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Updated January 15, 2018 - 11:30 PM EST
Gabbard: Immediate NK Talks After False Alarm
  South Korea and North Korea to Hold Talks Monday
  At Bases Across US, Military Prepares to Attack North Korea
Baghdad Double Suicide Attack Kills Dozens
  US to Create Syria Border Force, Outraging Turkey
  Erdogan: Turkey to Attack US-Backed Syrian Kurds in Coming Days
UN Probe Details Yemen War's Harm to Civilians
US Seeks New Nukes for New Kinds of Nuclear War
ISIS Affiliate Claims Credit for Attack on US Troops in Niger
item Missile False Alarm in Hawaii: How Wrong Buttons Can Wreak Havoc  by Lucy Steigerwald
item What It Was Like Thinking an ICBM Was Speeding Toward Us  by Robert Barsocchini
item Dems Gave Trump More Domestic Surveillance Powers  by Trevor Timm
item America's Civil War  by Justin Raimondo
item How I Got Blacklisted by the Pentagon's Africa Command  by Nick Turse
item Iran Protest Coverage Misleadingly Illustrated With MEK Demo Photos  by Adam Johnson

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Fusion GPS Chief Retracts Claim FBI Had a Mole Inside Trump Team
Israel Has Already Killed Three Palestinian Children in 2018
New US Sanctions Attempt to Influence Russia Before Election: Tass
Chelsea Manning Files to Run for US Senate From Maryland
PKK Launch Rocket at Turkey; Six Killed in Iraq
Iraqi PM Abadi to Seek Re-Election, in Alliance With Iran-Backed Group
25 Killed in Recent Iran Unrest: Judiciary
Iran's Rouhani Says US Has Failed to Undermine Nuclear Deal
China Says Iran Nuclear Deal Not Derailed, Pledges Constructive Role
Bomb Wounds Hamas Member in Lebanon
British Parliament to Debate Full Ban of Hezbollah as Terrorist Entity
Qatar Files UN Complaints as 'UAE Jets Breach Airspace' for Second Time
UAE Says Qatari Royal Leaves After Claim He Was Being Detained
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia to Seek Extradition of Corruption Suspects
Saudi Prince Alwaleed in Settlement Talks With Government
US Ready to Hold Millions of Dollars From UN Agency for Palestinians: Report
Israeli Soldiers Shoot 3-Year-Old Palestinian Child in the Head During West Bank Military Training Exercise
Peace Efforts Can Only Resume Under International Mediation: Abbas
Gaza Fisherman Shot Dead by Egyptian Army
Israel Says It Destroyed Gaza Attack Tunnel Under Egyptian Border
Palestinians Rally in Support of Jailed 'Slap Video' Teen
Israel: Four Indicted for Assault on Fellow Arab Soldier
Hamas Says It Will Not Attend Palestinian Meeting on Jerusalem Recognition
Abbas Declares Oslo Accords Dead: 'Trump's Peace Plan Is a Slap, We'll Slap Back'
Middle East
Iraq Joins UAE, Qatar in Call to Keep Oil Cuts
Germany Delivers Jordan Eur18 Million in Military Equipment
Nine Dismembered Bodies Found in Mexico
Journalist Murdered in Mexican Border City After Writing About Cartel Violence
Guatemala Congressman Arrested, Accused in Murders of Two Journalists
Venezuela Government, Opposition Conclude Talks Without Agreement
Alleged Colombian ELN Rebels Kidnap Oil Engineer
The War at Home
FCC Says Appears Hawaii Had No Safeguard to Stop Missile Scare
Rand Paul Doubles Down on FISA Filibuster Threat
Drones Keep Entering No-Fly Zones Over Washington, Raising Security Concerns
At UN, Diplomats Are Watching Potential White House Candidate Haley
US Military
Pentagon Denies Gag Order, Says 'Services Are Allowed to Talk About Readiness'
He Almost Died in Iraq. Now, an Aurora Cop and Ex-Marine Owes the VA $16k Due to a Clerical Error.
US Launches Spy Satellite on Secret Mission
Lost in Space? Questions Mount Over Fate of Secret Satellite as Spacex Pushes Ahead
Navy's Stealthy Mega-Destroyer Still Doesn't Have a Round for Its Gun
South Korea Floats Idea of United Olympic Ice-Hockey Team With North
Trump Disputes WSJ Quote on North Korea
Japan's Abe Seeks Baltic Support Against North Korea
China Absence Looms Over Canada Meeting on How to Pressure North Korea
Pakistan's Imran Khan Talks US Relations as Elections Loom
Pakistan's Baluchistan Region Elects New Chief Minister Amid Turmoil
Rohingya Insurgents Say 10 Found in Myanmar Grave 'Innocent Civilians'
Myanmar, Bangladesh Meet Amid Doubts About Rohingya Repatriation Plan
Afghans Say Talks With Taliban Are Underway; Insurgents Deny It
Thai Junta Boss Eyes Staying on With Little Stopping Him
Exiled Cambodian Opposition Members Set Up New Movement
DR Congo
Four Soldiers Killed in Attack in Central Congo: UN Radio
Congo Launches Offensive Against Ugandan Rebels in Its East
Nigerian Shi'ite Leader, Rumored Dead, Makes First Public Appearance in Two Years
Violent Protests Resume in Tunisia After Two Days of Calm
Two Dead in Kenya Attack Blamed on Shabaab Militants
Senegal Arrests 22 Over Casamance Loggers Massacre
Pro-Russian Czech President Faces Challenge From Newcomer in Runoff Election
Motorcycle Bomb Injures Eight in Northern Albania
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