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Updated January 10, 2018 - 11:18 PM EST
Trump Prepares More Hawkish Position on Nukes
Syria Confirms Major Israeli Attack on Damascus
  10 Children Killed in Airstrikes East of Syrian Capital
  Russia Says US Supporting Drone Attack on Their Syria Bases
North Korea to Send Athletes to South Korea Olympics
  North Korea: Nuclear Missiles Aren't Aimed at South Korea
Trump to Decide on Iran Deal, Sanctions on Friday
Saudi Strike Kills at Least 12 Civilians in West Yemen
Netanyahu: Israel Thwarted Plane Attacks on Euro Cities
item Progressives Should Support Trump-Putin Rapprochement Efforts  by John V. Walsh
item Surrounded by Neocons: They Are All the News That Fits  by Philip Giraldi
item US Would Benefit From a Balance of Power in the Persian Gulf  by Doug Bandow
item The Coming Year in Special Ops  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
item NATO's Fraudulent War on Behalf of Women  by George Szamuely
item North and South Korea Have a Breakthrough. What Next?  by Joseph Cirincione

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Ecuador Says Exploring Mediation to Solve Assange Standoff
Classified Military Satellite Goes Missing After Spacex Launch
NSA Bill Would OK Loophole That Lets FBI Spy on Americans Without Warrant
US Soldier Among 11 Killed in Iraq
Kuwait to Host Iraq Reconstruction Conference in February
Talks With Rebels in No-Man's Land as Russia Eyes Postwar Role in Syria
Turkey Says Syrian Strikes in Idlib Undermine Political Process
Turkey to Continue Euphrates Shield Operation in Northern Syria, Erdogan Says
Boy's Death Shows Danger for Besieged Syrians Seeking Food
Iran Lawmaker Says Some 3,700 Arrested Amid Protests, Unrest
Iran Has Foiled Plot to Use Protests to Overthrow System, Leader Says
Israel to Approve Hundreds of New Settler Homes in West Bank
Israel Using Electricity to Blackmail Gaza
Israel to Pay $9,000 to Any Civilian Willing to Help Deport Asylum Seekers by Force
Israel Fast-Tracks Expulsions of Palestinian Communities
Israeli Dead in Suspected West Bank Palestinian Shooting Attack
Israel's Religious Parties Get More Control Over Saturday Trading
Middle East
Yemen's Houthis Threaten to Block Red Sea Shipping Lane
US Case Against Banker Is 'Political Coup Attempt', Turkey's Erdogan Says
Egypt's President Sisi Wins Huge Parliamentary Support for a Second Term
Egypt Court Jails 262 for Offenses at 2013 Cairo Sit-In
Global Iraq Fallout
Two Teenage Girl 'Bombers' Shot Dead in Nigeria
Rival Army Factions Clash in Ivory Coast's Second City
Tunisian Police Fire Tear Gas on Protesters Storming Carrefour Market in Tunis: Witness
Survivors, Coastguard Say Dozens of Migrants Missing Off Libya
North Korea, South Korea Restore Military Hotline
South Korea's Moon Wants More Talks to Resolve North Nuke Issue
North Korea Says Nuclear Program Talks Would Dent Inter-Korean Ties
North Korea Urges Guarantee of Peace on Korean Peninsula
US Approves Anti-Ballistic Missile Sale to Japan Amid North Korea Tensions
Japan Calls on US to Take Safety Steps in Wake of Okinawa Military Incidents
Okinawa Tension: US Apologizes to Japan Over Repeat Accidents
Seven Killed, 23 Injured in Pakistan Blast Aimed at Police Truck
Chief Minister of Pakistan's Volatile Baluchistan Resigns
Afghanistan: US Special Forces Commit Drive-By Murder (video)
US Service Member Dies in Noncombat Incident in Southwest Asia
EU Raises Concerns With Myanmar's Suu Kyi Over Detention of Reuters Reporters
Germany's Entire Submarine Fleet Is Out of Commission
German Military Recruits Record Number of Minors
Germany Reprimands Iran for Anti-Israel Spying on Its Territory
US Army Soldier Dies at Base in Kosovo
Ex-Catalan President Artur Mas Steps Down as Leader of Separatist Party
Poland's Prime Minister Sacks Ministers in Move to Mend Ties With EU
Venezuela's Congress Declares 'Petro' Cryptocurrency Illegal
Lootings, Scattered Protests Hit Venezuelan Industrial City
US Stands by Claim Workers Attacked in Cuba, Maybe by Virus
Anticorruption Protest in Panama Draws Thousands
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