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Updated April 16, 2018 - 11:24 PM EDT
Syria Fires at Israeli Warplanes Above Damascus
Haley Says US Troops Not Leaving Syria
  Don’t Fall for the Chemical Weapons Convention Justification
  Syrian Observatory: 65 Allied Missiles Intercepted Over Syria
  British PM: Syrian Strikes Are a Warning to Russia
  Turkey, Saudis Cheer US-Led Attack on Syria, Iraq Criticizes Move
Congress Not Allowed to See DoJ Rules for Attack
  In 'Clear Violation of Domestic and Int'l Law,' Trump Bombs Syria
  US Preparing New Sanctions on Russia Over Syria, Haley Says
  Non-Interventionism Finds a Home on Fox News
US Considers Opening Embassy in Pyongyang
26 Killed, 2 Schools Torched in Afghan Militant Attacks
item Who's Really Behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? A Brief History  by Muhammad Sahimi
item The Real Message Behind Trump's Syrian Strike  by JP Sottile
item White House Acknowledges the US Is at War in Seven Countries  by Alexa Liautaud
item Syria and the Revolt of the 'Deplorables'  by Justin Raimondo
item Playing With Nuclear Matches  by Eric Margolis
item America's Long History of Trying to Determine Who Rules Syria  by Caitlin Johnstone

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Pentagon Acknowledges US Contractor Presence in Syria for the First Time
Putin May Limit Israel's Operations in Syria
Bolton, Key Trump Adviser, Has Evolved His Views on Syria
Australia's Least Likely Tourist Spot: A Test Site for Atom Bombs
Jewish Settlers Torch Al-Sheikh Saada Mosque: Activist
Rare Israeli-Palestinian Compromise at UNESCO Brings Hope
Cops Use Stun Grenades as Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jews Riot in Jerusalem
IDF Soldiers Shoot Into Air During Attempted Evacuation of Illegal Outpost
Four Palestinians Dead in Gaza Explosion: Health Ministry
Israel Says New Gaza Tunnel Foiled, Lifts Veil on Detection Lab
Israeli Soldier Killed in Tank Accident on Egypt Border
US Democrats to Ask Netanyahu Not to Raze Palestinian Villages
IDF to Shutter West Bank, Gaza Strip Crossing Points Ahead of Independence Day
Bomb Targets Election Candidate; Two Killed in Iraq
One Killed in Car Bomb Targeting Iraq Election Candidate
Middle East
Iran Deal's Fate May Rest on Late European Interventions
18 al-Qaeda Inmates Escape Houthi-Controlled Prison in Yemen
US Pastor Held in Turkey for His Christian Faith, Lawyer Says
US and Afghan Forces Kill 22 ISIS Fighters in Northern Afghanistan Raid
Three Pakistani Forces Killed, Four Held in Durand Line Clash
Pakistan, Afghanistan Reach Truce After Clashes in Kurram Region
Gunman Shoots at House of Pakistan Supreme Court Judge
Gunmen in Pakistan Kill Two Christians in Drive-By Shooting
US Inspects Chinese-Funded Vanuatu Wharf Ahead of Military Exercise
Philippines Bars EU Socialist Party Official for Criticizing Duterte
Militants in UN Disguise Explode Car Bombs, Rockets at Mali Bases
15 Militants Killed in Timbuktu Attack: France
French Army Describes 'Underhanded' Extremist Attack in Mali
UAE Plane Blocked From Leaving Somalia's Puntland Region
UAE Ends Program to Train Somalia's Military
Eight Egyptian Soldiers, 14 Militants Killed in Sinai Attack: Army
South Sudan Rebels Say They Have Freed Seven Aid Workers
Horror and Fear Grip Survivors of Congo's Hidden War
Germany Says It Has to Assume Russia Behind Recent Cyber Attack
Demonstrators Flood Barcelona in Support of Jailed Separatist Leaders
Pro-Western Djukanovic Sweeps Back Into Power in Montenegro
War Continues in Syria
Syrian Army Announces Eastern Ghouta Free of Militants: State Media
Syria's Allies Say Airstrikes Undercut Political Resolution
Syrian Army Vows to Press War, Rebels Say Strikes Not Enough
Russia May Consider Supplying S-300 Missile Systems to Syria
Russian Ships Laden With Tanks Seen in Bosphorus En Route to Tartus Syria After US-Led Air Strikes
Syrians Gather in Capital in Defiance After US-Led Airstrikes
Mixed Signals From 'Allies'
British PM: Syrian Strikes Are a Warning to Russia
France Rules Out 'Confrontation' With Russia
Syrian War Will Go on Despite Western Strikes: British FM
France Has Not Declared War on Syria Regime, Says Macron
UN Rejects Russian Bid to Condemn Strikes
Britain to Study Options if Syria's Assad Uses Chemical Weapons Again: Foreign Minister
Friday Night's Strikes
What Sites Were Targeted by US, UK, and France?
Syria Strike Reduces Research Center to Smoking Rubble
Before and After: Satellite Pictures of Airstrikes in Syria
France Says Fired 12 Missiles During Syria Intervention
Britain Had to Move Quickly on Syria, Ruling Out Parliamentary Approval: Boris Johnson
US Reaction
US Senator: Trump Must Work With Congress on Further Syria Moves
Donald Trump Defends 'Mission Accomplished' After Syria Strikes
US-Led Syria Strikes: A Distraction From Trump's Troubles?
Hawaii's Congressional Delegation Criticizes Trump After Airstrikes in Syria
Global Reaction
Netanyahu Praises US Strikes in Syria, Warns About Iran
Saudi Arabia Says Strikes on Syria Retaliation for Regime 'Crimes'
US Flags Burned as Iraqis Protest Syria Strikes
Turkey's Erdogan Welcomes Western Attack on Syria, Says Operation a Message to Assad
Cyprus Says Had No Prior Briefing of Syria Strikes
Jordan Says Political Solution Only Path to Stability in Syria
Egypt Says Deeply Concerned Over Military Escalation in Syria
China Says Syrian Strikes Violate International Law, Urges Dialogue
Qatar Supports US-Allies Operation Against Specific Military Targets in Syria
Pence Calls for More Action to Isolate Venezuela's Maduro
Small Town Mayor Shot Dead in Mexico's Jalisco State
Missing Salvadoran Journalist Found Dead on Roadside: Media
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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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