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Updated May 10, 2018 - 11:17 PM EDT
Israel Attacks Syria, Hitting Dozens of Targets
  US Sets Up Base in Syria's Manbij, Despite Turkey Threats
North Korea Frees US Prisoners Ahead of Summit
  S. Korea, China: NK Should Get Economic Aid for Denuclearization
White House Prepares New Iran Sanctions
  Iran: Europe Must Act Very Quickly to Save Nuclear Deal
  Defense Company Stocks Rise After US Pulls Out of Iran Deal
CIA Nominee Vows Not to Restart Torture Program
  Ray McGovern Brutally Assaulted by Police at Haspel Hearing
US Seeks Contractors to Evacuate Wounded From Yemen
item Iran Deal Exit: America First, or Israel First?  by Justin Raimondo
item The Iran Nuclear Deal Isn't Just a Good Idea – It's the Law  by Thomas Knapp
item Washington Secrecy Is Creating a Know-Nothing Democracy  by James Bovard
item Department of Offense  by Maj. Danny Sjursen
item In Korea, We Should Welcome Anything Peaceful  by Lucy Steigerwald
item Gina Haspel and How Torture Deceived US Into Iraq  by Lawrence Wilkerson

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US Can't Be 'Economic Policeman of the Planet', France Says
Border Agents Can't Search Your Phone Without Good Reason, US Court Rules
Peter Thiel and Palantir Are at the Heart of the Iran Nuclear Deal
Malaysia's Opposition Pulls Off Shocking Election Win
Iran's Hard-Liners and Moderates Clash Over Whether to Honor the Nuclear Deal
Europeans Work to Save Iran Deal, and Business, After Trump Pulls Out
In 1990s Redux, EU to Consider Blocking US Sanctions Over Iran
Germany Reaffirms Iran Nuclear Deal but Business Worries Abound
French President Emmanuel Macron for Broader Iran Deal
France Wants to Protect Business Interests in Iran: Elysee Source
Rouhani to Macron: Europe Has 'Limited Opportunity' to Save Iran Deal
Sunni Militia Commander Shot Dead; Seven Killed in Iraq
Iraq Says Five ISIS Commanders Captured After Crossing From Syria: State TV
Syrian Rights Group: People Went Missing Since Iraqi Troops Recaptured Border Villages
Israeli Strikes on Bases in Syria Killed 15, Including Eight Iranians
Former Mossad Agent: No Military Solution to Israel-Iran Conflict in Syria
Syrian State TV: Blast Kills One, Wounds Others in Damascus
2 Polls Indicate Big Surge for Netanyahu's Likud After Trump's Iran Announcement
Hamas Leader: Next Week's Protests Will Be 'Decisive'
How Britain Enabled the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
Turkey to Receive First F-35 Fighter From US Next Month
UN Rights Chief Urges Turkey to End State of Emergency Before Vote
Middle East
Loud Booms in Saudi Arabia's Capital as Military Intercepts Missiles From Yemen: Report
Jordan Urges Political Solution to Rid Mideast of Nuclear Arms
Ambassador Haley Calls for Regime Change in Venezuela: 'Time for Maduro to Go'
Three Soldiers Killed in Gun Battle in Opium-Growing Mexican State
Gina Haspel Hearing
CIA Secrets Will Limit Senators' Questions to Trump Nominee Haspel
Trump's CIA Pick Promises No More Harsh Interrogation Program
CIA Nominee Gina Haspel's Torture Record Concerns Feinstein
Haspel Spars With Dems Over CIA's Harsh Past
Democratic Senator Manchin Will Back Trump CIA Nominee Haspel
Ray McGovern Brutally Assaulted by Police at Haspel Hearing
Trump Says US-North Korea Summit Will Not Be at Demilitarized Zone
US Troops in South Korea Not on the Table in Initial North Korea Talks
Japan Says to Normalize North Korea Ties if Nuclear, Abduction Issues Are Solved
Factbox: The Three Americans Imprisoned by North Korea
Attackers Hit Afghan Capital Kabul With Bombs, Bullets
Afghanistan Scholars Arrive in Jakarta for Peace Meet
Islamist Prisoners Kill Five Indonesian Counter-Terrorism Police
ISIS Claims Role in Indonesia Prison Riot in Depok
ZTE, Chinese Tech Giant, May Be First Victim in a New Cold War
Spain Moves to Block Catalan Ex-Leader Forming Government
Ukrainian Nationalists Pour Foul Fluid on Russian Official
Armenia's New PM Says Will Meet Russian President on May 14
Niger Investigation
Pentagon to Unveil Probe Into Niger Ambush That Killed Four US Soldiers
Congresswoman Close to Soldier Killed in Niger Raises Suspicions About Pentagon Investigation
Al Shabaab Blast Kills at Least Five in Somali Khat Market Near Mogadishu
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