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Updated February 4, 2018 - 11:29 PM EST
US-Backed Syria Rebels Shoot Down Russian Jet
  Kurds Outraged Over Mutilation of Female Fighter
  Mattis: US Has No Evidence of Syrian Use of Sarin Gas
Trump Plan Seeks New Nukes, Citing Russia
  Reality Check: Where Are the World's Nuclear Weapons?
US Strikes in Yemen Up Sixfold Under Trump
  South Yemen Fighting Leaves Saudi War on Uncertain Footing
US Drone Strikes Kill Dozens in SE Afghanistan
item America's Cascading Disaster in Afghanistan  by Pamela
item Be Afraid of Trump's 'Adults in the Room'  by Patrick Cockburn
item Robert Parry: When 'Independent' Journalism Meant Something  by Kelley Vlahos
item Yemen's Crisis Belong to All of Us  by Robert Koehler
item Support the Troops With Peace and the Right to Try  by Brittany Hunter
item Lessons From the Tet Offensive, a Half Century Later  by Paul R. Pillar

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Israeli Paper's Publication of BDS Ad Marks Beginning of Society's Return to Sanity
YouTube Begins Flagging Videos Backed by Govts
Navy: 17 Sailors Disciplined for Fitzgerald and McCain Collisions
Cuba Media: Fidel Castro's Son Has Killed Himself
A Tale of Two Guantanamos
Yazidi Mass Grave Found Near Sinjar; 72 Killed in Iraq
Mysterious Death of Scottish Soldier at Iraqi Army Base Starts Investigation
Iraq Arrests ISIS Oil Chief Near Syrian Border
Russia Has Started the Delivery of T-90s MBT Tanks to Iraq
Some Syrian Refugees Are Going Back to War Alongside Turkey
Syria's Kurds Push US to Stop Turkish Assault on Key Enclave
Continued Turkish Assaults on Afrin Leave Two Civilians Dead
Five Turkish Civilians Killed by Cross-Border Rocket Attacks From Syria: Turkish PM
Turkey Orders 13 Detained for Online Opposition to Syria Offensive, Newspaper Reports
Blast in Turkish Capital Was Bomb, Eight Detained: Governor's Office
Iranian Police Arrest 29 Women Over Hijab Protest
Iranian Lawmaker Say 5,000 Arrested During January Protests
How the Internet 'Punishes' Palestinians
22 Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Forces
Israeli Lawmaker Says He Would Put Ahed Tamimi in Hospital by Kicking Her Face
US Sanctions Six People, Seven Firms Under Rules Targeting Hezbollah
Nile Dam Dispute: Troops Mass on Sudan-Eritrea Border
US Ups Pressure on South Sudan's Kiir, Bans Arms Sales
Tunisian Media Protest Pressure by Police to Whitewash News
Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Libya, 90 Feared Dead, Mostly Pakistanis
Trump Hopes 'Something Good' Comes From Olympics Despite North Korean Warning
Trump Weighs Barring US Military in South Korea From Bringing Families
Afghan Forces Uncover ISIS Hideout in Kabul District
Afghan President Demands Pakistan Act Against Taliban
Trump, Abe Discuss Expanded Missile Defense System for Japan: White House
Philippine Police Resume War on Drugs, Killing Dozens
Myanmar Denies Report of New Mass Graves in Rakhine
Pakistan Minister Shoots Wife Thrice Before Killing Self: Police
Treasury Warns of Wide Impact if US Sanctions Russian Debt
Russia Says US 'Hunting' for Russians to Arrest Around the World
Russia Approves Warplane Deployment on Disputed Island Near Japan
Greek Court Rejects Extradition of Turk Over Links to Bombings
Five Killed as Two French Army Helicopters Collide
Venezuela Military Ouster Remarks Dog Tillerson in Latin America
Venezuela's Socialist Party Officially Taps Maduro for Re-Election
Mexico Should Beware Russia Poll Meddling: Tillerson
UN Court Hands Costa Rica Territorial Victories Over Nicaragua
Egypt Bulldozes Zone by Sinai Airport, Displacing Thousands
Egypt Opposition Slams President Sisi's Warning to Opponents
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
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