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Updated April 25, 2018 - 11:13 PM EDT
Trump Again Backtracks on Syria Pullout
  Trump's 'Withdrawal' Means More US Military Bases in Syria
  West Seeks to Bypass Russian Veto on UN Moves Against Syria
Trump Threatens Iran as Deadline Looms
  Iran's Foreign Minister: US Is Already Violating the Nuclear Deal
House Alternative War Authorization Proposal
  House Lawmakers Close Pentagon Budget Hearing to the Public
  Lockheed Martin Beats Profit Estimate, Raises 2018 Forecast
Trump CIA Pick Facing Brutal Confirmation Fight
Experts Say AI Could Raise Risks of Nuclear War
US Tones Down Rhetoric Ahead of North Korea Summit
item Just When You Thought Russiagate Couldn't Get Any Sillier  by Thomas Knapp
item The Ghost of Herut: Einstein on Israel, 70 Years Ago  by Ramzy Baroud
item Dear Natalie Portman: I Too Was Once a Liberal Zionist  by Robert Cohen
item Trump's Blank Check for War  by Marjorie Cohn
item Scarier Than John Bolton?  by Philip Giraldi
item Syria Controversy: Don't Believe Official Narrative  by Max Blumenthal

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US Supreme Court Curbs Human Rights Claims Against Companies
CIA Plans to Replace Spies With AI
New Ad Accuses Rand Paul of Siding With Terrorists Over CIA Nomination
Senate Confirms Trump Pick for NSA, Cyber Command
Al Jazeera Denies Canceling US Israel Lobby Film
Toronto Killer Admired Women-Hating College Killer
Syria Is Death Trap for Civilians, UN Refugee Chief Warns
Liberman: Israel Would Destroy Syrian S-300 if Attacked Our Jets
Russia Said to Warn of 'Catastrophic' Result if Israel Hits Its S-300s in Syria
Russian Air Defenses Intercept Attacks on Its Hmeimim Base in Syria
VP of Iraqi Olympic Committee Kidnapped; 13 Killed in Iraq
In Iraq Minefields, an Old War Leaves a Menacing Legacy
US, KRG Lay Cornerstone for New US Consulate Building in Erbil
Israeli Government Justifies Killings of Children in Gaza
Video: Israeli Soldiers Cheer After Shooting Palestinian Protester in the West Bank
Israelis Continue to Open Fire on Gaza Protesters: An Eyewitness Account
Palestinian UN Aid Still $200 Million Short After Trump Cuts
'YouTube' Removes Video Tribute to Yaser Murtaja and Other Gaza Victims as 'Sensational' Incitement
In Photos: While the World Watches Gaza, Israeli Forces Invade Nabi Saleh
Twitter Blocks Member of Knesset Who Said Ahed Tamimi Should Be Crippled
Egypt Says It Will Allow Hamas Rocket Expert's Body Into Gaza
Israeli and Czech Aerospace Giants Cooperate on New Attack Aircraft
Macron: France, US Wish to Work on 'New Nuclear Deal' With Iran
At UN, Iran Offers Dialogue to End 'Hegemonic Illusions'
Middle East
Iran Accuses US of Fabricating Evidence of Houthi Missiles
Attack on Anti-Hezbollah Candidate Exposes Splits Among Lebanese Shi'ites
Kuwait: Not Resolving GCC Crisis Is Destructive to Region
Missing Mexican Students Were Killed, Dissolved in Acid After Mistaken Identity: Authorities
US Border Patrol Agent Acquitted of Murdering Mexican Teenager
Nicaragua: Protesters Demand Ortega's Resignation
Guatemala Protesters Call on President Morales to Quit
Colombia's ELN Rebels Eye US Guarantees Ahead of New Peace Talks
US Military
Air Force F-16 Fighter Crashes in Arizona; Pilot Ejects Safely
Air Force Reports Second Mishap in 8 Days for Alaska-Based F-22s
US Navy Takes Ownership of Its Second Stealth Destroyer
Bird Flies Into Jet Engine During Blue Angels Air Show, Causing $1 Million in Damages
Ahead of Summits, US Tones Down Its War Games With South Korea
Trump Plans to Nominate Admiral Harry Harris as Ambassador to South Korea Ahead of Summit
Karzai Blames US Policies for Deteriorated Security in Afghanistan
16 Militants Killed in Latest Afghan Army Operation
Afghan Military Trainees in the US Keep Going AWOL
At Least Six Police Dead in Pakistan Triple Suicide Blasts
Pakistan Pashtun Rights Movement Grows, Defying Military
Pakistan Group Says Nine Activists Missing After Backing Rights Movement
Police Kill at Least 37 Maoist Militants in Central India
Gun Battle in Jammu and Kashmir Kills Seven
India's Modi May Need an Alliance to Rule Southern State, Poll Shows
Indonesia Investigates Reports Top ISIS Commander Killed in Syria
Cambodian Journalist Charged With Incitement Flees Amid Crackdown
Armenia Soldiers Join Anti-Government Protests in Yerevan
Armenian Opposition Says Talks With Ruling Party Canceled
Kremlin: We Don't Regard Tumult in Armenia as Ukraine-Style Revolution
Some US Allies Caught in Crossfire of Sanctions on Russian Arms
Scientists Plan Huge European AI Hub to Compete With US
New Home, but Same Worries, as NATO Moves Into Glass and Steel HQ
Germany, France Agree Main Needs of New Joint Fighter Program
Greece: Tapped Phone Calls Further Reveal Golden Dawn's Police Ties
Malta Under 'Unprecedented' Europe Monitoring in Journalist Murder Probe
DR Congo
DR Congo Main Opposition Musters Rare Authorized Rally
Congo Presidential Hopeful Rejects Any Deal With Kabila
Eighteen Killed in Nigerian Church by Suspected Herdsmen
New Mass Grave of Rwandan Genocide Found in Kigali
Egypt: Former Top Auditor Sentenced to Five Years in Prison
US Postpones UN Vote on Western Sahara
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