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Updated April 20, 2018 - 11:29 PM EDT
North Korea to Close Nuclear Testing Site
NK No Longer Demands US Troops Be Removed
  North Korea Wants Total Denuclearization, Says Seoul
UN Security Team Keeps Inspectors Out of Douma
  Iraq Launches 'Deadly Strikes' Against ISIS Inside Syria
  Pentagon Doubts US Destroyed Syria's Chemical Arms Capacity
  White Helmets Tried to Recruit Roger Waters With Saudi Money
Emerging Fight: Bolton vs. Mattis?
Top CIA Lawyer: Haspel Ran 'The Interrogation Program'
item Truth Behind the Bombardment of Syria  by Reese Erlich
item John Bolton: In Search of Carthage  by Michael Shindler
item Of 26 Major Editorials on Trump's Syria Strikes, Zero Opposed  by Adam Johnson
item Operation Flailing Empire  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item On the Criminal Referral of Comey, Clinton et. al.  by Ray McGovern
item Stopping the Doomsday Machine  by Peter Prontzos

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Israel and Its Democratic Party Friends Complain – Trump Gave Syria to Russia 'On a Silver Platter'
Durham First US City to Ban Police Training With Israeli Military
3 Former US Army Soldiers Convicted in Contract Killing
Muslim Woman Who Refused Handshake at Ceremony Denied French Citizenship
Surprise ISIS Attack Kills 25 Government Forces in East Syria: Monitor
ISIS Given '48 Hours' to Evacuate Area South of Damascus
Assad Steps Up Efforts to Crush Last Jihadist Enclaves
Syria: Kurds Detain German Jihadi Tied to 9/11
DoD Officials Erred About Weapons, Fighters Used in Syria Strike Mission
Baghdad Drops Bombs on ISIS in Syria; Five Killed in Iraq
Judge Blocks Transfer of American Suspected of ISIS Ties Held in Iraq
UN Security Council Postpones Visit to Iraq
At Least 25 Killed in Battle for Southwest Yemeni Province
Forces Loyal to Saleh Clash With Former Houthi Allies
Nephew of Former Yemeni President Leads Clashes Against Houthi Forces
Saudi Arabia Says Two al-Qaeda Militants Killed in Yemen
Erdogan's Election Call Catches Opposition in Disarray
Turkish Parliament Strips Two Pro-Kurdish Lawmakers of Status
Gaza Protest Camps Moved Closer to Israel Border Fence
Israeli Arabs Hold March to Mark Nakba
Romania to Move Israel Embassy to Jerusalem: Report
Middle East
Qatari Forces Participate in Gulf Shield Drill in Saudi Arabia
US Hopes for Success in Talks With Europeans on 'Fixing' Iran Nuclear Deal
US Military
Air Force: Latest Wave of Hypoxia-Like Events in T-6 Grows to 12
The US Military Will Award $10 Million to the Company That Can Launch Satellites on Short Notice
Bolton Meets With Russian Ambassador at White House to Discuss Ties With Russia
Top Russian, NATO Generals Hold Rare Face-to-Face Meeting
Russia's RT Faces Seven Investigations in Britain Over Broadcasts Since Skripal Case
George W. Bush: Putin Is a 'Very Smart Tactician'
Basque Public TV Says Militants of ETA to Disband in May
Will Boycotting Israel Become a Crime in Germany?
Rockets Hit Libya Airport as UN, French Officials Visit to Talk Peace
Possible Brain Damage: France Confirms Libya's Haftar Is Treated in a Paris Hospital
Why Haftar's Absence Could Tip Libya Into Further Chaos
Swaziland King Renames Country Kingdom of Eswatini
200 Child Soldiers Freed in South Sudan, but Problem Continues
Senegal Capital Erupts in Protest Over New Election Law
US Urges Nigeria to Change Tactics Against Boko Haram
Sudan Protests to UN Over Egypt Voting in Disputed Area
Philippine-US War Games Expanded to Include Japan, Australia
Duterte's Drugs War Lieutenants Get Key Posts in Philippine Police Reshuffle
Family of Afghan Man Tortured by CIA Demands US Reveal Location of His Body
Indian Prime Minister Modi Confronted by Angry Protests in London
Diaz-Canel Sworn in as New Cuban Leader
Cuba's President Vows to Defend Legacy of Castro Revolution
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