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Updated February 16, 2018 - 10:34 PM EST
US: No 'Bloody Nose' Strike Planned on N. Korea
  Moon's Chief of Staff Takes Center Stage in Inter-Korean Detente
Russia Says Non-Military Citizens Slain in Syria
  Tillerson's Visit Tense as Erdogan Demands US Split With Kurds
  NATO Accepts US Call for Bigger Training Operation in Iraq
UN: 10,000 Afghan Civilian Casualties in 2017
US Official Predicts New Law Will Sanction Russians
US Wasting Billions on Nukes That Serve No Purpose
item How Netanyahu Made Israel an American Issue, and Lost  by Ramzy Baroud
item America's Creeping Regime Change in Syria  by John Glaser
item NATO Discovers War Is Bad for Women  by Doug Bandow
item Hidden Costs of America's Wars  by Stephanie Savell & Tom Engelhardt
item The US Returns to 'Great Power Competition'  by Conn Hallinan
item A New York Times Fairy Tale  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Moscow Says Has Evidence of Western Meddling in Russian Election
350 Million Children Living in Conflict Zones, Says Charity
Super Group of Oil Producing Countries Being Planned
Guantanamo 'Prepared' for New Inmates: US Admiral
Airstrikes Target ISIS Near Mosul; 15 Killed in Iraq
Army Officer Killed in Iraq Was Struck by a Forklift Truck While Jogging Around an Airbase
US Defense Chief Says Talks With Turkey on Syria 'Open and Honest'
EU Tries to Breathe Life Back Into UN Syria Talks
Tillerson Says US Never Gave 'Heavy Arms' to Syrian Kurdish YPG
Russian Mother Grieves for Son Killed by US Strike in Syria
Turkish Military Says Sets Up Sixth Observation Post in Syria's Idlib
UN Security Council Mulls Saudi Praise for Yemen Aid Pledge
Amnesty Slams Houthis for 'Unfair Trials'
Tillerson Says Hezbollah a Danger to Lebanon
Tillerson Says Seeking Solution on Lebanon-Israel Dispute
Attorney-General: I Will Indict Benjamin Netanyahu Without Hesitation if Necessary
Israel to Deny Tax Breaks, Government Bids From Local Groups Calling for Boycott
International Criminal Court Received 1.17 Million War Crimes Claims From Afghans
Afghan Province Declared Landmine-Free After 10-Year Clearance Drive
Pakistan Asks Trump to Help Fund Border Fence With Afghanistan
Myanmar Government Under Suu Kyi Cracks Down on Journalists
The War at Home
Congressman Tried to Brief Trump on WikiLeaks and Russia After Meeting With Julian Assange, but John Kelly Blocked Him
Florida Suspect Took Part in White Nationalist Militia, Leader Says
Pentagon's New Deploy-or-Out Policy Could Separate Up to 286k
German Military Short on Tanks for NATO Mission
German Military Has No Plans to Acquire Robot Weapons: General
Greece Says Won't Tolerate Border Challenges After Turkish Collision
Bulgaria Rejects Treaty to Combat Violence Against Women
Austria to Review Decision to Scrap Eurofighter Jets Early
EU Split Over Expansion Into Western Balkans
Egypt Urged to Halt Cluster-Bombs Use in North Sinai
Prominent Egyptian Islamist Critic Remanded for 15 Days
Congo Says Soldiers Killed in Border Skirmish With Rwanda
Ethiopia's Prime Minister Resigns to Smooth Path for Political Reform
200,000 More South Sudan Refugees Expected in Sudan: UN
Uganda to Widen Relief Fraud Probe to UN Staff, Vows Reforms
Colombia Says Increasing Number of Venezuelans Involved in ELN Attacks
Bolivia Is Shaken by 2 Explosions That Kill 12 People
Mexican Diocese Withdraws Nuns From Violent City
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