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Updated May 14, 2018 - 11:22 PM EDT
Israelis Kill 58 in Deadliest Day for Palestinians
  Israel Repurposes Nakba Myths to Justify Today's Massacre in Gaza
  Massacring Palestinians With Impunity
Moqtada al-Sadr Suprising Winner in Iraq Election
N. Korea Invites World to Watch Test Site Closure
  Pompeo: US to Lift Sanctions if N. Korea Dismantles Nuke Program
  Korea Peace Talks Ignite Land Buying Frenzy Along Fortified Border
US Threatens EU Firms Doing Business With Iran
  Iran FM Sets Out on Diplomatic Tour to Save Nuclear Deal
Ecuador Hints It May Hand Over Assange
Congress Mulls Indefinite Detention of Americans
Family of Suicide Bombers Kill 13 at Indonesia Churches
Yemen PM: Crisis Over UAE Deployment to Socotra Over
item Kim Jong-Un: The Commie Who Came in From the Cold  by Justin Raimondo
item John McCain Is Right About Gina Haspel  by Daniel McCarthy
item Israel Has No Real Desire for War With Iran, but US Might Lead Battle  by Patrick Cockburn
item Gearing Up for the Third Gulf War  by Michael Klare
item The Democratic Party's Israel Problem  by Mark Perry
item NSA Continues To Intercept Americans' Telephone Calls  by Ron Paul

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Hamas and Fatah: Why the Two Groups Are Failing
Nicaraguan Military Says Will Not Suppress Protests
Over Half of Moldovans Oppose NATO Membership
Black Activist Jailed for His Facebook Posts Speaks Out on Secret FBI Surveillance
The War at Home
Trump Pledges to Help Chinese Phonemaker, Declaring 'Too Many Jobs in China Lost'
Military Investigating if Two Marines Played Role in Green Beret's Death
Judges Want to Know Who Is Spying on Guantanamo Defense Attorneys
Al-Qaeda Terrorist Took His Guantanamo Art Home as a Reward for Trial Testimony
Trump Administration Struggles to Deal With US Enemy Combatant
Fitzgerald Collision Hearing Brings Ship's Radar Problems Into Focus
Special Forces GI Livestreams Himself Being Waterboarded and Claims It Is Not Torture in Support of Trump's CIA Nominee
Video Yields Clues to Cause of Deadly C-130 Crash in Georgia
North Korea Details Plans to Dismantle Nuclear Bomb Test Site
Trump Thanks North Korea for Vow to Dismantle Nuclear Site
Three Americans Freed by North Korea Reunited With Families
Date Set for Release of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim
Police Raid Apartments Linked to Ousted PM Najib's Family
Ousted PM Najib Razak Hit With Travel Ban, Quits Party
Insurgents in Myanmar Kill 19 in Attack Near China Border: Official
Myanmar Riot Police Break Up Antiwar Protest in Yangon
Rohingya Villagers Who Spoke to UN Delegation Forced Into Hiding
Pakistan Prevents US Diplomat From Leaving the Country
Pakistani Ethnic Rights Group Stages First Rally in Karachi
Militants Storm Afghan Govt Building in Jalalabad After Blast, 15 Killed
China's First Home-Built Aircraft Carrier Begins Sea Trials
Video Appears to Show Egyptian Soldiers Executing Young Man in Sinai
Burundi Village Attack Leaves 26 Dead Ahead of Referendum
Suspected Explosive Device Found at South Africa Mosque: Reports
Full Sahel Anti-Jihadist Force Set to Deploy: Niger Defense Minister
Two British Hostages, Driver, Released in DR Congo
Madagascar President Lifts Restrictions on Opposition Candidates
Over Half of Moldovans Oppose NATO Membership
British Spymaster Tells EU: Let's Work Together to Counter Militants and Russia
Catalan Secessionists Poised to Elect New Regional Leader in Second Vote
Protesters Demand Russia Stop Blocking Telegram Messenger App
Cries of Electoral Fraud in Kurdish Region; Eight Killed in Iraq
Kurdish Clashes Raise Tension as Opposition Cries Foul in Iraq Vote
At Iraq's Polls, Many Voters Seek Patronage and Jobs
Record Abstention in Iraq's First Nationwide Election Since ISIS Group Defeat
Rouhani Says Iran May Remain Part of Nuclear Accord
Bolton: 'Regime Change' in Iran Not Policy of Trump Administration
British PM Says Committed to Ensuring Iran Deal Is Upheld
Conservative Clerics: Rouhani Must Apologize for Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran Court Sentences Eight Men to Death Over ISIS Attack
Monitor: 42 Killed by Israeli Strikes in Syria This Week
Top Minister: Israel Should Eradicate Any Trace of Iranian Entrenchment in Syria
Police Officer Killed in Patrol Attack in Yemen's Aden
91 Killed in Yemen's Diphtheria Outbreak: WHO
US Embassy in Jerusalem
Marines Sent to US Legations in Mideast Ahead of Jerusalem Embassy Opening
Israel Sends Troop Reinforcements to Gaza, West Bank Ahead of US Embassy Opening
Most Foreign Envoys Absent as Israel, US Launch Embassy Festivities
Trump's Decision to Open Jerusalem Embassy Complicates Promise to Seek Mideast Peace
'Don't Go Near the Fence': Israeli Military Drops Leaflets Warning Palestinians to Avoid Gaza Border Ahead of Mass Protests
The Palestinians Who Can't Return Yet Can't Forget
The Palestinian Whose Life Spans the 'Catastrophe' of His People
Israel Destroys Tunnel, Shuts Gaza Border
Al-Qaeda Chief Says Israel's Tel Aviv Is Also Muslim Land
A Settler's Quixotic Battle Against Israeli Arms Exports to Murderous Regimes
Jewish Settlers Set Fire to Dawabsheh Family Home for a Second Time
Erdogan's 'Crazy' Canal Alarms Villagers and Environmentalists
Paris Stabbings Investigated as Terror Attack, Claimed by ISIS
Paris Knife Attacker Was French Citizen Born in Chechnya
Mexico Admits German and Polish Cyclists Were Murdered
Chile Wants Region to Tighten Pressure on Venezuela's Maduro
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