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Updated February 8, 2018 - 10:15 PM EST
US Killed Over 100 Pro-Govt Fighters in Syria
  Israel Warplanes Attack Syrian Base Near Damascus
  Turkey Accused of Recruiting Ex-ISIS Fighters to Attack Syrian Kurds
  Syrian Airstrikes Kill Dozens of Civilians, Many Children, in Suburb
Iraq Takes on Alliance of Kurdish Mafia, Ex-ISIS
  Iran Is Losing Influence in Iraq
  America's ISIS Jihadists Were Largely Duds
Sanctions Strip N. Korea Hockey Players of Sticks
  Pence Promises 'Toughest, Most Aggressive' North Korea Sanctions
  South Korea Asks UN to Allow N. Korea Official to Attend Olympics
Munich Report: EU, NATO Face Risk of Inadvertent War
US Military Probes SEAL Team 6 After Killing in Mali
Trump to Speed Up US Arms Sales by Reducing Oversight
item Turkey Accused of Recruiting Ex-ISIS Fighters to Attack Syrian Kurds  by Patrick Cockburn
item No Time for Complacency Over Korea War Threat  by Jonathan Marshall
item Trump's Middle East 'Deal of the Century' Coming Into Focus  by Geoffrey Aronson
item It Can Happen Here  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Hating the North Korean Reds  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Man Who Sold America the Iraq War Just Just Warned Iran Is Next  by Carey Wedler

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A Requiem for Vietnam
Cyber-Libertarian and Grateful Dead Lyricist John Perry Barlow Dies at Age 70
Five Headless Bodies Left at Funeral Home in Mexico
Lebanon Says Will Prevent Israel From Building Border Wall
Mass Grave Found in Diyala Province; 25 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Army Moves to Secure Planned Oil Route to Iran
At US Outpost in Syria, US General Backs Kurdish Fighters
Turkish Army Hit School, Water Plant in Syria's Afrin: Syrian Kurdish YPG
Russia, Turkey, and Iran Presidents Do Not Rule Out Meeting Over Syria
France Says Turkey, Iran Violating International Law in Syria
Israeli Police Recommend Indicting Netanyahu for Corruption: Report
Upcoming Likud Bill Is Israel's Latest Attempt to Annex the Settlements
School Could Be Out Forever for These Bedouin Kids in the West Bank
Palestinian Killed After Wounding Israeli Guard at West Bank Settlement: Military
Bennett: We Won't Use Precision, Neighborhoods With Rockets Are Fair Game
Middle East
Qatar Promised US Jewish Leaders: Al Jazeera Documentary on DC 'Israel Lobby' Won't Air
Turkish Court Jails 64 for Life Over 2016 Coup Attempt
Saudis Deny Providing Authorization for Israeli Flights to Pass Through Airspace
US Could Help Caribbean in Case of Venezuela Oil Sanctions: Tillerson
Venezuela Sets Presidential Vote for April 22 After Talks Crumble
Colombia's ELN Plans Blockade to Protest Peace Talks Suspension
Distant Cousin of Mexican President Shot Dead in Home State
Cuba Grants Visa to Senior US Diplomat to Lead Havana Embassy
The War at Home
Trump Not the First US Politician to Use Humvees and F-16s as Props
Activists Block New Jersey Town's Anti-BDS Resolution
US Police Spied on Muslims, African Americans: ACLU
Philippines Orders Arrest of Three Policemen in Drug War's First Murder Case
Canada Orders Review of Deal to Sell Helicopters to Philippines
North Korea Does Not Intend to Meet US Officials During Olympics: KCNA
Myanmar's Place at US Military Drills in Asia Draws Ire
Pakistan Court Convicts 31 Over Campus Lynching of Student Accused of Blasphemy
Kenya Crackdown on Media, Opposition Attracts Heavy Criticism
Kenya Deports Opposition Lawyer Charged With Treason
South Sudan
More Than 300 Child Soldiers Released in South Sudan
Children Recount Trauma of Abduction After Mass Release by South Sudan Rebels
Al Qaeda Trying to Regroup in Tunisia After ISIS Setbacks
Five Infants Die in Guinea in Fire Linked to Post-Election Riots
Nigerian Army to Deploy Troops in Areas Marked by Land Clashes
Human Smugglers in Libya Have Links to Security Services: UN Report
Somali Judge Is Elected President of International Court of Justice
France Hikes Defense Spending to Hit NATO Target
Macron Backs Corsica Mention in French Constitution, Rejects Other Demands
In Switzerland, Dismay as Papers on Secret Cold War Army Vanish
Finland Knife Attacker Saw Himself as ISIS Soldier: Police
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