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Updated February 28, 2018 - 10:43 PM EST
Senators Eye War Powers Act Against Yemen War
  Saudi Airstrikes Kill Five Yemen Civilians, Then Attack Rescuers
  Bipartisan Call for Repeal of 2001 AUMF War-Making Powers
Turkey Reconnects FSA-Held Idlib With Azaz
  Red Cross: Longer Pause Needed in E. Ghouta for Aid Shipments
NSA Chief Sends Conflicting Messages on Russia Cyberwar
US Envoy on North Korea Retires After Trump Rejects Talks
US Lawmakers Want to Further Boost Israel's Defense Aid
item The Pentagon Budget as Corporate Welfare for Weapons Makers  by William D. Hartung
item Washington Got the Basics of Russian Nuclear Strategy All Wrong  by Matthew Bodner
item How the Bombing of Libya in 2011 Led to Terror in UK  by Mehdi Hasan
item America's Democracy Hypocrisy  by Thomas Knapp
item Intelligence That Neither Hears nor Sees  by Ted Snider
item The Fight Against Extremism Is Turning to a Fight Against Freedom  by Ojel L. Rodriguez

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Public Opinion and Counterterrorism Policy
Treasury Slaps Sanctions on More ISIS Targets
Pentagon: No Funding Yet for Trump's Military Parade
US Military Opened Secretive Drone Base in Niger to Visitors
Displaced Iraqis Freeze to Death at Turkish Border; 16 Killed in Iraq
Thousands of Iraqis Too Scared to Go Home Because of ISIS Stigma
Iraq Seeks to Lure Investors to Boost Oil, Gas Output
Iraq Studies Issue of Russsia's S-400 Purchase 'Very Carefully'
Russia Says Syrian Rebels Started New Offensives During Ceasefire
Top General: Countering Iran in Syria Not a US Military Mission
Syrian Observatory Says Strikes Hit Two Ghouta Towns, Military Source Denies
Fighting in Syria's Ghouta Stops Aid, 1,000 Medical Evacuations: UN
Russia 'Both Arsonist and Firefighter' in Syria: US General
Britain May Join US Strikes Against Syria if Chemical Weapon Use Proven
Czech Court Orders Release of Syrian Kurd Leader Despite Turkish Extradition Call
Israel Backtracks on Plans That Enraged Christian Churches in Jerusalem
Jerusalem's Church of Holy Sepulchre to Reopen After Protest
How the Israeli Army Got a Teen Who Was Shot in the Head to Say He Fell Off a Bike
East Jerusalem Palestinians Fear New Damascus Gate Checkpoint Marks Change in Status Quo of the City
Iran Justice Minister Expects Fewer Executions Under Revised Drug Law
Sudan Replaces Army Chief in Security Reshuffle
Egypt Calls for BBC Boycott Amid Dispute Over Human Rights Report
German Military Helicopter Crash in Mali Caused by Incorrectly Set Autopilot: Report
Venezuela Says US Sanctions Hampering Debt Renegotiation
Venezuelan Ex-Governor Falcon to Run Against Maduro in April Election
Colombia's ELN Rebels Kill Five Soldiers in Bomb Attack
Central Mexican State Says 13 Die in Cartel Disputes
South Korea Says Sanctions Do Not Aim to Bring Down North Korea
Fort Shafter Faces Major Task in Planning Korea Evacuations
North Korean Leaders Used Brazilian Passports to Apply for Western Visas: Sources
Afghanistan Hosts Talks on Peace Platform After Taliban Offer to US
Taliban: Doha Office Remains Vital for Talks
US Says Seeing 'Positive Indicators' From Pakistan on Militants
Pakistan's Ruling Party Picks Ousted PM's Brother as President
US Cuts Cambodia Aid Over Democracy Concerns
Cambodian Court Orders Temporary Seizure of Opposition Party Headquarters
Okinawans Demand End to US Military Flights Over Schools
Singapore Seeks to Bar Communications From Terror Attack Sites
Sri Lanka Shops, Mosque Damaged in Buddhist-Muslim Clash
'Big Data' Predictions Spur Detentions in China's Xinjiang: Human Rights Watch
Lost in Translation? Kazakh Leader Bans Cabinet From Speaking Russian
UK Spent $2.44bn on Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria Since 2014
Britain Is Facing Serious Far-Right Terrorism Threat, Says Top UK Officer
Scotland, Wales Defy London With Bills to Keep Powers After Brexit
Macedonia Mulls Four Name Changes to Resolve Dispute With Greece
US Seeks 'Robust Involvement' in EU Defense Pact
Pussy Riot Claims Two Members Are Missing in Crimea After Being 'Detained' by Russian Security
Less Than Half of German Submarines and Warplanes Ready for Use
The War at Home
Officials: 11 People Fall Ill After Suspicious Letter Opened at Ft. Myer in Arlington
Secretive US Security Panel Discussing Broadcom's Qualcomm Bid
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