The personal and the political often meet and merge – and, in my case lately, this has certainly been the case. I won't go into the details of my recent cancer diagnosis, which I wrote about here, except to say that it has certainly intensified and sharpened my perceptions of what's wrong – and right – with the world I'm clinging to.

And of course it's made me look at things in retrospect, as old memories are dredged up and seen in a new light. When I look back on the twenty-plus years of my time here at, I'm struck with wonder: how did we ever survive this long? Read the rest...

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Updated February 20, 2018 - 11:19 PM EST
250 Civilians Killed in Last 48 Hours in Syrian City
Israel Arming at Least Seven Syrian Rebel Groups
  Turkey Warns Syrian Army Against Supporting Kurds in Afrin
  Strikes Kill Scores in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta in the Past 24 Hours
  Turkey Hopes to Resolve Manbij Issues With Dialogue With US
  Russian FM Slams Calls to Halt Idlib Offensive
ISIS Ambushes Shi'ite Militia in Iraq, Killing 27
France Remains Committed to Iran Nuclear Deal
item If Russia Committed an 'Act of War' Should US Respond Accordingly?  by Glenn Greenwald
item President Trump, I'm Russian and I'm Not Laughing  by Leonid Bershidsky
item Ending America's Disastrous Role in Syria  by Jeffrey D. Sachs
item Is That Russia Troll Farm an Act of War?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item There Is No Justice in Our World  by Eric Margolis
item The Latest Target of Scattershot US Sanctions: Chess  by Jason Ditz

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What You Need to Know About a New Ruling Linking Burn Pits and Lung Disease
Former Cheney Aide Will Not Take Syria Envoy Post
UN Chief Urges Global Rules for Cyber Warfare
Sarah Silverman Slammed After Calling for Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi's Release
Two US Guided-Missile Destroyers Now Operating in the Black Sea
Kremlin Says Charges Over US Election Tampering Prove Nothing
In Ukraine, Corruption Is Now Undermining the Military
Equipment Shortages Impair German Military Ahead of Key NATO Mission
Egypt Says Three Soldiers Killed in Campaign Against Militants
Palestinians Stranded in Egypt Leave for Rafah Crossing
Two Aid Workers Killed in Eastern DR Congo: UN
Somalia Appoints New Police, Intelligence Chiefs
Nigeria Convicts 205 Boko Haram Suspects in Mass Trials
South Sudan Rebels Free Kenyan Pilots After Compensation Paid, Rebel Spokesman Says
Kenyan Opposition Politicians Stopped From Leaving the Country: Odinga Adviser
Venezuela's Opposition Coalition Likely to Boycott Presidential Vote
Venezuela's Jailed, Exiled, or Barred Opposition Politicians
Brazil's Senate Head Says Rio Military Intervention Blocks Pension Vote
Brazil Prison Rioters Free Hostages, Guards Take Control
Bodies Found in Mexico Belong to Two Kidnapped Federal Agents
UN: Violence in Colombia Has Displaced More Than 800 People
Turkey Says Syrian Army Cannot Stop Its Advance in Afrin
Reports of Hundreds of Russians Killed in Syria Attempt to Exploit War: RIA Cites Lavrov
Russia: Call for Syrian Army to Halt Idlib Push Attempt to Help Nusra Front: RIA
Foreign Ministers of Iran, Turkey, Russia to Prepare Syria Summit: Tass
ISIS Ambushes Shi'ite Militiamen Near Kirkuk; 31 Killed in Iraq
Police Encourage Right-Wing Plans to Seize Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa
Israeli Settler Leader: Settlement Growth Doubled in 2017
US Envoy to Israel Says Settlers 'Aren't Going Anywhere': Report
Israeli Forces Detain 17 Palestinians Across West Bank, East Jerusalem
Middle East
Three Iranian Police Killed in Clashes With Sufi Protesters
Lebanon Army Will Confront Any Potential 'Israeli Aggression': Chief
Pakistan Minister Defends Planned Deployment to Saudi Arabia
Saudi Foreign Minister Rejects Qatari Proposal of EU-Style Security Pact
Philippines Says Suspect Islamist Militant Recruiter Arrested
Duterte Plays Down China Military Facilities in Disputed Sea
Landmine Kills Poll Candidate in Troubled District of Indian State
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