims Banned From Israel
Trump: Pentagon, Diplomats Must Drum Up Arms Sales
item Why the Korean 'Crisis' Is Completely Phony  by Justin Raimondo
item Epistemology, Rhetoric, and the Iranian Protests  by Paul R. Pillar
item Founders Wouldn't Have Trusted the President With Sole Power to Wage Nuclear War  by Bonnie Kristian
item What Is America's Mission Now?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item US Military Bases: The Polluter Is Not Paying  by H. Patricia Hynes
item This is How the Two-State Solution Dies  by Steven A. Cook

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Tillerson Says Cuba Risky; FBI Doubts Sonic Attack
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Iran Protests Show Danger of Economic Woes
Iran FM Warns Neighbors Against Fomenting Unrest
Middle East
Jordan Says Arrests 17 in Foiled ISIS Attack Plot: State Media
Turkey's Nationalist Opposition to Back Erdogan in 2019 Election
Sudanese Students Stone Police on Third Day of Bread Price Protests
Sudan Protests to UN Over Egypt Hold Onborder Territory
Communal Violence Kills 83 in Nigeria Since December 31
Rebels Blame Senegal Massacre on Logging Feud
Germany Expects Return of Over 100 Children of Islamist Fighters
Greek Court Suspends Asylum Granted to Turkish Soldier
Couple Guilty of Plotting ISIS-Inspired Bomb Attacks on Britain
Mortar Barrage on Tuz Khormato; 26 Killed in Iraq
US Strikes Deal With UN Agency on Funding for Minority Groups in Iraq
Why Is Iraq Now Stripping Palestinians of Their Rights?
Syria's Ghouta: 126 Killed in 11 Days, Monitor Says
Top UN Humanitarian Official to Visit Syria
Israel Follows Apartheid South Africa With Activist Blacklist
Netanyahu Wants UNRWA Gradually Shut Down, Backs US Cuts
Israel Says Will Resume Power Supply to Gaza on Monday
US Sees Talks Between Koreas as Good Start
South Korea to Unveil Decision Over 'Comfort Women' Deal With Japan
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