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Updated February 5, 2018 - 11:29 PM EST
Pentagon's Review Shows Nukes a Big Focus
North Korea Head of State to Visit South Korea
Turkey Sustains Growing Losses in Syria Invasion
  Russia Steps Up Airstrikes in North Syria After Plane Shot Down
  Turkey Denies Reports of Attacks on Fleeing Syrian Civilians
Pro-Saudi Yemen Forces, Houthis, Stalemated Near Sanaa
  Civilians Killed as Saudi Warplanes Attack Yemen Dept of Records
Aiding Egypt, Israel Conducted 'Over 100 Airstrikes' in Sinai
Ukraine Ultranationalist Militia Strikes Fear in Some Quarters
item Poor Posture: Trump's Nuclear Doctrine Resumes Cold War  by Robert Dodge
item WMD-Syria Claims Raise Concerns Over US Escalation  by Rick Sterling
item Trump's Middle East 'Deal of the Century' Coming Into Focus  by Geoffrey Aronson
item FISA-Gate: The Plot to Destroy Our Republic  by Justin Raimondo
item Taking War Off Its Pedestal  by William J. Astore
item US Afghan Intervention Is a Failure of Concept, Not Execution  by Bonnie Kristian

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Dad of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Speaks Out
Militarization Makes Police More Violent
Hawaii False Missile Threat: Fired Worker Says He Feels Bad but Is Not at Fault
The Man Who Secretly Helped Daniel Ellsberg Leak Pentagon Papers to Media
Village Mayor Killed in Iraq, Eight Others Wounded
Iraq: Families With ISIS Relatives Forced Into Camps
Iraq Lists 60 Most-Wanted Jihadists and Baathists
ISIS Oil Fires in Iraq Lead to Grave Environmental and Health Concerns
Book Culture Returns to Iraq's Post-Jihadist Mosul
Aircraft Attack Civilian Convoy on Syrian Highway, at Least Seven Killed: Rescuers
Manpad Rubicon Passed in Syria
Syria Denies US Claims It Used Chemical Weapons Against Rebel-Held Areas
Erdogan Says Premature to Say Who Supplied Syria Tank Weapon
Iran Says Jails 'Nuclear Spy' for US, European Country
Iran Confirms It Granted Brief Leave to Ailing US Citizen
Middle East
Defense Minister: Saudi Arabia, UAE Intended to Invade Qatar
Lebanon Will Be Blown Back to the 'Stone Age,' Israeli Minister Katz Warns
Minister Claims Mystery 'Prince of Bahrain' Is Visiting Israel
Turkish Police Detain 82 People in Raids Targeting ISIS
Roadside Bomb in Sinai Kills Two Egyptian Security Forces
Egypt Army Denies Israel Carrying Out Secret Airstrike Campaign in Sinai
Cameroon Forces Kill Four Civilians in Restive Anglophone West
Four Civilians Killed in Mali as Army Imposes Traffic Restrictions
Child Abductions Rise Amid South Sudan's Grinding Civil War
At Least Five Killed in Clashes Near Libyan Oilfield: Local Official
Bodies of 16 Migrants Recovered Off Morocco Coast
Russia Slams New US Nuclear Weapons Proposal
100,000 Rally in Athens to Protest Naming of Macedonia
Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades Re-Elected
Corsican Nationalists Protest Ahead of French Leader's Visit
Gunman Targets African Migrants in Italy's Macerata
Israel Moves to 'Legalize' Rogue Settlement
Amid Rising Tensions, US Troops in Israel for Large Missile Defense Drill
PLO to Mull Revoking Recognition of Israel
Israeli Jets Strike Hamas Targets in Gaza After Rocket Launch
Palestinian Teen Dies in Israeli West Bank Arrest Raid: Officials
Israel Troops Said Besieging Homes in West Bank Village in Hunt for Havat Gilad Terrorist
Israeli Authorities Knock Down Part of Bedouin School in West Bank
Israeli Court Rules Pregnant Settler's Murder Was Political, Not Personal
Israel Said Set to Build Up Vast Medium-Range Missile Array to Counter Hezbollah
Erekat Says US Is Pushing a Palestinian 'Coup,' Tells Nikki Haley to 'Shut Up'
Jordan's King Abdullah Sees No Mideast Peace Without US Role
President Ghani Open to Talks With Armed Groups
Dozens Are Killed Daily in Afghanistan. Sometimes, the Dead Turn Up Alive.
Afghanistan Parliament Elections Likely Delayed Until October
Most Afghans Can't Read, but Their Book Trade Is Booming
Afghanistan Refugees Deported by Europe Attacked by Taliban, ISIS
Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 11 Soldiers in Northern Pakistan
India and Pakistan Trade Accusations Over Deadly Shooting
Maldives Orders Army to Resist Any Supreme Court Impeachment Order
China Criticizes US for Nuclear Adversary Claims
German Spy Chief Alleges North Korea Uses Berlin Embassy for Procurement
Anti-US Base Mayor Loses to Ruling Party Rival in Okinawa's Nago City Poll
Thai Students Taunt 'Rolex General' in Latest Burst of Dissent
US Mulling Sanctions on Venezuela Oil: Tillerson
Ecuador 'Rejects Unlimited Election Terms', Blocking Correa Return
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