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Updated February 9, 2018 - 11:06 PM EST
US Killed Over 100 Pro-Govt Fighters in Syria
  US Asks UN to Halt Syrian War for a Month
  Turkey, Not US, May Have Supplied Syrian Kurds' Missiles
  US Doesn't Plan to Contribute at Iraq Reconstruction Conference
US, South Korea Openly Disagree on North Korea
  Winter Olympics Offer Two Koreas a Rare Show of Unity
US Strikes in North Afghanistan Target Chinese Uighurs
item Parade of Defeat: Trump Prefers Spectacle Over Strategy  by Danny Sjursen
item America's Israel Chasm  by Damon Linker
item 16 Years Ago, Bush Opened the Floodgates to Torture at Gitmo  by Andy Worthington
item America: Just Another Shit-Hole?  by Justin Raimondo
item The US Military's Drug of Choice  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
item US Afghan Intervention Is a Failure of Concept, Not Execution  by Bonnie Kristian

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The World's Top 15 Defense Spenders
Pentagon Misconduct Complaints Increase; Fewer Found Guilty
EU Could Impose Blocking Regulations if US Pulls Out of Iran Deal
Tajikistan Pardons Over 100 Syria, Iraq Returnees
Scattered Attacks Killed 20 Across Iraq
US Not Planning to Contribute Money at Iraq Reconstruction Conference: Officials
Syrian Government Warplanes Kill 21, Injure 125 in Eastern Ghouta: Monitor
Russian Army Says US Goal in Syria Is to Capture Economic Assets: Interfax
Syria: US May Have Arranged 'Self Defense' Attack on Syrian Government Forces
Syrian Soldiers Fire at Israeli Drone in Golan Heights; Building Hit
Two British ISIS Fighters From Notorious 'Beatles' Group Captured: US
Medical Association to Lose Turkish Tag Over Criticism of Syria Campaign
Turkey Should Drop 'Disproportionate' Emergency Powers: EU Parliament
Thousands of Palestinians Jam Gaza Border, Temporarily Opened by Egypt
Qatar Leader Promises Hamas Emergency Aid for Struggling Gaza
Two Somalia Soldiers Killed in Roadside Blast
Thousands Flee Militia Violence in Central African Republic
'We Are in a War': Cameroon Unrest Confronted by Army Offensive
Libyan Commander Wanted by ICC Hands Himself In
'Day of Anger' in Chad Sees Low Turnout Amid Security Lockdown
Nigeria's President Denies Cattle Grazing Plan Is 'Colonization'
UN Expects Congo Offensive Against Eastern Rebels to Displace 370,000
Ethiopia Pardons 746 Prisoners, Including Journalist, Dissident
Gambia Rejoins Commonwealth as It Seeks to Rebuild World Standing
19 Police in Mexican State Charged in Kidnappings, Killings
Argentina Defends Ties With China, Russia Despite US Objection
Uruguay Will Extend Aid to Ex-Guantanamo Inmates for a Year
The War at Home
US Senate Fails to Advance Stand-Alone Military Funding Bill
Sen. Paul: Bring US Troops Home From Afghanistan, Then Throw Parade
Pentagon Not Certain That Trump's Military Parade Will Be in Washington
Army Times: We Asked, You Voted: 89 Percent Said No to Trump's Military Parade
New Pentagon Rule Bans 'Offensive Jokes' and Harassing Behavior
Remains of Airman Missing Since WWII Recovered in France
UN Allows North Korean Officials to Travel to South Korea for Olympics: Diplomats
North Korea Not Interested in Meeting With VP Pence: Report
'Protocol Headache' for Winter Olympics as Mike Pence and Kim Jong-Un's Sister Arrive
US, China Reaffirm Commitment to Pressure North Korea: State Department
US Drone Strike Kills Key Taliban Commander in North Waziristan
Who Is an Afghan? Row Over ID Cards Fuels Ethnic Tension
Hague Court Opens Examination Into Philippines Drugs War Deaths
Philippines Says Canada Helicopters 'Not for Attack'
Unholy War of Words Breaks Out Over Vatican Rapprochement With China
US Names Three Pakistanis as 'Terrorist Facilitators'
Thirty-Five Thai Activists Report to Police After Junta Protest
Maldives' Embattled President Sends Envoys to China, Saudi for Support
Venezuela & Her Neighbors
Venezuela Opposition Ponders Whether to Fight Maduro in Vote
Brazil to Deploy More Troops on Venezuela Border Amid Refugee Crisis
Colombia Tightens Border, Gives Aid as Venezuelans Flee Crisis
US Denounces Lack of Guarantees for Fairness in Venezuela Election
YouTube Found No Evidence of Russian Interference in Brexit Referendum
Portuguese Secret Service Official Sentenced for Spying for Russia
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