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Updated February 27, 2018 - 11:25 PM EST
Senators Look to End US Aid to Yemen War
South Korea Pushes for US, North Korea Talks
US Strike Kills 25, Including Children, in E. Syria
  Russia Sets Daily Five-Hour Truce for East Ghouta Evacuations
State Dept Gets $40 Million to Fund Troll Farm
US, EU Nations Discuss 'Supplementary' Iran Nuclear Deal
Afghan Taliban Call for Talks With US on Ending War
item US Needs to Get Back to Basics in Foreign Policy  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item A Nuclear War Planner's Guide to Resisting the Bomb  by Robert Levering
item US Could Learn From the Foreign Policy Lessons in Black Panther  by Bonnie Kristian
item New Nuclear Strategy Is a Handout to Defense Industry  by Tyler Rogoway
item The Mueller Indictments: The Day the Music Died  by Daniel Lazare
item Don't Feed the Russian Troll Hysteria  by Jacob Sullum

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by Maj. Danny Sjursen
Daniel Ellsberg on Dismantling the Doomsday Machine
First Openly Transgender Recruit Signs Up for Military
Pentagon Review of Botched Niger Operation Nearly Complete
New Zealand Prime Minister Creates New Cabinet Post for Disarmament
Desert Graves Give Up ISIS Dead; 147 Killed in Iraq
Kirkuk Not as Liberated From ISIS as Claimed
Plan to Truck Oil From Iraq's Kirkuk to Iran Delayed by Security Concerns
30 Killed in Eastern Ghouta in 48 Hours; Aid Convoys Ready: UN
Syria Ceasefire Must Take Effect Immediately, UN Chief Warns
Air Strike Kills Syrian Family of 9 in Rebel-Held Ghouta: Monitor
Czech Court to Rule on Custody for Kurdish Leader Wanted by Turkey
Russia Vetoes Western Effort to Call Out Iran Over Yemen at UN
UAE Building Armies to Divide Yemen, Minister Says
Cholera Epidemic Likely to Intensify in Coming Months: WHO
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Envoy Invites Lebanon's PM Hariri Back to Kingdom
Saudi Military Leaders Replaced Amid Stalemate Yemen War
Israeli Forces Detain 10 Members of Tamimi Family, Including Teenager Previously Shot in the Face
PLO: 3000 Policemen Dispatched to Take Control of Gaza
Israel's Military Courts 'Humiliating Charade' for Palestinians
Israel Extends Detention of Palestinian-French Human Rights Worker
Russia's Putin Approved New Defense-Spending Program: Kremlin
Hand Grenade Thrown at Greek Police Station, One Man Injured
Colombia's ELN Rebels to Hold Ceasefire During Legislative Elections
From US, Exiled Venezuelan Ex-Mayor Drums Up Anti-Maduro Lobby
State Assembly Candidate Killed in Mexico
South Korea: US, North Korea Should Lower Bar for Discussions
South Korea Urges North to Abandon Nuclear Weapons, Allow Family Visits
Japan Rejects South Korea Mention of Wartime 'Comfort Women' at UN
Bulldozing Rohingya Villages Was Not 'Demolition of Evidence', Myanmar Official Says
EU Agrees to Prepare Sanctions on Myanmar Generals
US Trying to 'Embarrass' Pakistan With Terror Financing List: Minister
White House Says It Is Up to China to Decide on Its Presidential Term Limits
Nepal Victims Despair Despite New Government's Pledge Over War Crimes
EU Threatens Cambodia With Sanctions Over Election Purge
Philippines' Duterte Defends 'Sarcastic' Remark on Shooting Women in Genitals
New US Sanctions Aim to Block Libyan Oil Smuggling: Statement
Veteran Commander Vies for Power in Libya's Shifting Sands
Khalifa Haftar, the General Who Wants to Rule Libya
DR Congo
Inter-Ethnic Clashes in Eastern Congo Kill 22 People
Botswana Blames Congo's Humanitarian Crisis on Kabila
Sisi Favorite to Win Egypt Presidential Race After Main Opponents Arrested
Cameroon: Govt Deploys More Troops to Fight Armed Separatists
South Sudan Close to Famine, Facing 'Toughest Year': Aid Groups
Nigerian Army and Police Disagree Over Security in Mass Abduction Town
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