The personal and the political often meet and merge – and, in my case lately, this has certainly been the case. I won't go into the details of my recent cancer diagnosis, which I wrote about here, except to say that it has certainly intensified and sharpened my perceptions of what's wrong – and right – with the world I'm clinging to.

And of course it's made me look at things in retrospect, as old memories are dredged up and seen in a new light. When I look back on the twenty-plus years of my time here at, I'm struck with wonder: how did we ever survive this long? Read the rest...

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Updated February 23, 2018 - 10:48 PM EST
US to Open Israel's Jerusalem Embassy in May
Trump: 2001 AUMF OKs Endless Iraq, Syria Wars
  Kurdish YPG Urges Syrian Army to Help Stop Turkish Invasion
  Turkish Official Accuses Kurds of Releasing ISIS for Terror Attacks
  Russia Blocks UN Ceasefire Call on Ghouta Over Islamists' Inclusion
Aid Group Faults Saudi 'Aid' Plan for Yemen as War Tactic
  Pakistan Tight-Lipped on Big Saudi Arabia Troop Mission
Iran May Cancel Deal if Western Banks Refuse Business
  Iran Defends Terms of Nuclear Deal, Seeks Offshore Reactors
Pentagon Looks for Another Job for McMaster
item Let's Acknowledge US Interference in Foreign Elections  by Brian Saady
item The Burn Pit Vets Have Won a Victory, but to What End?  by Kelley Vlahos
item Time to End America's Foreign Policy Losing Streak  by Daniel L. Davis
item The 9/11 Hijackers Were Iraqis, Right?  by Rebecca Gordon
item More Than a Fight Over Couscous  by Ramzy Baroud
item Time to Admit the Afghan War Is 'Nonsense'  by Jonathan Marshall

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Yugoslav Army Veteran Lobs Grenade at US Embassy in Montenegro, Then Blows Himself Up
US Air Strike in Somalia Kills Four Al Shabaab Militants
Venezuela's Maduro Calls for 'Mega-Election' That Could Cement His Power
Navy's Nuclear Sub Base Closed by Potential Threat
North Korea
North Korea Says UN Chief 'Picking a Quarrel' With Sanctions Remarks
China Probes Report of Possible N. Korea Sanctions Breach at Sea
Philippines' Duterte Suggests News Site Rappler Linked to US Spies
EU Set to Prepare Sanctions on Myanmar Generals: Diplomats
India Gives Trudeau List of Suspected Sikh Separatists in Canada
Malaysia Holds Filipinos Seeking to Set Up Extremist Cell
Seven Soldiers, 71 Jihadists Killed in Egypt Sinai Op Over Last Two Weeks: Military
Egypt Sentences 21 to Death for Planning Attacks
Anger in Nigerian Village as Girls Still Missing After Boko Haram Attack
Families: Somali Children Abused in Anti-Insurgency Crackdown
UN: Media, Rights Activists Threatened in South Sudan
Ethiopia Releases 1,500 Prisoners in Eastern Somali Region
Britain Warns of ISIS Attacks in South Africa After Couple Kidnapped
Slovakia Rejects Treaty Combating Violence Against Women
Kremlin Critic Navalny Held, Then Released Ahead of Russian Election
Basque Separatist Group ETA to Vote on Full Dissolution by Summer
Syrian YPG Militia: Government Has Taken Control of Aleppo District
What Foreign Powers Want From the Syrian War
Bombs Bring Terrifying New Routine to Syria's Ghouta
Bodies Found Under Rubble; 91 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Hands Over to Russia 4 Women, 27 Children Linked to ISIS
Iran Says We Do Not Want Nuclear Weapons, There Is No Sunset Clause in Nuclear Deal
Saudi Arabia Frees Nine Iranian Fisherman Detained Two Years Ago: Iran
IDF, US Troops Get Ready for Drill to Simulate Massive Missile Attack on Israel
Palestinian Man Dies After Arrest; Family Says He Was Beaten to Death
Trump's Ambassador Says the Unspeakable: Evacuating Israeli Settlers Could 'Cause a Civil War'
Qatar Says Gaza Aid Spares Israel War, Shows Doha Does Not Back Hamas
Middle East
Turkish Opposition Sounds Alarm Over Proposed Voting Law Changes
Fugitive Bahrain Militants Die at Sea En Route to Iran: Activists
Top US Diplomat in Venezuela Under Fire for Tough Comments
Cash-Strapped Venezuela Faces Eviction From Miami Consulate
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