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Updated January 29, 2018 - 10:17 PM EST
Turkey to US: Leave Syria's Manbij Immediately
  US Strategy in Syria Doomed by Turkey-Kurd War
  Erdogan: Turkey to Clean 'Entire' Syria Border
  Turkish FM: Afrin to Be Handed Over to Its Real Owners
South Yemen Separatists Seize Govt HQ
US Friendly Fire Kills 10 Iraqi Troops, Official
US Upgrades Its Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb
Daniel Ellsberg Says Nuclear Winter a Very Real Possibility
Tillerson: US, EU Working to 'Fix' Iran Nuclear Deal
item Wrong on Nam, Wrong on Terror  by Danny Sjursen
item Lumumba: The Man, the Idea, and the Crisis in the Congo  by Mike Byrne
item A 4-Year-Old Girl Was the Sole Survivor of a US Drone Strike in Afghanistan. Then She Disappeared.  by May Jeong
item Kick Turkey Out of NATO  by Justin Raimondo
item By Remaining in Syria the US Is Fueling More Wars in the Middle East  by Patrick Cockburn
item Is America's Alliance With Turkey Worth It?  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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John Bolton Remains Leading Candidate to Replace H.R. Mcmaster
Algeria Seeks Compensation Over French Nuclear Tests
Nine Dead in Mexico Shooting: Official
Qatar Turns to Israel to Escape Saudi Squeeze
Sheikh Shot at Fake Checkpoint; 29 Killed in Iraq
American Firm Suspends Abrams Tank Maintenance in Iraq, Threatens Final Withdrawal
France Would Intervene if French Jihadist Faced Death Penalty in Iraq or Syria: Minister
Turkey-Backed Forces Capture Strategic Hill Overlooking Afrin
Female Kurdish Fighter Kills Turkish Troops in Likely Suicide Bombing in Syria
Syrian Government Says Turkish Shelling Damaged Ancient Temple
Heavy Fighting Resumes in Syria's Eastern Ghouta
Russia's Syria Congress to Call for Vote on Country's Future: RIA
Deadly Clashes Split Ranks of Gulf Allies in Yemen War
Ten Dead as Rival Yemenis Battle for Control of Aden
Yemen Govt Bans Aden Protests Ahead of Separatist Deadline
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Billionaire Prince Alwaleed Released as Corruption Probe Winds Down
Transcript of Reuters Interview With Saudi Prince Alwaleed
New York Times 'Debate' on Palestinian Refugees Leaves Out Palestinian Experts
Israeli Defense Officials Warn Politicians: Trump's Cuts to Palestinians Could Harm Israel's Security
'It's a Death Sentence': Palestinians in Jerusalem Brace for Trump Aid Cuts
Poisoned Toothpaste and Exploding Phones: New Book Chronicles Israel's '2,700' Assassination Operations
Gaza Police Block Women From Attending Football Match
Palestinians Find 12 Barrel Bombs Planted in Area A Road
Middle East
Revolutionary Guards, ISIS Fighters Clash in West Iran
A Single Line of Computer Code Put Thousands of Innocent Turks in Jail
US Delivers Helicopters to Bolster Jordan's Border Defenses
Activists Say Bahrain Rights Deteriorate as World Looks Away
Colombia Police Station Bombing Kills Five and Injures Dozens
Colombia's FARC Launch 2018 Campaign With Anti-Poverty Pledge
Venezuela Opposition to Attend Dominican Republic Talks
Venezuela Rejects 'Unacceptable' Macron Sanctions Comments
US Military
Fitness Tracking App Strava Gives Away Location of Secret US Army Bases
Families Have Left Cremated Remains at the Vietnam Wall for Decades. Now Officials Want Them to Stop.
Air Force One's New Refrigerators Cost $24 Million
Nevada Air Force Base: No Serious Injuries in Aircraft Fire
Deadly Attack on Kabul Military Post Kills 11 Soldiers, Injures 16
Shock Gives Way to Despair in Kabul After Ambulance Bomb
Who Are the Haqqanis, Afghanistan's Most Feared Insurgents?
Pakistan Police Killing of a Pashtun Youth Fuels Anger Over 'Encounters'
Pakistan Battles to Reintegrate Taliban With Beekeeping and Sewing
North Korea Says Seoul's Military Alliance With US May End Momentum for Dialogue
North Korea Condemns Latest US Sanctions
Aung San Suu Kyi Lives in 'Bubble', Says US Diplomat in Row With Myanmar
Malaysia Criticizes Opposition Party Meeting With EU Ambassadors
Several High-Profile Egyptians Call for Presidential Election Boycott
Leading Member of Egyptian Opposition Hisham Genena Attacked and Badly Injured
Egypt's Former Top Auditor Injured During Kidnap Attempt: Lawyers
Gunmen Kill at Least 14 Mali Soldiers in Attack on Army Camp
Armed Attack Kills Two Security Personnel in Southern Libya
Ethiopia to Free Thousands of Oromo Political Detainees
Tunisia Police Disperse LGBT Protesters
Cameroon Internet Shutdowns Cost Anglophones Millions
Equatorial Guinea Says It Will Protect Former Gambian Leader
Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Released After Rally: Lawyer

Russian Energy Minister Says US Sanctions Against His Officials 'Unlawful': Agencies

British Teen Accessed US Middle East Intelligence Operations by Pretending to Be the CIA Director
Spanish Court Says Puigdemont Must Attend Parliament in Person
Israel and Poland Clash Over Proposed Holocaust Law
Pro-Russian Milos Zeman Wins Czech Republic Presidential Runoff
Danish Lawmakers Agree to Hike Military Spending, Citing Russia Threat
Thousands Seek Albania Government Resignation
Mexico to Send Troops to Stem Violence After Record 25,000 Murders
Shooting in Brazil Kills at Least 14 in Dance Club
Honduran President Sworn in Amid Protests After Election Chaos
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