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Updated February 12, 2018 - 11:22 PM EST
Netanyahu in First Real Crisis With Trump
Koreas Defy Naysayers on Olympics Diplomacy
  North Korea Invites South Korea President to Pyongyang
  Mattis: North Korea Can't Divide US, South Korea
  Pence Scorns Olympic Diplomacy, Pushes North Korea's Isolation
Israel Launches Large-Scale Attack on Syria
  Netanyahu: Airstrikes Deal 'Severe Blows' to Iran and Syria
  Syrian Govt Quietly Backing Kurds Against Turkey
  Turkey Struggles With Rising Death Toll in Afrin Invasion
Strikes on Uighurs Show How Afghan War Changing
  Rand Paul Invited to Peace Talks by Taliban
Trump Unsure if Israel Wants Peace With Palestinians
item US Misses Opportunity for Peace Progress at Olympics  by Kevin Zeese
item Daniel Ellsberg's Riveting Memoir Flags the Risks of a Nuclear Winter  by George Perkovich
item The Aimless War in Afghanistan Will Cost US Taxpayers $45 Billion This Year  by Sal Rodriguez
item A President Held Hostage  by Justin Raimondo
item Vietnam and the US 'Forever Wars'  by Alastair Crooke
item John Yoo: President Can Wage War Without Congressional Declaration  by Kelley Vlahos

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Iranian Officials Say Hacks on Dailies Are From US, UK
Estonia, Russia Swap Two Men Convicted of Espionage
Qatar, UAE Matches Become Political Footballs in Gulf Crisis
'No More Missions for Germany's Navy,' Warns Armed Forces Ombudsman
Landmine Kills Peshmerga Member; 11 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Asks BP to Study Developing Kirkuk Oilfields
German Defense Minister Envisions Expanded Bundeswehr Role in Iraq
New Zealand Public 'Misled' on Extent of Iraq Mission: Campaigner
Israel Believes Syria Strikes Took Out Nearly Half of Assad's Air Defenses
Erdogan's Offensive in Syria Runs Into Problems: Mountains and Mud
Two Turkish Troops Killed as Helicopter Shot Down
UN: 230 Civilians Killed in Syrian, Russian Airstrikes in Past Week
US Wants Foreign Fighters in Syria to Face Justice at Home
Arab MK: Netanyahu Provoked Syria Escalation to Distract From Corruption Probes
The Drone Shot Down by Israel Was an Iranian Copy of a US Craft, Israel Says
Iran Rejects Reports of Israel Downing Iranian Drone as 'Ridiculous': State TV
'Unacceptable' to Endanger Lives of Russian Soldiers in Syria: Moscow
Clashes Kill 12 in Southern Yemen
US Lays Off Local Staff Three Years After Closing Yemen Embassy
Turkey Detains 48 Suspected ISIS Members
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Opposition Elects New Leaders
Palestinian Said Killed, Two Hurt in Rioting in Gaza, West Bank
US 'Strongly Supports' Israel's Right to Defend Itself: State Dept
UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees Fundraises After US Cuts
Fatah Official Booted From Palestinian Mourning Tent
Walk to Palestine: Activist to Walk 5,000 Kilometers
Modi Visits Ramallah, Backs Independent Palestine State
Israel to Snub Film Fest in Paris Over Contentious Movie
Iran Says Canadian-Iranian Committed Suicide in Jail; Arrests Expected
The War at Home
California Police Worked With Neo-Nazis to Pursue 'Anti-Racist' Activists, Documents Show
US Military Is Spending Millions to Replace Toxic Firefighting Foam With Toxic Firefighting Foam
Tortured Al-Qaeda Snitch Gets Shrimp, Strawberry Oreos and US Sitcoms at Guantanamo
US IOC Member Suggests Joint Korean Team for Nobel Peace Prize
Mattis Says Too Early to Tell if Olympic Thaw Between Koreas Will Lead to Results
Don't Mention Nukes: South Koreans Learn How to Talk to the Enemy
North Korea Says Unable to Pay UN Dues, Blames Sanctions
Olympic Games Organizers Confirm Cyber Attack, Won't Reveal Source
Two ISIS Militants Killed in US Drone Strike in Eastern Afghanistan
Three Cricketers Killed, Six Spectators Wounded During Explosions in Afghanistan
Nine Killed as Gun Battle Rages in Army Camp in Indian-Administered Kashmir
Indian Military Officer Arrested for Swapping Classified Information for Explicit Photos
Myanmar Says Soldiers, Police Facing Action Over Village Killings
Thailand: Protesters Demand National Elections
Egyptian Army Says 16 Militants Killed in Security Operation
Egypt Hands Out Life Sentences to Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Over 2014 Unrest
Cameroon Separatists Kill Three Soldiers in Overnight Attack
Four Civilians Die in Central Mali After Vehicle Hits Land Mine
Car Bomb Hits Military Checkpoint Near Libya's Sirte
Boko Haram Releases 13 Hostages After Talks With Nigeria
Western Envoys Urge Kenya Opposition to Recognize Kenyatta
US, UK Government Websites Infected With Crypto-Mining Malware: Report
London City Airport Shut as WW2 Bomb Found in Thames
Catalan Parliament Needs Puigdemont, Says Speaker
Russian Forces Kill Two Suspected Militants in the Caucasus
Cyprus, Turkey Spar After Warships Block Gas Drilling Ship
Colombian Military Strikes Back After ELN Guerrilla Attack
Colombia's FARC Suspends Campaign Over Security Fears
Venezuela Army Clashes With Illegal Miners, 18 Reported Dead
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