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Updated April 23, 2018 - 9:25 PM EDT
US-Saudi Strikes Kill Scores at Yemen Wedding
Senate Panel OKs Pompeo After Rand Paul Flip
As Korea Talks Progress, MSM Try to Derail Peace
  Trump Denies Making Too Many Concessions to North Korea
  The Historic Korean Summit: It's Not About Us
Chem Inspectors Complete Visit to Syria's Douma
  Syrian Forces Advance Into Islamist-Held Area South of Damascus
  Iraq's April 19 Air Strike in Syria Killed 36 ISIS Militants
  Yazidis Who Suffered Under ISIS Face Forced Conversion to Islam
Van Ramming Attack Kills 10, Injures 17 in Toronto
Scores Die as ISIS Bombs Afghan Voter Centers
Iran Vows 'Vigorous' Uranium Enrichment if US Quits Deal
Cluster Bombs Are Back – US, Russia Can't Get Enough
item Another Dodgy British Dossier: The Skripal Case  by Gareth Porter
item Unit 731: How Leaders of Japan's WWII Germ Warfare Unit Ended Up Working for the US  by Brett Wilkins
item Israel and Dem Friends Complain Trump Giving Syria to Russia  by Philip Weiss
item Korean Summit: It's Not About Us  by Justin Raimondo
item Media War on Truthful Reporting and Legitimate Opinions  by Bernard
item DNC's Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks Is a Serious Threat to Press Freedom  by Glenn Greenwald & Trevor Timm

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State Dept. Report Drops 'Occupied' Reference to Palestinian Territories
Nicaragua Scraps Reform Behind Deadly Protests That Killed 24
UK to Expand Police and MI5 Counter-Terrorism Powers
Palantir Knows Everything About You
Assassination in Malaysia
Hamas Vows Revenge After Key Member Killed in Malaysia, Blames Israel's Mossad Spy Agency
'Palestinian Lecturer Killed in Setapak Was No Rocket, Drone Maker'
How Mossad Carries Out Assassinations
Israel Dismisses Suggestions It Killed Palestinian in Malaysia
Gaza Doctors: Israeli Fire at Border Protests Causing Wounds Not Seen Since 2014 War
Snipers Ordered to Shoot Children, Israeli General Confirms
Death of Gaza Teenager at Border Protest Sparks Condemnation
IDF Said to Find Slain Gaza Teen Was Trying to Damage Border Fence When Shot
Sharp Rise in Attacks on Palestinians by Jewish Extremists in West Bank
Palestinian Children Live Life of Hardship in Israeli Lockup
Israeli Leaflets Tell Gaza Residents to Shun Border Protest
Mother Mourns Sons Killed by Israeli Forces
Palestinian Dies of Wounds After Being Shot by Israeli Soldiers
Security Forces Arrest 15 Alleged Hamas Men in West Bank
A Letter to Canadian Broadcasting Co.: Your Biased Coverage of the Land Day Massacre
As Tensions Rise, Zarif Says He Doesn't Believe Iran Heading to War With Israel
Transcript: Full Interview With Mohammad Javad Zarif
Merkel to Israel TV: Imperfect Iran Deal Better Than No Deal
Iran's President Slams Morality Police's Tactics With Women
Iran Detains Prosecutor Convicted in 2009 Prison Death Case
The New Iraq
Yemen: Red Cross Employee Killed by Gunmen in Taiz
Saudis Down New Missile From Yemen Rebels: State Media
Saudi Arabia
What's Happening in Saudi Arabia? Gunfire Erupts Near Royal Palace
Incident in Saudi Arabia Sparks Tweets About Unconfirmed Possible Coup Attempt.
Saudi Arabia Government Denies Rumours of Coup Attempt
Saudi Arabia Says Toy Drone Shot Down in Capital Riyadh
Saudi Drone Enthusiasts to Require Permit After 'Palace Incident'
Qatar Joins Drills in Saudi Arabia in Sign of GCC Thaw
UAE Says Qatari Fighter Jets Intercepted Civilian Plane
15 Militants Killed in Anti-Jihadist Operation in Mali: Army
Rockets Shake Mali's Timbuktu, No Casualties: French Army
Two Suicide Bombers Kill Four in North Nigeria Mosque
Security Challenges Loom Over Buhari's Re-Election Bid to Lead Nigeria
One Killed, 16 Injured as Madagascar Police Disperse Protests
Madagascar Leaders Condemns Deadly Protests as 'Coup'
Welcome to Agadez, America's Latest Front in the War on Terror
Somalia Warns Dubai Ports World Against Violating Its Sovereignty
Libyan Oil Pipeline Attacked by 'Terrorist Group': Source
Tunisia Reopens Consulate in Libyan Capital Tripoli
Egypt Renews Detention of Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Hussein
The War at Home
White House Reportedly Exploring Wartime Rule to Help Coal, Nuclear
DOE Could Use Wartime Law to Help Coal. Here's How It Works
Prosecutors Say Terror Suspect Doesn't Qualify for Immunity
US Air Force to Put Sensors on Allies' Satellites
Alleged 9/11 Plotter in CIA-Style Isolation at Guantanamo, Lawyer Says
Half the B-2 Fleet Was Flying Above Minneapolis, and Here's Why
Syrian Rebels Withdraw From Enclave Northeast of Damascus
Dozens of Bodies Found in Raqqa Mass Grave: Official
Douma's Warren of War Tunnels Revealed
Turkey, Rebel Allies Have Lost Hundreds in Afrin Fighting, Erdogan Says
Iraqi Forces Kill 40 Militants in and Near Syria; 20 Found in Mass Grave in Mosul
Three Shi'ites Lead Field for Iraq Election
14 Saddam-Era Officials Still Jailed in Iraq
Turkish Lawmakers Switch Parties in Challenge to Erdogan
Iyi Party Approved to Run in Turkey Polls, 15 MPs Join Its Ranks
Opposition Leader Predicts Turkish Voters Will Oust Erdogan
Turkey's Erdogan Says Emergency Rule Good for Economy as Stops Terrorism, Strikes
No Quid Pro Quo for Soldiers Detained in Turkey, Greek PM Says
Turkey's Erdogan Says US Should Look at Its Own Actions if It Wants Jailed Pastor Freed
Trump Welcomes North Korea's Suspension of Nuclear Tests
Japan PM Abe Says North Korean Move Is 'Forward Motion,' but Results Essential
South Korea's F-35 Purchase Under Probe
Pakistan: Gunmen Kill Two Shiites in Quetta
Pakistani Rights Group Attracts 8,000 to Rally Despite State Pressure
US Sorghum Armada U-Turns at Sea After China Tariffs
India's Modi to Visit China This Week as Rapprochement Gathers Pace
Philippines' Duterte Sets Window for Peace Talks With Communist Rebels
Russia Reports 10 Terror Suspects Killed in Caucasus Region
Moscow Slams US for Refusing Bolshoi Prima Ballerina Visa
G7 Foreign Ministers to Discuss Russia, Sanctions Not on Agenda
British Teenager Sentenced for Hacking Obama Officials
German Defense Ministry Wants to Spend Billions on Armaments This Year: Report
Advanced Israeli Weapons Sold to Azerbaijan Exposed in Army-Produced Pop Music Video
Spain: March Demands Closer Prisons for Basque Militants
Mexico Congress Votes to Remove Politicians' Legal Immunity
Narco Cartels Target Politicians as Mexico's Elections Near
Priest Shot Dead in Mexico Marks 2nd Clerical Murder in Week
Mexico Murder Rate Soars With 7,667 Killed in Three Months
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