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Updated March 8, 2018 - 11:04 PM EST
Kim Jong Un Invites Trump to Meet, Official Says
  North Korea's Kim Wants to Advance South Korea Relations
  Trump's Steel Tariffs Threaten to Derail South Korea Talks
Saudi Strikes Kills, Wounds Children in N. Yemen
  Bipartisan Coalition to Stop Illegal US Support of Saudi War in Yemen
US Mulls Action as Pro-Syria Forces Mass Nearby
  Turkey Asks US to Block Kurdish Fighters From Moving to Afrin
  Syria Controls Half of Eastern Ghouta, Airstrikes Kill 45 More Civilians
Daniel Ellsberg Sounds Alarm Over Nuclear Arms Race
US Drone Strike Kills 20 Pakistani Taliban in E. Afghanistan
item How the US Can Bring an End to the War in Yemen  by William D. Hartung
item 'Progressive' Journalists Jump the Shark on Russiagate  by Ray McGovern
item Ahed's Generation: Palestine's Youth Must Break Free  by Ramzy Baroud
item And Now for the Good News  by Justin Raimondo
item Why the US Military Should Stay Out of Iran  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item The New Surveillance State & the Old Perjury Trap  by Peter Van Buren

More Viewpoints

Germany Moves to Boost Presence in Afghanistan, Training in Iraq
Leaked Files Show How the NSA Tracks Other Countries' Hackers
Arizona University Forces Speakers to Sign Pledge They Don't Boycott Israel
Gaza on the Brink of Explosion, Hamas Warns
US Troops in Niger to Receive Combat Pay
Iranian Peshmerga Commander Among 20 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Bodies Still Litter Mosul's Old City Months After Battle
Red Cross Warns Iraq of Resentment Over ISIS Detainees
UN Security Council Calls for Syria Ceasefire to Be Implemented
Yemen Officials Say UAE Barring Ships With Government Cash
Street Artist in Yemen Remembers Casualties of War
Saudi Arabia
UK Prime Minister Defends Saudi Ties as Crown Prince Gets Royal Welcome in London
Missing Billionaires: Saudis Disappear From Forbes List
Israel Passes Law to Strip Residency of Jerusalem's Palestinians
Israelis Disguised as Journalists Shoot, Abduct Palestinian Students
EU to Supply Electricity to Israeli Settlements
Israel Passes Law Allowing Police to Hold Terrorists' Bodies to Prevent Funerals
In Daylight Campus Raid, Undercover Commandos Nab West Bank Student Leader
Palestinian Parliament to Convene for Rare Session Next Month, PLO Official Says
Netanyahus Tried to Push Moguls to Fund Israeli Version of Fox News: Report
Middle East
Lebanon Tribunal Says Enough Evidence to Proceed in Hariri Assassination Case
Iran Woman Gets Two Years in Prison for Removing Veil
Most Russian Plane Intercepts Over Baltics Due to Error: NATO General
Britain Says Former Russian Spy Poisoned With Nerve Agent
Four People Seriously Hurt in Knife Attacks in Vienna
Clocks in Europe Are Running Late Because of the Kosovo Conflict
Clashes, Machete Attack Kill More Than 20 in Central Nigeria
Nigeria Sentences Man to Life Imprisonment for 2010 Car Bombing
The War at Home
Sen. Rand Paul: 'in Principle I Agree' With Lee-Sanders-Murphy Yemen War Powers Resolution
Now We Know Why Defense Attorneys Quit the USS Cole Case. They Found a Microphone.
Pentagon Plans to Raze Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay
Stealth Features Responsible for Half of F-35 Defects, Lockheed Program Head States
The Future Battlefield: Army, Marines Prepare for 'Massive' Fight in Megacities
South Korea Envoys to Leave for US, Meet With Top Aide
UN Envoy Seeks Rights Dialogue With North Korea After Tensions Ease
Grenade Blast Kills One in Sri Lanka Communal Violence, Social Media Blocked
Pakistan's Anti-Terror Operations Reduce Terrorism: US Intel Chief
Suicide Bomber Kills Muslim Official in Afghan City
Indonesian Islamic University Bans Burqas on Campus
US Sailors Visit Vietnamese Shelter for Victims of Agent Orange
Myanmar Police Witness Says Searched Reuters Reporter's Home 'For News'
India, With Eye on China Ties, Bans Tibetans From Holding New Delhi Rally
As Sanctions Loom, Venezuelan Official Seeks US Talks Over Prisoners
UN Seeks Inquiry Into Killings in Venezuela, Says Poll Not Credible
Jared Kushner Leads US Delegation to Mexico for Visit With President
Eight Hacked-Up Bodies Found in Pickup Truck in Mexico
Colombia to Shut Borders Ahead of Legislative Elections
Ex-Bolivian, Colombian Presidents Say Denied Entry to Cuba
New Brazilian Army Operation in Rio Favela
Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Police Quash Clashes After Voting Ends
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Justin Raimondo
And Now For The Good News

Ted Snider
How Many Terms ’til You’re a Tyrant?

Maj. Danny Sjursen
The Generals: Failing Their Soldiers – and America

Sheldon Richman
The Grammar of Russiagate

David R. Henderson
Rex Tillerson at Hoover

Lucy Steigerwald
Missile False Alarm in Hawaii: How Wrong Buttons Can Wreak Havoc

Ran HaCohen
Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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