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Updated February 1, 2018 - 11:28 PM EST
US Missile Interceptor Test Fails in Hawaii
  Hawaii Emergency Chief Resigns, Officer Fired Over False Alert
  Former Trump Pick for Envoy Warned Against Attacking N. Korea
Turkish Invasion Taking Toll on Afrin's Civilians
  Syrian Kurds: US Must Meet Obligations and Fight Turkish Invasion
Israel Increases Threats to Attack Lebanon
South Yemen Fighting Slows as Saudis Try to Mediate Deal
US Losing in Afghanistan, but Trump Won't Share Details
Israel Offers $1B Plan if Palestinians PA Takes Over Gaza
item Mises's Main Case for Peace  by Brittany Hunter
item Cuba's 'Sonic Attack' on Diplomats: Pure Science Fiction  by Reese Erlich
item The US Empire Has Up to 1,000 Military Bases in 80 Countries  by Darius Shahtahmasebi
item The State of the Union: A Year in Trump's America  by Justin Raimondo
item Lying, Spying, and Hiding  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Trump Nuke Plan Resets the Doomsday Clock  by Scott Ritter

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Federal Court Strikes Down a Law That Punishes Supporters of Israel Boycott
US Detainee Policy Review Will Not Consider Harsh Interrogation
Australia Spy Agency Takes Possession of Secret Files Left at Second-Hand Shop
747 Killed in Iraq During January
Russia Says Hundreds Killed in Turkish Operation in Syria's Afrin: IFAX
What Have We Done to Be Under Attack? Ask People of Afrin
Turkey, Russia Agree to Speed Up Establishing Observation Posts in Syria's Idlib: Source
Syrian Army Unearths Bodies of 45 Soldiers Killed by Al-Qaeda Militants in Idlib
Supplies Dwindling in Syria's Afrin City Hospital After Attacks: Director
US Hails Olympics Security Plan; Opposes North Korea Military Parade
Ending North Korea Oil Supplies Would Be Seen as Act of War, Says Russia
Afghan Spy Chief Visits Pakistan in Wake of Kabul Attacks
Wings of Joy: Kabul's Bird Market Brings Comfort to War-Weary Afghans
Fewer Killings in Philippine Drug War Make US 'Cautiously Optimistic': Official
Philippine Graft Agency Chief Defies Duterte's Suspension Order
Myanmar Official in Charge of Troubled Town Stabbed to Death
Uzbek Leader Sacks Powerful Security Boss
India Boosts Maritime Reach With Seychelles Pact to Build Naval Facilities
Venezuela Govt-Opposition Talks 'Advance', No Deal Yet
Venezuela Pans UN Decision to Refer Guyana Border Dispute to ICJ
German FM After Meeting Netanyahu: Is Israel Prepared to Pay the Price of Perpetual Occupation?
US Troops Arrive for Drill Simulating Massive Missile Attack on Israel
Trump Calls France, Germany, Britain, and Saudi Arabia 'Enemies of America' for Jerusalem Vote
UN Reviews 206 Firms Over Their Links to Israeli Settlements
PM Netanyahu Vows to Retain West Bank Control in Any Peace Deal
UN Palestinian Aid Agency Gets Cash Injection After Trump Cuts
US State Department Designates Hamas Leader as Terrorist
Israel, Lebanon Clash Over Offshore Energy, Raising Tensions
Hezbollah Vows to Defend Lebanon's 'Oil and Gas Rights'
Middle East
UN: 40,000 Displaced Yemenis Without Aid in Aden
Turkish Court Releases Local Chair of Amnesty International
Bahrain Sentences 58 on Terrorism Charges
Egypt's Sisi Warns Opponents as Calls to Boycott Election Build
Egyptian Court Sentences 16 Over Church Raid: Sources
Kenyan TV Stations to Stay Shut After Covering Opposition 'Inauguration'
Cameroonian Troops Enter Nigeria Seeking Separatists: Defense Agency
Somalia: 1,500 Children Orphaned After Twin Blasts
France Reinforces Financial Support for Tunisia as Macron Visits
Congo: Rebel Leader Detained in Tanzania, Extradition Sought
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