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Updated January 19, 2018 - 11:28 PM EST
Trump Renews Warrantless NSA Surveillance
2017: 215% Hike in Civilians Killed by US Coalition
  US Urges Turkey to Focus on ISIS, Not Attack Syrian Kurds
  Syria Threatens to Destroy Any Invading Turkish Warplanes
Israeli Army May Seize Jerusalem Palestinian Neighborhoods
  US Withholds $45 Million in Pledged Palestinian Food Aid 'For Now'
Catalan Leader Seeks to Vote by Proxy to Avoid Arrest
item A US-Turkish Clash in Syria?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item What Nerve! Catalonians Trying to Swear in the Coalition That Won the Most Votes  by Thomas Harrington
item Bibi Says Iran Will Soon Have 100 Nukes. Well, Where Are They?  by Shemuel Meir
item A Second Korean War?  by Rajan Menon
item Americans Aren't Ready for Another Big War  by Christopher Preble
item How Trump Gave a Green Light to Israel's 'One State Solution'  by Geoffrey Aronson

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1991 Gulf War: 'We're Going to Attack Iraq,' Israel Told the US. 'Move Your Planes'
HRW: Saudis Violate Int'l Law in War on Yemen
Russia Accuses Washington of Leaking Diplomats' Bank Details
Why Greece, Macedonia Fight Over Nation's Name
The Shin Bet's Secret Activity in Israel's Arab Schools
Why Won't Israel Treat Imprisoned Woman With Severe Burns?
Congressman Says US Detention of Palestinian Activist Is 'Inhuman Act'
After Trump Denial, Netanyahu Clarifies Remarks on Timeframe for US Embassy in Jerusalem
Israeli Commandos Kill Palestinian Gunman Blamed for West Bank Ambush
Sudanese Authorities Detain Reuters, AFP Reporters in Khartoum
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Roy Bennett Killed in US Helicopter Crash
Egypt, Ethiopia Leaders Say Nile Dam Must Not Ruin Relations
Britain Says Monitoring South Sudan Peace Violations, Eyes Penalties
India Test-Fires ICBM Amid Perceived Threats From China, Pakistan
Russia Starts Shipping S-400 Air Defense Missile System to China
Mexico Rights Body Blames Marines, Police for 2014 Killings
Venezuela Talks Stalled Over Remark on Slain Rebel Policeman
Mass Grave Filled With Policemen; 30 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Signs Deal With BP to Develop Oil Fields Retaken From Kurds
Whatever Happened to the Giant US Embassy in Baghdad?
Syrian Government to Attend UN Talks in Vienna: UN Deputy Envoy
Turkey's Parliament Votes to Extend Emergency Rule for Three More Months
Turkey Detains Five Activists, Including Husband of Freed German Journalist
Middle East
UAE Lodges Complaint With UN Over Qatar War Planes
Jordan Says Israel Apologizes for Deaths of Two Jordanians at Embassy
HRW Accuses Saudi Arabia of Repression Despite Reforms
Lebanese Security Agency Turns Smartphone Into Selfie Spycam: Researchers
The War at Home
House Spending Bill Changes Law to Let Trump Administration Secretly Shift Intelligence Money
Prosecutors Drop Charges Against More Than 100 Inauguration Riot Defendants
Arrested Former CIA Officer Had Ties to Chinese Spies, Ex-Colleague Says
Kaspersky Lab Seeks Injunction Blocking DHS From Banning Russian Antivirus Vendor
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Biden in Belgrade: A Trip Down NATO-Invasion Memory Lane

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