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Updated March 2, 2018 - 11:28 PM EST
Trump Threatens Syria, Russia Over East Ghouta
  Russia: US Has 20 Bases in Syrian Kurdistan
  Eight Turkish Soldiers Killed in North Syria Offensive
Iraqi Parliament Demands Timeline for US Pullout
  US Threatens to Sanction Iraq if They Buy Russian Missiles
  1,294 Killed in Iraq During February
S. Korean President to Send Special Envoy North
  US Continues War-Exercise for Striking North Korea
Senate Bill Would Force End to US War in Yemen
US OKs Sale of Anti-Tank Missiles to Ukraine
White House Preparing for McMaster Exit Next Month
item Trapped in Eastern Ghouta: Both Sides Stop People From Escaping  by Patrick Cockburn
item Time for America to Declare Victory in Syria and Come Home  by Doug Bandow
item Senators Issue Challenge: Vote on War in Yemen, or Get Out  by Bruce Fein
item The US Should End Support for the Saudi War in Yemen  by Sal Rodriguez

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Our Conscience Says, 'Enough'
by Michael Brendan Dougherty
NSA Used Porn to 'Break Down Detainees' in Iraq – and Other Revelations From 297 Snowden Documents
Navy Probing Incident That Left Pilots Blind, Freezing
Israeli-US Teen Indicted for Bomb Threats, Hate Crimes: US Justice Dept
US Ambassador to Mexico to Quit Amid Tense Relations Under Trump
UN Rights Body to Hold Debate on Ghouta on Friday at Britain's Request
Russia Says Civilians in Syria's Ghouta Are Asking to Be Evacuated
UN Says Russia's Eastern Ghouta Aid Plan Not Enough
UN Imagery of Syria's Eastern Ghouta Shows Widespread Damage
Aid Convoy Arrives in Syria's Afrin, ICRC Says
US Makes New Push for UN Syria Chemical Weapons Probe
Armenia Scraps Deal With Turkey Designed to Normalize Relations
Turkey Announces $5m for Sahel Anti-Jihadist Force
First, Israeli Troops Shot a Palestinian Armed With a Chunk of Metal. Then, They Beat Him to Death
Fight to Save Jaffa's Last Muslim Cemetery From Israeli Bulldozers
Israel's El Al Seeks International Help to Access Saudi Airspace
Middle East
Iraq Roundup: Iranian Peshmerga Attacked in Erbil; 50 Killed in Iraq
Iceland Participating in Illegal Weapons Shipments to Saudi Arabia
Europeans Engage With Iran on Regional Issues as Trump Deadline Nears
Yemenis Launch Social Media Campaign With Focus on Development
Afghan Policemen Kidnapped in Taliban Bus Attack
China Angered With US-Taiwan Travel Bill, Adding to Tensions
Kazakhstan Says Russian Not Banned From Government After All
Poland to Demote Communist-Era Generals to Rank of Privates
EU Lawmakers Back Action Against Poland Amid Democracy Concerns
Carles Puigdemont Gives Up Candidacy for Catalan Presidency
Ukraine Says It Will Extend Sanctions Against Russian Banks
German Government Under Cyber Attack, Shores Up Defenses
Norway Used NSA Technology for Potentially Illegal Spying
Britain Seeks US Promise Not to Seek Death Penalty if Extremists Are Extradited
Mortar Attack in Mogadishu Kills Three
Four Peacekeepers Killed in Mali Were From Bangladesh, UN Says
Petrochina Signs Annual Contract to Buy Libya's Crude
US Considering Broad Oil Sanctions on Venezuela: Source
Venezuela Postpones Presidential Election to May 20
Clash of Local Officials, Vigilantes Leaves 11 Dead in Mexico
Peru to Enable Military to Protect Oil Pipeline From Vandals: Officials
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