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Updated January 27, 2018 - 8:53 PM EST
Taliban Kill 95 With Ambulance Bomb in Kabul
Turkey to Expand Syria Offensive to Iraq Border
  US Warns Turkey Against Expanding Syria War
Turkey-Kurd War Likely to Attract Int'l Fighters
  As Turkey's Afrin Push Rages, Death Toll Continues to Rise
US Bombers Appear Prepping for Nuclear Strike
  Korea, the Winter Olympics, and the Spirit of Queen Min
  Hawaii Missile Alert 'Button-Pusher' Refuses to Talk With Investigators
Palestinians: No Talks Unless Jerusalem Move Reversed
Tech Firms: No Evidence of Russian Influence in Election
Grim Reminders of a War in Vietnam, a Generation Later
Trump to Sign Order Keeping Gitmo Open: Leaked Doc
item Compete, Deter, and Win With Big Guns and Better Chow in the Baltic States  by Brian Cloughley
item Best Advice on 'Bloody Nose' Strike Against North Korea: It's Illegal  by Michael Schmitt & Ryan Goodman
item 'Notwithstanding': Hiding Afghan Child Rape and Torture  by Jim White
item Korea, the Winter Olympics, and the Spirit of Queen Min  by Justin Raimondo
item The Ethical Hollowness of Israel's Liberals  by Jonathan Cook
item Examining Ten Myths About Israel, by Ilan Pappe  by Allan C. Brownfeld

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Slavery in Libya: Life Inside a Container
US Military Probes Purported Niger Ambush Video
UN in Talks on Peacekeeper Failings in Central African Republic
Lockheed Wins $459 Million Defense Contract: Pentagon
McCain Still 'Calls the Shots' on Armed Services Panel From Arizona, Inhofe Says
Small Bomb in Baghdad Suburbs; Three Killed in Iraq
Western, Arab States Sidestep Assad Fate in Syria Proposals
Syrian Opposition Says Russia Pledges Ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta
How Did Food From the West Midlands End Up in ISIS-Controlled Territory in Syria?
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Sentences Human Rights Activists to Prison: Amnesty
Prominent Businessmen Reach Settlements in Saudi Corruption Probe: Source
Israeli Forces 'Ambush Youths' in Palestinian Village, Shoot 16-Year-Old in Neck
Palestinian Ambassador Reveals Details About Trump's Meetings With Abbas, Accuses the US of 'Backstabbing'
Middle East
US Seeks to Boost Case Against Iran With UN Washington Visit
At Least 30 Africans Drown Off Yemen After Boat Capsizes: IOM
Algerian Army Kills Eight Armed Men in Khenchela Province: Ministry
Congo's Kabila Denies Violence Against Protesters, Silent on Election Date
Ethiopia Pardons Over 2,000 Jailed for Role in Unrest
Niger Jails Nine Soldiers Accused of Coup Attempt
Head of Security at Mexican Refinery Shot Dead
Argentine Police Raid Naval Base in Missing Submarine Case
Chile Police Rebuffed in Raid on Military Police Barracks
Americans Still Dying
Indiana Soldier Killed in Helicopter Crash Remembered as Top Student, Athlete
Newlywed Marine Corps Corporal (CA) Dies in Parachute Training Accident
Official: Suicide Attack Kills Two in Southern Afghanistan
Save the Children Confirms Death of Fourth Colleague in Afghanistan
Grounded and Gutted, Main Afghan Airline Struggles After Taliban Attack
The US Air Force Expands MQ-9 Reaper Drone Force in Afghanistan to Largest Size Ever
China Says No Objection to Planned US Carrier Visit if It Benefits Regional Stability
Russia Says No Obligation to Comply With US Sanction on North Korea
East Timor President Calls for New Election to End Impasse
US Condemns Russia Deal With South Ossetia on Joint Military Force
US Hits Russian Deputy Minister and Energy Firms With Sanctions
Spanish Government Asks Court to Block Puigdemont's Bid to Lead Catalonia
Poland Moves to Make Use of Phrase 'Polish Death Camps' Criminal Offence
In Landslide Vote, Denmark Excludes Settlements From Agreements With Israel
Turkish Cypriots Protest Turkey's 'Unwanted' Meddling
Suspected Boko Haram Attacker Arrested in Germany
Eastern EU States Tell Brussels to Back Off
Netanyahu and Croatian PM Agree to Advance $500m Sale of F-16s
Secret Report: Honduras' New Top Cop Helped Cartel Move Coke
Excerpt From Secret Honduran Report on New Top Cop
Spain to Expel Venezuela's Ambassador as 'Persona Non Grata'
France Urges More EU Sanctions on Venezuela Over 'Shift to Authoritarianism'
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Korea, the Winter Olympics, and the Spirit of Queen Min

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