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Updated March 12, 2018 - 11:05 PM EDT
Senators Will Vote on Yemen War, but When
Pentagon: Can't Stop Fueling Saudi War in Yemen
  When Congress Tests Authority, Military Brings Out Big Guns
Kim Is Willing to Dismantle Nukes, S. Korea Says
  Trump: North Korea Talks May Yield 'Greatest Deal for the World'
  Mattis Bows Out, Says State Dept Handling North Korea Questions
  What Critics of North Korea Summit Get Wrong
US to Placate Turkey, Alienating Syrian Kurds
  Syrian Troops Seize Eastern Ghouta Town, Split Region in Three
Amid Little Scrutiny, US Ramps Up in Afghanistan
  Numbers on US Counterterrorism Efforts in Afghanistan Don't Add Up
Austin, Texas Rocked by 3rd Deadly Explosion in 11 Days
item When Congress Tests Authority, Military Brings Out Big Guns  by Bruce Fein
item Once Upon a Time, Congress Actually Fought Saudi Arms Deals. It Can Again.  by Harry Blain
item In Churchill, Hollywood Honors a Mass Murderer  by Shashi Tharoor
item Trump Is Making Diplomacy Great Again  by Justin Raimondo
item Gang of 4: Senators Call for Arms Control Talks With the Kremlin  by Gilbert Doctorow & Ray McGovern
item Who's Afraid of Talking With Kim Jong Un?  by Jonathan Marshall

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US Quietly Increasing Air Strikes on ISIS in Libya
China Says Won't Start Trade War With US
Qatar Informs UN of More UAE, Bahrain Airspace Violations
A Planned, Calculated Killing of Sheep in the West Bank
Security Forces Launch New ISIS Operation; 40 Killed in Iraq
Turkish Warplanes Destroy 18 Kurdish Militant Targets in Iraq
Iraq's Sadr and Communists Join Forces for Election
Tuz Khurmatu Is Iraq's City of Walls. Is It a Sign of the Country's Future?
Syria Army Cuts Off Main Rebel Town in Ghouta as Death Toll Tops 1,000
Surprise Rebel Evacuation From Eastern Ghouta
Civilians Organize 'Human Shield' to Protect Kurdish Afrin
Turkish Forces Reach Outskirts of Afrin Town: Monitor
Erdogan Slams NATO for Failing to Back Syria Campaign
Saudi Expulsion of Yemeni Workers Swells Houthi Ranks
In a Yemeni Town, Hardship Awaits Displaced Civilians
Saudi Arabia
UK Politicians Brand Saudi Aid Deal a 'National Disgrace'
Saudi Arabia Signs 48-Warplane Deal With UK
Iran Reveals British-Iranian Dual Citizen Jailed Six Years for Spying
Iran, Serbia Resume Direct Flights After 27-Year Gap
Palestinians Reject US Invitation to Gaza 'Stakeholder' Summit
Palestinians: 19-Year-Old Killed in West Bank Clashes
Bennett Weighs Running for PM if Early Elections Called
Netanyahu, Haredim Said to Reach Understanding on Draft Bill
Slap Heard 'Round the World: Ahed Tamimi Becomes Symbol of Palestinian Resistance
At Least Five Killed in Central Nigeria: Police
Security Fears Keep Aid Workers Out of Town in Nigeria's Northeast
Ethiopian Soldiers Kill Nine Civilians Mistaken for Militants
In Congo, Voting Machines Raise Suspicions Among President's Foes
Egyptian Court Sentences 10 to Death for Planning Attacks
Nine Members of Venezuela's Army Jailed on Treason Charges
Venezuelan Presidential Challenger Says Could Pull Out of Race
US to Re-Open Consulate at Mexican Resort After Threat
Mexico Rules Out Terrorism, Organized Crime in Ferry Blast
Not Finding WMD
Amazon's Attempt to Land Major Pentagon Job Stokes Antitrust Fears
Pentagon Proposes Scaled-Down Military Parade, Not One With Tanks and Firepower That Trump Envisioned
Read the Pentagon Military Parade Guidance Memo
The US Army's Costly Quest for the Perfect Radio Continues
Lockheed Martin Will Add Jobs After Landing $4.9 Billion German Missile Defense Deal
Army Black Hawk Accidentally Drops 'Errant Bundle' on Hawaii Elementary School Campus During Exercise
Trump's Condition for Kim Meeting Is No Nuclear, Missile Test: US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin
Trump Says Spoke With Abe About North Korea, Bilateral Trade
As Many as 18 Afghan Soldiers Killed Fighting in Western Province
New Afghan ID Cards, Aimed at Unifying the Country, Are Doing the Opposite
Afghan Taliban Urge Religious Scholars to Boycott Peace Conference
At Least 44 Militants Killed in Clash With Philippine Troops: Army
Philippine Leader Signs Law Giving Police Chiefs Subpoena Power
Chinese Official Warns Against Creeping Islamization
Sri Lanka Buddhist Monks Denounce Anti-Muslim Riots
Modi, Macron Sign Defense Deal
Catalan Separatists March in Barcelona Calling for Split From Spain
Catalans Demand That Lawmakers Form Regional Government

Putin on Alleged US Election Interference: I Don't Care

Russia 'Test-Fires Hypersonic Kinzhal Missile'
UK Home Secretary: 'Too Early' to Pin Blame in Spy Case
Croatia Charges 22 Serbs With 1990s Warcrimes
Thousands of Hungarians March for More Autonomy in Romania
Critics of Peace Deal Dominate Colombia Election
Majority of Peruvians Favor Impeaching President
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