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Updated January 23, 2018 - 11:25 PM EST
US Struggles With Fighting Between 2 Key Allies
  Syrian Kurds Launch Powerful Counterattack Against Turkey
  Turkey Escalates Attack on Syrian Kurds
  Syrian Kurds May Send Reinforcements to Afrin to Fight Turkey
Saudi Airstrikes Kill Nine Civilians in N. Yemen
Assange Team Hopes UK Will Expel Him
Pence Praises 'The Miracle of Israel,' Vows Embassy Move
Facebook To Use Surveys To Decide 'Trustworthy' News
item Foxes in Charge of Intelligence Hen House  by Ray McGovern
item How Rigid Alliances Have Locked Us Into Unwanted Conflicts  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Facing Image Problems, Israel Must Smear Critics as Anti-Semites  by Philip Weiss
item Russia-Gate Implodes  by Justin Raimondo
item Now Trump Menaces Pakistan  by Brian Cloughley
item Should Americans Care More About South Korea Than America?  by Doug Bandow

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Spanish Court Rejects Demand to Issue EU Arrest Warrant for Puigdemont
Catalan Crisis Rekindled as Parliament Proposes Puigdemont as Leader
Sudanese Authorities Free Reuters, AFP Journalists
UN Chief Offers Mediation Between Pakistan, India
Turkey Attacks Syria
US-Backed SDF Says It May Send Reinforcements to Syria's Afrin
As US Looks to Rein in Turkish Offensive, Manbij Is Key
Turkey Detains 24 Over 'Terror Propaganda' Against Syria Operation
Turkish Soldier Killed in Clashes Near Syria's Afrin Region
Rocket Hits Turkish Camp Near Syrian Border, Kills Two, Wounds 12
Turkey Says US Must End Support for Kurdish YPG to Work Together
Insurgent Shelling Kills Nine in Old Damascus, State TV Says
US Warns Russia on Syria Chemical Attack Report
Iraq Invited to Attend Syria Talks in Sochi as Observer, Abadi Says
Lavrov: Kurds Invited to Join Syria Peace Congress
Syrian Kurds Will Likely Not Attend Russia's Sochi Congress: Politician
Yemen Rebels Fire Rockets at Military Parade, Killing Seven
UAE Corporal Killed in Action in Yemen
UN Yemen Mediator to Step Down Next Month: UN Spokesman
Middle East
Iran Says Warplanes Warned Off Two Western Vessels During Drill
US Requires Tougher Cargo Screening From Middle East Airports
EU Confirms New Sanctions on Seven Senior Venezuela Officials
Anti-Trump Protest in Haiti Temporarily Shuts US Embassy
Palestinian Legislators Are 'Dragged Out' of Knesset as Pence Promises Embassy Will Move in 2019
Abbas Wins Renewed EU Backing for Palestinian Capital in East Jerusalem
Anti-ISIS Operations Near Hawija; 15 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Signs Rare Gas Deal With US Firm
Inside Sadr City: How the Deadly Slum Became the 'Place of Peace'
Pakistani PM Says 'Committed' to Seizing Islamist Charities
Pakistani Student Kills School Head in Blasphemy Law Row
Bomb at Pork Stall in Market in Thailand's South Kills Three, Wounds 22
Russia to Sell Six SU-30 Warplanes to Myanmar: RIA
Afghanistan Searches for Answers to Deadly Hotel Attack
Japan's Abe Avoids Timeline for Amending Pacifist Constitution
EU Puts More North Koreans Under Sanctions Over Nuclear Tests
Philippines Says Top Rights Group Giving Misleading Account of Drugs War Deaths
Catalan Crisis Rekindled as Parliament Proposes Puigdemont as Leader
US Sanctions Curb Microsoft Sales to Hundreds of Russian Firms
Belgium Lowers Threat Level, Deeming Attacks Less Likely
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