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Updated April 14, 2018 - 11:16 PM EDT
Congress Not Allowed to See DoJ Rules for Attack
  British PM: Syrian Strikes Are a Warning to Russia
  Trump Attacks Syria With Chemical Experts on the Way
Trump Strikes Syria, Risking Core Supporters
  Trump Attacks Syria; Mattis Says It's a 'One-Time Shot'
  Biggest Navy Force Since Iraq Invasion Headed to Syria
  'Clear Violation of Domestic and Int'l Law,': Trump Bombs Syria
  Air War Comes to Damascus as Missiles, Airstrikes Hit
  Full Text of Trump's Address Regarding Airstrikes on Syria
US Considers Opening Embassy in Pyongyang
Trump Pardons Former Cheney Aide Scooter Libby
item Who's Really Behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? A Brief History  by Muhammad Sahimi
item Airstrikes Against Syria Would Set Off a Powder Keg  by Daniel Larison
item Deir Yassin: The Zionist Massacre That Sparked the Nakba  by Brett Wilkins
item US Should Do the Opposite of What Saudis Want  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item 'There Are No Innocent People in the Gaza Strip'  by Brian Cloughley
item Dropping Hypocrisy Bombs on
 by Jacob G. Hornberger

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In 1973, America and Russia Almost Fought a Nuclear War Over Syria
Thousands of US Troops and Marines Arrive in Jordan
Taliban Kill 10 Security Forces in Herat
UN Chief Says Cold War Is Back
Attack on Syria
US Tomahawk Missiles Batter Damascus as Syrian Military Retaliates
Syria Says Western Attack Is 'Doomed to Fail'
For Residents of Syrian Capital, US-Led Attack Came as a Disorienting, Predawn Barrage of Light and Sound
Bases Evacuated on Russian Warning: Syria
Raw: Flares Launched Into Skies Above Damascus
US Strike on Syria: Raw Footage From the Ground
Syrian Air Defences Shot Down 13 Missiles-State TV
Coalition Statements
Statement by Secretary James Mattis on Syria
Theresa May: There Is 'No Practicable Alternative to the Use of Force'
France UN Envoy Says Syria Has Reached 'Point of No Return'
Russia in Syria
Strike on Syria Won't Remain Without Consequences – Russian Ambassador to US
As UN Security Council Meets on Syria, Haley Accuses Russia of Lies and Coverups
Russia's Lavrov: God Forbid Any Libya-Style Adventure in Syria
Russia UN Envoy Says US Wants to Oust Syrian Govt, Contain Russia
Alleged Chemical Attack
Syria Chemical Attack Evidence Must Be Preserved: UN
White House Releases US Assessment of Suspected Chemical Attack in Syria
Russia Says Britain Helped Fake Syria Chemical Attack
Chemical Weapons Inspectors, How Do They Work?
Global Reaction
Iraqi FM Warns Against Striking Syria, Says It Would Be 'Foolish'
Iraq's Sadr Latest to Warn US of Attack on Syria
Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Israel Made 'Historic Mistake' in Syria
EU to Look at Imposing Fresh Sanctions on Syria: Document
Dutch 'Not Considering' Joining Possible Military Action in Syria
Macron Urges Stepped-Up Dialogue With Russia Over Syria
Congressional Reaction
Lawmakers Ask: Where's the Broader Syria Strategy?
88 Lawmakers Urge Trump to Get Their Sign Off to Bomb Syria
Syria Strike Won't Prompt War Vote in Congress
GOP Congressman: 'Most of the Public' Doubts Assad Used Chemical Gas
Fearing War by Tweet, Dems Press for Limits on Trump's Powers
Dem Lawmaker: Trump Is 'Not Above Using War' to Distract From Scandalous Stories
Nearly 30 Dead in Northern Nigeria Gang Violence
Yemen: Coalition Strikes Kill Two Film Crew Members
AFP Stringer in Yemen Killed in Shelling
1,000 Militants Buried in Mass Grave; 10 Killed in Iraq
Israel Targets Reporters, Medics in Gaza Protests
Bernie Sanders Initiates Congressional Letter Urging Trump to Change Gaza Policy in Light of Protests
Israel Denounced for 'Smear Campaign' Against Palestinian Journalist It Killed in Gaza
The Koran According to the Israeli Army: a Good Palestinian Woman Stays Away From Protests
Turkey Orders Detention of 140 People Over Gulen Links: Anadolu
Trump, Abe to Focus on North Korea in Florida Talks: US Official
Sales of Afghanistan's Renowned Carpets Unravel as War Intensifies
Philippines: Duterte Threatens to Arrest International Criminal Court Prosecutor
Taiwan President Joins Naval Drill a Day After Huge China Exercise
Pakistan Bars Former PM Sharif From Holding Office for Life
Myanmar Military Put on UN Blacklist for Sexual Violence
Kremlin: It's Understandable Lawmakers Hitting Back on US Sanctions
Factbox: Russia's List of US Imports That Could Be Banned
Russian Envoy Says UK Spying Claims About Skripals a 'Big Surprise'
Catalan Parliament Calls for Spanish Judge to Be Charged Over Jailed Politician
UK Police Arrest Man on Suspicion of Preparing Terrorist Acts
Protest Paralyzes Center of Armenia's Capital
Pence Urges Latin American Allies to Isolate Venezuela
Cuba's Castro Joins Trump in Skipping Americas Summit
Ecuadorean Journalists Held by Colombian Rebels Confirmed Dead
Americans Still Dying
Services Planned for Huntingdon Valley (PA) Marine Killed in Copter Crash.
Thunderbirds Demonstration Team Pilot From Valencia (CA) Killed in F-16 Crash
Ohio Marine Killed in Helicopter Crash Leaves Behind Wife, Son
San Diego (CA) Marine With Ties to North Carolina Dies in Helicopter Crash
Marine-Turned-Army Aviator and 17-Year Veteran Were Both Killed in Apache Helicopter Crash
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