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Updated April 4, 2018 - 11:01 PM EDT
UK Scientists: No Proof Russia Behind Poisoning
White House: US Troops Will Remain in Syria
  Trump: Saudis Need to Pay if They Want US Troops to Stay in Syria
  Russia, Assad Give Ultimatum to Syria Rebels NW of Damascus
North Korea Ignores US, South Korea Wargames
  US Dropped Plague-Infected Fleas on North Korea in March 1952
Trump: I'm Tough on Russia, but Want Better Ties
Yemen's Houthis Hit Saudi Oil Tanker Off Coast
Human Rights Watch: Gaza Killings 'Calculated, Unlawful'
DHS: Potential Unauthorized Spying Devices in DC
item FARA: Freedom of the Press, but on the Government's Terms  by Peter Van Buren
item Will the Saudi Kingdom Collapse Under the Resource Curse?  by Daniel Lazare
item Iran Has No ICBM Program  by Michael Elleman & Mark Fitzpatrick
item The New 'Long War'
 by Michael Klare
item A Special Relationship Born in Hell  by Philip Giraldi
item After FBI's Pulse Nightclub Failure, Why Should We Trust James Comey Anymore?  by James Bovard

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Trump to Discuss With Mattis Military Protecting Border With Mexico
US Announces Tariffs on $50 Billion of China Imports
Militias Kill UN Peacekeeper in Central African Republic; 21 Others Dead
Turkey Jails Pending Trial Nine Students Opposed to Afrin Offensive
Five Killed Across Iraq
Ahead of Iraq's Elections, Muqtada Al-Sadr Reinvents Himself – Again
Iraqi Death: UK Soldier Vows to Defy Fresh Inquiry
More Than 40,000 People Returned to Syria's Ghouta: Agencies
Russia, Iran, and Turkey Struggle to Find Common Ground on Syria
Erdogan Says Turkey, Russia May Cooperate on Defense Projects Besides S-400
Putin, Erdogan Launch Turkey's First Nuclear Power Plant
Greek PM Urges Turkey to Release Two Soldiers as Goodwill Gesture
Avigdor Liberman: Israel Will Continue to Fire at Palestinians Close to Gaza Fence
Saudi King Reiterates Support for Palestinians After Israel Comments
Video Appears to Show Israeli Shot Ending Palestinian's Career as Footballer as He Stands With Selfie Stick
Geraldo Rivera Regrets Not Backing Palestinians in Second Intifada
Why Did the Israeli Army Seize This Blind Palestinian Bereaved Daughter's Cash?
Middle East
Trump Discusses Iran 'Threat' With Qatar Emir: White House
Yemeni Foreign Minister Calls for Peace Talks, Says Aims to Open Ports
Rights Groups Praise Top Bosnia Court for Scrapping Fines on War Victims
ELN Kidnaps Four in Colombia Border Area: Police
Colombia Kidnappers Demand Prisoner Exchange for Ecuadorean Reporters
The War at Home
Some Wisconsin Police Are Returning Military Vehicles
Four Arrested in Protest at US Air Force Drone Base Near Las Vegas
US Museum Stalls Hiroshima Exhibit Over Nuke Ban Push
China Tell North Korea It Appreciates Its Efforts on Denuclearization
China Hopes US-North Korea Summit Can Avoid 'Disruptive Factors'
United Nations Sanctions North Korean Ship for Fuel Transfer at Sea
Afghan Air Force Faces Criticism After Reports That Airstrike Killed Civilians
Afghans Bury Civilians as UN Investigates Air Strike
Philippine Communist Leader Jose Maria Sison 'Ready' for Talks
Philippine Court Halts Govt Move to Keep Drug War Kill Records Secret
Indonesia Says Soldier, Separatists Killed in Clashes Near Freeport Mine
Villagers Flee With Papua Rebels After Indonesia Attack
US Designates Pakistan Group an 'Alias' for Militants on Terrorist List
US State Department Concerned by Malaysia's 'Fake News' Bill
Nigeria: Further Clash in Nigeria Despite 'Negotiations,' 18 Dead
Egypt Police Raid Website Office, Arrest Editor-in-Chief
Six Found Dead in Mali Grave Had Been in Military Custody: Amnesty
Pilot in Treatment After US Marine Harrier Crashes in Djibouti
Kidnappers Demand $500,000 Ransom for Catholic Priest Taken in the Congo
Peru to Maduro: You're Still Not Welcome at Summit of Americas
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