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Updated February 15, 2018 - 9:55 PM EST
US Admiral: North Korea Plots to 'Reunify' Korea
Hostility to US Unites Turkey, Russia, Iran in Syria
  US Strikes Killed Scores of Russians in Syria Last Week
  Aid Convoy Reaches Syrian Rebel Enclave of Eastern Ghouta
Taliban Issues Open Letter Calling for Peace Talks With US
Justice Minister: Maintain Jewish Majority Over Rights
Coalition Airstrikes Kill 6 Civilians in Yemen
item The US Is Permanently Occupying Northern Syria, and That's Trouble  by Reese Erlich
item The Lies We Tell Ourselves About America's Forever Wars  by Damon Linker
item US Intelligence Crisis Poses a Threat to the World  by George Eliason
item The Young and the Stupid: Virtue-Signaling Over the Olympics  by Justin Raimondo
item A Million Dollars a Minute  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item Why Democrats Are Obsessed With Russia  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Daniel Ellsberg Shed Light on the Pentagon Papers. Now's He's Doing the Same With Nuclear War
North Korean Skaters Don't Have Olympic Medal, but They Won the Crowd
UN Gets Report on What Palestinians Say Is Gaza Catastrophe
The War at Home
Airstrikes Target ISIS Near Mosul; 15 Killed in Iraq
Pentagon Wants New $69 Million Prison for 15 Gitmo Captives
Mulvaney: Trump's Military Parade Would Cost Up to $30m
Pence: US Weighs Plans to Prevent Russian Meddling in Future Elections
Three Navy Leaders Fired After Officer Found Drunk, Naked in Woods: Report
Oxfam Whistleblower Claims Rape Overseas, Abuse in Charity Shops Ignored
Top al-Qaeda Operative Is About to Be Sentenced for Killing US Troops 15 Years Ago in Afghanistan
Wrong Turn Could Have Sparked Security Scare at US Spy Agency: FBI
Zuma Quits, Ending Scandal-Plagued Term as South African President
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Dies in South Africa
Egyptian Authorities Detain Former Islamist Presidential Candidate
Tanzania Police Probe Death of Opposition Campaigner
Cameroon: Suspected Separatists Abduct Government Official
Truck Packed With Migrants Crashes in Libya, Killing 19
Ethiopia Frees Journalist Jailed Since 2011
First Person Convicted for Nigeria's Boko Haram Schoolgirl Kidnap
Muslim Leader Urges Macron Not to Meddle Too Much in French Islam
French Court Acquits Man Who Rented Flat to Paris Attackers
US Tells NATO Allies Spending Plans Still Falling Short
Montenegro PM Offers 'Goodwill' to Seal Kosovo Border Deal
Austrian Court Jails Two Teenagers Over Planned Jihadist Attack
Brazil to Increase Army Presence on Border With Venezuela
Bolivian Government Says Carnival Bomb Killed 4, Hurt 10
Oxfam Int'l Chairman Juan Alberto Fuentes Knight Arrested as Part of Corruption Probe in Guatemala
Russian Civilians in Syria Not Linked to Our Military: Kremlin
France Says Syria Red Line Only Crossed if Gas Attacks 'Lethal': Minister
Baghdad Targeted for Small Attacks; Eight Killed in Iraq
Iraq Says War With ISIS Killed 18,000
Allies Promise Iraq $30 Billion, Falling Short of Baghdad's Appeal
UN Says Bombs Will Litter Mosul for More Than a Decade
Netanyahu: I Will Not Resign
Poll: Most Israelis Want Netanyahu to Resign, but His Party Is Still in the Lead
Putting Annexation Row Behind Them, Netanyahu, Trump Set March Meet
US Mideast Peace Plan Fairly Well Advanced, Tillerson Says
Tillerson: I Understand Abbas' Concern Over Trump Decisions
Seven Israeli Soldiers Wounded After Running Over Land Mine Near Dead Sea
Middle East
France Says Iran's Missile Program Must Be Put 'Under Surveillance'
Russia Eyes Multi-Million-Dollar Saudi Investment Deals, Aramco IPO
Jailed Former Head of Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Opposition Says His Trial Political
Pence Says He Chose to Ignore Kim Jong Un's Sister at Olympics
Pence: Any US Talks With North Korea Would Press Denuclearization Demand
South Korea Approves Record $2.6 Million Budget for North Koreans Olympic Visit
Pakistani Taliban Kill Four Government Paramilitary Troopers in Gun Attack
Pakistan Bans Charities Linked to Founder of Militant Group
Hamid Karzai's Dark Theories Are Gaining Traction in Afghanistan
Cambodia Passes Controversial Lese Majeste Law
Duterte Offers Kill Bounty for Rebels to Save on War Costs
Philippines, China to Work Out How to Tap Oil, Gas That Both Sides Claim
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