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Updated May 6, 2018 - 10:03 PM EDT
State Dept Cuts Funding for Syria's White Helmets
  Egypt, Saudi Arabia Consider Replacing US Troops in Syria
  Pentagon Seeks Arms for 65,000 US-Backed Troops in Syria
US SpecOps Secretly Fighting Houthis in Yemen
  US SpecOps in Yemen May Rely on Contractors to Rescue Them
  In Yemen, a Mother's Quest to Save Her Baby From Starvation
Bolton: Reports of US Drawdown in South Korea 'Nonsense'
Israel Hopes Scrapping Iran Deal Leads to Regime Change
Massive Buildup Shows US War in Somalia Is Getting Bigger
China Denies Pointing Lasers at US Pilots in Djibouti
Israeli Troops Shoot, Gas Gaza Protesters, 1,100 Hurt
item The Latest Act in Israel's Iran Nuclear Disinformation Campaign  by Gareth Porter
item A Chance for Better Relations With Cuba  by Brian Saady
item Wake Up to Trump, Distraction, and War With Iran  by Ralph Nader
item Why Are American Troops in the Yemen War?  New York Times
item Bring the Troops Home From Afghanistan  Orange County Register
item Peace and the Nuclear Paradox  by Robert Koehler

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Weapons Watchdog Corrects Estimate of Nerve Agent Used in UK Attack
Russia Sees Closer Iran Ties if US Exits Nuclear Deal
Burundi Bans BBC, VOA Two Weeks Before Referendum
DoD Offers to Host New NATO Command
20,000 ISIS Left in Iraq Says Militia Commander; 13 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Hints at Renewed Opposition to Maliki Return
Chemical Weapons Inspectors Back From Syria's Douma: Source
Saudi Arabia
British Court Allows Appeal Against UK Arms Sales to Saudis
Non-Friends Saudi Arabia and Qatar Draw Same Asian Cup Group
Video: Doctors Without Borders Clinic Overwhelmed by Palestinians Wounded During March of Return
Israeli Panel Looks to Legalize Thousands of 'Wildcat' Settlement Homes
Israel Withdraws From Race for UN Security Council Seat
3 of 5 Palestinian Children Are Suffering Traumatic Nightmares
Palestinian Leader Abbas Re-Elected as Chairman of PLO Executive Committee
Turkey's Main Opposition Nominates Combative Former Teacher to Challenge Erdogan
Ignored by Turkish TV, Pro-Kurdish Party Nominates Jailed Former Head for Presidency
Guatemala Arrests Military Officers in Corruption Case
Gunman Kills Small Town Mayor in Central Mexico
Trump Says Date, Place Set for North Korea Summit
Trump Welcoming South Korean Leader to White House This Month
Right on Time: North Korea Adjusts Time Zone to Match South
China's Xi Says Ready to Play Role for Political Solution on Korean Peninsula
Taliban Fighters Seize District in Northern Afghanistan
The US Quietly Released Afghanistan's 'Biggest Drug Kingpin' From Prison. Did He Cut a Deal?
Trump Assures Bangladesh of US Support Amid Rohingya Crisis
France Proposes New Mechanism to Assign Blame for Chemical Attacks
Russia Detains Five ISIS Members Planning Attack: News Agencies
Mediators Call for Dialogue as ETA Disbands but Spain Stands Firm
Greek Gunboat on Patrol Nudged by Turkish Cargo Vessel: Navy
US, Nigeria, Others Plan Largest Military Exercise
Death of Mozambique Rebel Leader Shakes Peace Process
Americans Still Dying
Colorado Soldier Killed by Small Arms in Afghanistan Remembered
Green Beret Dies in Non-Combat Incident While Serving in Papua New Guinea
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