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Updated April 11, 2018 - 11:12 PM EDT
Trump to Russia: 'Get Ready' for Missiles at Syria
Trump Builds Coalition for War on Syria
  UNSC Rejects Investigation of Syria Chemical Allegations
  Pentagon Worries War Could Put Russian Soldiers in the Crosshairs
  Israeli Commanders Push for Offensive Against Syria
  Crown Prince: Saudis Could Take Part in US Attack on Syria
  Russia Has Figured Out How to Jam US Drones in Syria: Officials
Trump Declares Qatar an Ally in War Against Terror
  Saudis May Turn Qatar Into Island, Dump Nuclear Waste on Border
North Korea Makes First Official Mention of Talks With US
item Trump's Rush to Judgment on Syria Chemical Attack  by Scott Ritter
item Why Israel Feels Threatened by Popular Resistance in Palestine  by Ramzy Baroud
item Syria Shows How Interventionism Leads to More Interventionism  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Taking the World to the Brink of Annihilation  by Rick Sterling
item John Bolton Can't Be Contained  by Micah Zenko
item Macedonia Apologizes to Innocent Man Seized and Tortured by CIA  by Brett Wilkins

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Bolton Cleans House as Homeland Adviser Becomes Second Major Departure
Gradual Troop Deployment to Mexico Border Underway
Vanuatu and China Deny Holding Military Base Talks
Yulia Skripal Leaves Hospital After Nerve Agent Attack
Anti-ISIS Operations Continue in Kirkuk; 93 Killed in Iraq
Iraq to Take 'All Necessary Measures' to Prevent ISIS Attacks From Syria, PM Says
Saudi-Led Coalition Says It Does Not Seek Permanent Yemen Presence
France's Macron Defends Saudi Arms Sales, to Hold Yemen Conference
Yemeni Rights Group Sues Saudi Crown Prince in France: Lawyers
Israel Confirms Video of Soldier Shooting Palestinian
Israeli Minister Praises Viral Video Sniper
Israeli Army Vows Disciplinary Action Over Gaza Sniper Video
Defense Minister Declares Slain Gaza Photojournalist 'Terrorist'
Middle East
Give Saudi Arabia a Chance, French President Tells Critics
US Backs EU Iran Sanctions Push, Warns Firms Against Tehran Trade
Gabon Returns Three Suspects to Turkey Over Gulen Links, Erdogan Says
Vietnam Court Jails Another Activist for 13 Years
Vietnam Activists Question Facebook on Suppressing Dissent
Russia Backs US-North Korea Contacts, Sending Foreign Minister to Pyongyang
Seven Myanmar Soldiers Sentenced to 10 Years for Rohingya Massacre
Sri Lankan Corporals Arrested on Anti-Muslim Riot Charges
Colombia's FARC Says Peace Process at Risk After Arrest of Ex-Rebel
20 Killed During Attempted Prison Break in Northern Brazil
Top Israeli Defense Officials Push for Offensive Approach in Syria Against Iran
Saudis Could Take Part in Military Response in Syria: Crown Prince
International Experts to Inspect Attack Site in Syria
France Says to Decide on Syria Strikes in Coming Days
Australia Will Support US Air Strikes on Syria

Eurocontrol Warns Airlines of Possible Missile Strikes Into Syria

Seven Iranians Were Killed in Strike on Syrian Air Base: Tasnim
Trump Cancels South America Trip as Syria Response Looms
Turkey to Continue Measures in Syria's Afrin Until Threats Eliminated: Defense Minister
Russia Says Some 2,000 Rebels Left Syria's Douma
UN Says Nearly 700,000 Syrians Displaced So Far in 2018
Reports of US Destroyer Being Harassed by Russian Jets in Syrian Waters Are False, US Navy Says
No Plant Toxins Found in Stomach of Dead Russian Whistleblower: UK Scientist
Russia Vows to Curb US Sanctions Fallout, Shrugs Off Steep Rouble Fall
Court Probes Catalan Independence Activists for 'Terrorism'
Man Dies in Bavaria After German Military Helicopter Collides With Control Tower
Armed Groups Control Libyan Prisons, Torture Rampant: UN Report
Egypt Military Court Refers 36 Defendants to Mufti for Death Penalty
Sudan's Bashir Orders Release of All Political Prisoners
UAE Denounces Seizure of Cash and Plane in Somalia
Mauritania Taken Offline for Two Days After Undersea Internet Cable Cut
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