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Updated March 5, 2018 - 11:05 PM EST
Advancing Ties, NK Leader Agreement With South
  Lindsey Graham: War With North Korea Would Be 'Worth It'
  Trump Reports North Korea Directly Contacted US Seeking Talks
Turkish Airstrikes Kill 40 Syria Militia Fighters
  Syria Seizes a Quarter of E. Ghouta; Assad Says Offensive Continues
55 Killed in Fighting Northeast of Yemen's Capital
  'A Cynical PR Exercise': $3.5bn Plan to Allay Yemen Suffering
Kurdish Officials Furious After Massive Iraqi Budget Cuts
US Senator: US 'Finding It Difficult to Hold' Somali Territory
Kushner's Firm Sought Money From Qatar Before Blockade
Al Jazeera: New Details on 1996 Coup Attempt Against Qatar
item Israel Plans a New War in Syria – but Not for the Reasons It Claims  by Gareth Porter
item Trump Enabling Brutal Repression in Bahrain  by Doug Bandow
item Why Putin's Latest Weapons Claims Should Scare Us  by Jonathan Marshall
item The New Cold War Is Here  by Justin Raimondo
item The Grammar of Russiagate  by Sheldon Richman
item 'Maximum Pressure' on N. Korea Will Only Strengthen the Regime  by Richard Mason

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Lies, Nuclear Notes, Catastrophe: Dan Ellsberg's 5-Decade Treasure Trove
Anti-BDS Bills Expected to Feature Prominently at AIPAC
Trump Hits Bush: Invading Iraq 'The Single Worst Decision Ever Made'
Security Forces Clash With ISIS in Hawija: 23 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Government Urged to Seize Assets of Saddam Cronies
UN Says Aid Convoy Not Going to Syria's Ghouta as Planned
Russia Says Militants Impose Curfew in Syria's Ghouta
In Eastern Ghouta Rubble, a Father Looks for His Son
Turkey Riot Police Break Up Women's Rights March
US Embassy in Ankara Says Will Be Closed on Monday Due to Security Threat
ISIS Claims Deadly Drive-By Shooting in Yemen's Aden
Yemen's Houthis Order Arrest of 50 Deserters Along Red Sea Coast: Military Sources
Netanyahu's Coalition on Collision Course to Early Election
Palestinians Say Gaza Farmer Killed by Israeli Army Fire
Top Palestinian Official Claims Trump Peace Plan Spells 'Liquidation, Apartheid'
Israeli Troops Force Woman With Down Syndrome to Strip
Israel Covertly Contacted American Cyber Companies to Purchase Hacking Tools, Letter Reveals
Guatemala to Move Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in May
Three Effigies of Haredi Soldiers Hanged in Mea Shearim
West Bank Village Bil'in Marks 13th Anniversary of Nonviolent Resistance Against the Wall
Middle East
Bahrain Conducts Large-Scale Roundup of Shi'ite 'Militants'
Iran Says No Missile Talks Unless West Gives Up Its Nuclear Weapons
Lebanese Agent Said to Have Framed Actor Accused of Collaborating With Israel
UN Halts Aid Work in Northeast Nigeria Town After Humanitarian Workers Killed
MSF Suspends Medical Work in Nigeria's Rann After Deadly Attack
Police Commander Slain After Kidnapping in Mexico's Acapulco
Mexico Prepares to Make Arrests in Disappearance of Student Teachers
Two Police Officers Killed in Colombia Car Bombing
Study: Malfunctioning Surveillance Gear, Not Sonic Weapons, Could Explain Cuba Embassy 'Attack'
The War at Home
Navarro Says 'No Exclusions' on Steel and Aluminum Tariffs
Virginia Sailor Sentenced to 15 Months for Bomb Threats
The Navy Wants a Laser to Blow Drones Out of the Sky
Veterans With PTSD, Less-Than-Honorable Discharge Allege Bias and File Federal Lawsuit Against Navy
'The Chinese Dream', China Wants Friendship With Taiwan
Trump Praises Chinese President Extending Tenure 'For Life'
China Says Its 'Moderate' Defense Spending Rises Are No Threat
Vietnam Seeks to Pacify China as Landmark US Carrier Visit Signals Warming Ties
Pakistani Ruling Party Gains Control of Senate
Christian in Lahore Blasphemy Case Fighting for His Life After Abuse
North Korea: US Military Drills Harm Reconciliation
Kashmir Shuts After Indian Troops Kill Three Civilians, One Rebel
Top Bangladesh Sci-Fi Writer Stabbed in Head at Seminar
Cambodia PM Accuses United States of Lying Over Aid Cut
Moscow Sees Extended US Sanctions Over Ukraine as Unlawful
Putin Tells US to Send Evidence of Vote Meddling
Gazprom Seeks to Annul Natural Gas Contract With Ukraine
Ten Injured in Clashes as Police Break Up Protest Camp in Ukraine
Puigdemont Vows to Lead Catalan Government in Exile
Macedonians Rally Against Name Deal With Greece
Bosnia Police, Protesting War Veterans in Standoff After Clash
Four Police Assaulted at Pro-Kurd Rally in Berlin
Italy Election to Result in Hung Parliament: Exit Polls
Funeral of Journalist Jan Kuciak Held Amid Protests in Slovakia
Saudi Crown Prince Meets Egypt's Sisi on First Public Trip
Cairo Prosecutor Orders Arrest of TV Host for 'Defaming Police'
Sudan to Return Ambassador to Cairo: Foreign Minister
Egypt's Top Court Waives Legal Challenges to Red Sea Islands Transfer to Saudi Arabia
Ex-Burkina Faso Soldier May Have Been in Extremist Attacks
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Claims Responsibility for Burkina Faso Attacks
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The Grammar of Russiagate

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