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Updated April 13, 2018 - 11:27 PM EDT
Trump Attacks Syria; Mattis Says 'One-Time Shot'
Air War Comes to Damascus as Attacks Begin
  Full Text of Trump's Address Regarding Airstrikes on Syria
  Inspectors Head to Douma to Investigate Alleged Syria Gas Attack
  Pompeo Tough on Russians: 'We Killed Hundreds of Them in Syria'
  US Concerned Military Strike Would 'Escalate Out of Control'
Trump Pardons Former Cheney Aide Scooter Libby
OPCW Confirms Salisbury Poisoning, Can't Say Origin
Unclear if Trump Will Accept New European Iran Plan
AWC Retraction: No Red Crescent Statement on Douma
item The Deep State Closes in on the Donald Over Syria  by David Stockman
item Bombing Syria Would Be Both Dangerous and Illegal  by Mohamed Elmaaz
item The Media Never, Ever Gives Peace a Chance  by Ted Rall
item We Don't Need and Cannot Afford a War in Syria  by Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr.
item A Tale of American Hubris  by Tom Engelhardt
item Striking Assad Won't Serve American Interests  by John Glaser

More Viewpoints

Jimmy Carter to Trump: Shun Military Action, Keep Country at Peace
Britain Says It Carried Out a Major Cyber-Attack Against ISIS in 2017
Military Readiness Sidelined for Ships the Navy Doesn't Want
Turkey Establishes Local Council in Syria's Afrin
Syria Chemical Allegations
Days After Suspected Chemical Attack, Russia Says Douma Under Full Assad Control
Russia Says Military Police Now in Syrian Town
Syria Says Will Holds West Responsible for Any Obstruction to OPCW Mission
Inspectors Head to Site of Suspected Gas Attack in Syria
France's Macron Takes Harder Line on Syria, Asserting 'Proof' of Chemical Attack
Sweden Proposes UN Team Go to Syria to 'Fix' Chemical Weapons Issue
War on Syria?
Russia Calls UN Council Meeting on Syria on Friday: Diplomats
Russian Military Capabilities in Event of Western Strike on Syria
Italy Will Not Take Part in Any Military Action in Syria
German Stance on Syria: Ready to Help, but Not Militarily
Turkish Soldier Among 10 Killed in Iraq; 60 Found in Mass Grave
16 Killed in Iraq Funeral Bombing: Local Official
Fifteen Years After Looting, Thousands of Artifacts Still Missing From National Museum
Middle East
Iran Tells France Not to Be Influenced by Saudi Prince on Nuclear Deal
Four Arab States Stick by Qatar Demands Despite US Pressure to End Rift
Turkey Says Plans to Place Quarter of Top Students in Islamic Schools
Spain to Sign $2.2 Billion Framework Deal to Sell Warships to Saudi Arabia
Ukraine Probes Former PM's 'Campaign Funding' by Gadhafi
Frontrunner in Montenegro Election Wants Better Ties With Both West and Russia
Netanyahu Says Israeli Snipers Are Doing 'Holy Work'
Israeli Military Kills Two as Gaza Border Simmers: Palestinians
Israel Forces Umm Al-Hiran Villagers to 'Agree' to Expulsion
Palestinian Authority FM Says Arab States Will Block Israel Security Council Bid
Gaza's Hospitals Taxed by Wounded From Israeli Fire
Jewish Labour Movement Worked With Israeli Embassy Spy
Avigdor Liberman Backs Bill Targeting NGOs That Film IDF Soldiers
Israeli Air Force Gives Tel Aviv a Scare as Syria Tensions Flare
'Arabs Prohibited': Main West Bank Road Barred to Palestinians as Army Protects Settlers' Prayer
No Reward for North Korea Without Irreversible Denuclearization: Pompeo
John Bolton Meets With Counterparts From South Korea, Japan Over North Korea Talks
China Vows Fightback if US Escalates Spat
China's Xi Presides Over Large-Scale Naval Display in South China Sea
US Army Trains Nigerian Troops on Confronting Boko Haram
Nigeria's Boko Haram Has Abducted More Than 1,000 Children Since 2013: UN
Egypt's Former Top Auditor to Face Military Trial
Egyptian Prosecutor Summons Nine Journalists Over Election Coverage
Bomb Blast at Packed Somalia Stadium Kills Five Football Fans
Civilians Killed in Central African Republic Were 'Manipulated': UN
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