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Updated April 19, 2018 - 11:23 PM EDT
NK No Longer Demands US Troops Be Removed
  North Korea Wants Total Denuclearization, Says Seoul
  South Korea Confirms Talks on Ending 68-Year War
UN Security Team Keeps Inspectors Out of Douma
  Mattis Wanted Congressional OK for Syria Attack, Trump Said No
  Iraq Launches 'Deadly Strikes' Against ISIS Inside Syria
S. Korea Confirms Talks on Ending 68-Year War
  S. Korea's Moon Says North Seeking 'Complete Denuclearization'
  Mike Pompeo Secretly Visited Kim Jong-UN in North Korea
Emerging Fight: Bolton vs. Mattis?
Top CIA Lawyer: Haspel Ran 'The Interrogation Program'
Trump: I'll Sanction Russia as Soon as They Deserve It
item The Deep State and the Big Lie – Douma Deposed  by David Stockman
item On Reaping What We Sow, Civilian Deaths and the Syrian Airstrikes  by Peter Crowley
item Trump's Cruel Cuts to Palestinian Refugee Aid  by Karl Honegger
item A President Held Hostage?  by Justin Raimondo
item 'Retaliation' Is Crime Against Peace  by Klaus Madersbacher
item The Backlash Against Trump's Syria Strike  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Vanuatu Rules Out Chinese Military Base
'We Are Watching You': Political Killings Shake Mexico Election
Major Bill Aims to Slash Pentagon Bureaucracy
Trump Says US Has 'No Better Friends Anywhere' Than Israel
Russia Rejects UN Resolution for Independent Douma Investigation
Syria Government Forces Shell Damascus Militant Bastion
Hundreds of Refugees Return to Syria From Lebanon
Mosul Courts Sentence Hundreds of Militants to Death; 13 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Sentences Hundreds of ISIS Fighters to Death
Senators Doubt Benefit of US Support for Saudis in Yemen
Senators Want to Know if US Military Advisers in Yemen Are Helping or Hurting the Conflict
Iran to Replace US Dollar With Euro in Financial Reports
Israeli PM Issues Veiled Warning to Iran
Iran: Five Killed in Clashes With Fighters Near Pakistan Border
President Erdogan Calls for Snap Election in June
Turkish Parliament Approves Extension of State of Emergency
Turkey to Dismiss 3,000 People in Military Over Links to Cleric Gulen: Minister
Palestinian Village Vandalized, Trees Cut Down in Apparent Hate Attack
UN Human Rights Experts Condemn Gaza Protest Killings
The Gas Masks of the Great March of Return
Egypt, Hamas Agree on Proposal for Prisoner Swap With Israel
Haftar's Chief of Staff Survives Assassination Attempt in Libya
Intruders Storm Nigerian Parliament
Somaliland Poet Jailed for Three Years in Crackdown on Writers
Six Police, Ten Suspects Killed in Shootouts in Southern Mexico
Venezuela and Spain Agree to Restore Ambassadors After Spat
The War at Home
Walter Jones Jr. Is a Voice of Dissent in the GOP
Lawsuit: Pentagon Contractor Treated Workers Like 'Slaves'
One of the Most Jewish Colleges in the Country Just Voted for Bds by Nearly 2-1 Margin
Pentagon Developing Artificial Intelligence Center
Marines Boost Lethality of Hornets With High Precision Kill Munitions
Air Force Awards Nearly $1 Billion Contract for a Hypersonic Cruise Missile
Pakistan TV Channel Returning to Air After Negotiations With Military: Sources
'4,000 Pakistanis Handed Over to Foreigners for Dollars During Musharraf Regime'
North Korea to Hold Plenary Meeting of Party Central Committee on Friday
Taiwan Slams 'Sabre Rattling' by China
Philippines Verifying Photos of China Military Aircraft on Reef
Catalan Parliament Speaker Opposes New Elections
Basque Separatist Group ETA to Announce Final Dissolution in May: Media
WWII Bomb Removal to Force Evacuation Around Berlin's Main Station
Military Grade Firearms Increasingly Available to Terrorists in Europe: Report
Miguel Diaz-Canel: Cuban Government Nominates Candidate to Replace Castro as President
Cuba Says Canada's Withdrawal of Diplomat Families Unjustified
Ecuador to Halt ELN Peace Talk Support as Long as Rebels Keep Up Attacks
Ecuador's President Accuses Predecessor of Ties to Rebels
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