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Updated April 9, 2018 - 8:55 PM EDT
Trump: Syria to Pay 'Big Price' for Alleged Attack
  Israel Attacks Syrian Airbase in Homs
  Pentagon: 'Hard Part' of Open-Ended Syria War Lies Ahead
  Negotiators: Syrian Rebels Agree to Leave Douma
  Timelines of 'Gas Attacks' Follow a Similar Scheme
  Justin Raimondo on Trump: Is He Stupid or Dangerously Crazy?
The Iraq War: In the Beginning Was the Lie
North Korea 'Ready to Talk Denuclearization'
Israeli DM: No Innocent People in Gaza Strip
DHS Defends Media-Monitoring Database
item Why the New Cold War Is So Dangerous  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
item What Ken Burns Left Out of the Vietnam Story  by Gareth Porter
item US Pays Steep Price for Ignoring Crimes of George W. Bush Era  by Will Bunch
item Trump: Is He Stupid or Dangerously Crazy?  by Justin Raimondo
item Gunboat Diplomacy and the Ghost of Captain Mahan  by Alfred W. McCoy
item Counting the Dead in Mosul  by Samuel Oakford

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Trump Official: Football Fans Should 'Think Twice' About Russia World Cup
Two Soldiers Killed in Copter Crash at Fort Campbell
Only 10 Diplomatic Staff Left at US Embassy in Cuba
Japan's Military Rising With First Marines Since WWII
Trump Presses Latin American Countries to Beef Up Targeting Venezuela
ISIS Bombers Attack Political Meeting; 25 Killed in Iraq
Four Killed in ISIS Suicide Attack on Iraq Party HQ
Sadr Rejects Return of Kurdish Troops to Iraq's Disputed Areas
Baghdad's Infrastructure in Ruins 15 Years After Saddam Fell
Syria Chemical Attack: Trump Blames Putin, Obama for 'Mindless' Attack
Israeli Officials: US Must Strike in Syria
Russia Says Syria Gas Attack Reports 'Fabricated'
Turkey Criticizes US Over Mixed Messages on Syria
Turkey's Erdogan Says France Is Abetting Terrorists in Syria
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Soldier Killed, Marring Calm in Qatif Province
France, Saudi Arabia Agree New Defense Contracts Strategy
Middle East
Iran Hit by Global Cyber Attack That Left US Flag on Screens
Turkey Says 108 Kurdish Militants 'Neutralized' in Past Week
Russian Spy Row
Russian Embassy in UK Alleges London Withholding on Probes
UK Alleges Russian 'Tactic' After Request for Meeting Over Poisoning

Britain Aims to Resettle Poisoned Russian Ex-Spy in the US

Muenster Perpetrator Was German With Psychological Problems: Sueddeutsche
World War II Bomb Removal Forces Mass Evacuation in Western City
Catalan Parliament Backs Jailed Activist
Sweden Marks Anniversary of Terror Attack With Message of Hope and Solidarity
Lula Turns Himself in to Brazil Police, Ending Standoff
Four Killed, 149 Arrested in Police Operation Against Militia in Rio
YouTube Bans 28 Countries From Watching Video Exposing Israel's Violence Against Protesters
Gaza Journalist Yaser Murtaja, and His Dreams of Traveling
Hundreds March in Israeli Arab Town in Support of Gaza Protests
Abbas Says Won't Return to Gaza Unless Hamas Cedes Control
IDF Denies Deliberately Targeting Journalist Killed in Gaza Protest
Israeli Interrogators Sexually Harassed Ahed Tamimi, Complaint Says
Media Watchdog Accuses Israel of 'Deliberate Shooting' of Journalists in Gaza
Palestinian Official: Israel Bans Gaza Tire Imports
International Criminal Court Prosecutor Calls for End to Violence in Gaza
US, Afghan Forces Expand Air Strikes on Taliban Drug Labs
Afghan Air Strike Kills ISIS Commander
Pakistan Calls on Afghan Taliban to Join Peace Process
Pakistan Says Indian Gunfire Killed 1 Woman in Kashmir
Pakistan Tribesmen Rally Against Security Forces in Peshawar
Pakistan Summons US Envoy Over Fatal Road Accident Involving American Diplomat
Trump Administration Grants License for Taiwan Submarine Project
UN Peacekeeper Killed in Mali; 2nd Such Attack in 2 Days
Mali Army Kills 14 Jihadist Suspects in 'Attempted Escape'
Nigeria: 149 Women and Children Rescued From Boko Haram
Two Killed in Central Africa Op to Rout Armed Groups
Gunmen Kill Parish Priest in Eastern Congo After Sunday Mass
Libyan Authorities Find Remains of Children Abducted in 2015
Police Disrupts No-Confidence Vote in Somali Parliament
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Trump: Is He Stupid or Dangerously Crazy?

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What Did Israel Bomb in the Syrian Desert in 2007?

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Missile False Alarm in Hawaii: How Wrong Buttons Can Wreak Havoc

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