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Updated May 2, 2018 - 11:23 PM EDT
IAEA: No Iran Nuclear Activity After 2009
  US Officials Warn Israel Preparing for War With Iran
  Iran Gains, Then Loses, Nuke Program Thanks to White House Typo

Netanyahoo's 'Iran Files' Are Old and Purloined From Vienna

N. Korea's Nuclear Test Site Remains Operational
  South Koreans Increasingly Optimistic Toward North Korea Peace
  North and South Korea Start Dismantling Border Loudspeakers
US Watchdog: Afghan Military Shrinking Sharply
Russia's Military Declines; US Now 1/3 of Global Spending
Strikes Kill 23 Civilians in ISIS-Held Area in Syria: Monitor
item Did John Bolton Leak Intelligence to Sabotage a Trump-Kim Deal?  by Gareth Porter
item Israel's Risky Strategy of Banking on Muted Iran Response in Syria  by Patrick Cockburn
item Olive Branch for North Korea, Bombs for Iran?  by Medea Benjamin
item Why Can't the World's Best Military Win Its Wars?  by Arnold Isaacs
item The Reality of Cold War 2.0  by Edward Lozansky
item 'Iranian Nukes': Scaremongering Netanyahu Strikes Again  by Scott Ritter

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Mattis Says US Troops Will Remain in Syria, Afghanistan for Long Haul
Pompeo, on First Day at US State Dept, Promises New 'Swagger'
Judge Says CIA Emails to Journalists Don't Have to Be Released to Public
ISIS Attacks Judge's Family; 24 Killed in Iraq
Iraq Elections: Fractured Shia Forces Mean an Uncertain Outcome
The Man Who Threw Shoes at George Bush Is Now Running for Office in Iraq
US Officials Say Israel Responsible for Missile Strike on Hama Base
US, Partner Countries Fight Syria's Last ISIS Strongholds
Insurgents Start Leaving South Damascus Pocket, Release Hostages
Netanyahu's Cheap Theatrics Fall Flat, but Alas, He Has an Audience of One – Trump
Pushing to Bury Iran Deal, Israel Insists Nobody Wants War With Tehran
Pompeo Calls for International Action to Punish Iran
France Says Israeli Information on Iran Could Be Basis for Long-Term Deal
Germany Stresses Importance of IAEA Inspections of Iran Nuclear Program
Fifty Killed in Gaza. Zero Israelis Injured.
Knesset Gives Power to PM to Declare War With Single Vote Backing
Netanyahu Shares 'Fake News' About Palestinian Citizens
Israel to Shift West Bank Power Supply to Palestinian Authority in $775 Million Deal
In Show of Continuity, Castro Flanks New Cuban Leader at May Day Rally
The War at Home
TSA Forced to Check Whether Air Marshals Show Up to Work Sober: Report
Sexual Assault Reports in the Military Spiked, but the Pentagon Thinks Assaults Are Down
Trump: Administration 'Seriously Thinking' About Adding 'Space Force' to Military
DMZ Possible Location for North Korea Meeting: Trump
Trump Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize: South Korea's Moon
Moon Asks UN to Verify North's Nuclear Test Site Shutdown
Dennis Rodman Says He Deserves Some Credit if North Korea Summit Happens
Witnessing Blast in Kabul – 'You Can Still See the Smoke in the Pictures'
Taiwan Says China Dangled $3 Billion to Grab Ally Dominican Republic
16 Dead as Fighting Strikes Central African Republic Capital
Somali Aid Worker Killed in Shooting in Mogadishu: Police
DR Congo Security Services Hampering Probe of Murdered UN Experts
Morocco Cuts Ties With Iran for Alleged Arms Delivery to Western Sahara Rebels
UK Has Not Yet Identified Skripal Poisoning Suspects
Basque Group ETA's Decades of Violence and Gradual Demise
Armenian Opposition Leader Fails to Win Selection as PM
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