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Updated May 29, 2018 - 11:19 PM EDT
Top NK Official to Visit US to Meet With Pompeo
  Moon: Kim Still Committed to Summit, Denuclearization
  South Korean President: More Impromptu NK-SK Talks Likely
  Ellsberg: What Trump & Kim Don't Know About Their Own Standoff
Israel, Russia Make Deal on Troops in S. Syria
  Russia: Only Syrian Forces Should Be on Israel, Jordan Borders
  Israel, Iran in Secret 'Indirect Talks' Over Syria Fighting
Israel Launches Counterattacks in Gaza
Chinese, Russian Companies Scramble for Iran Business
Poland Offers $2 Billion for Permanent US Military Base
Cameroon Army Kills Scores in Separatist Northwest
item Questioning War Is a Civic Duty. Why Do So Few Do It?  by Kevin Basl
item Real Patriotism on Memorial Day Means Losing Fewer Soldiers in Meaningless Wars  by Ivan Eland
item NYT Columnist: Killing Palestinian Civilians Is Good for Palestinians  by Phil Weiss & Donald Johnson
item America's Incredible Shrinking Influence  by Ron Paul
item The United States Is a Force for Chaos Across the Planet  Interview with Tom Engelhardt
item Is It Time to Carve Turkey Out of NATO?  by Doug Bandow

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UK Weapons Exports to Israel Soar to Record High in 2017
Despite Diplomatic Boycott, Palestinian Intel Chief Held Rare Meeting With Mike Pompeo in Washington
Colombia Heads for Divisive Runoff With Peace Deal at Stake
Serbia to Probe Health Impact of NATO Depleted Uranium
21 Killed in Fresh Iraq Violence; 43 Bodies Found in Rubble
Iraqi Parliament Rejects Diaspora and IDP Votes, Calls for Partial Recount
Iraqi, Syrian Forces Work Together to Secure Border
Israel: Iran Should Be Denied Any Military Presence in Syria
Get Your Militias Out of Southern Syria, Russia's Lavrov Tells Iran
Jordan Says US, Russia Agree 'Essential' to Preserve Southern Syria Truce
Lebanon's Hariri Upbeat After Government Talks, Rivalries Surface
Without France, Lebanon Would Probably Be at War, Macron Says
Israeli Bill to Ban Filming Soldiers on Duty Condemned
Israeli Army Kills Gaza Fighter While Thwarting Border Breach
Israeli Forces Raid West Bank Camp in Search for Soldier's Killer; 13 Palestinians Said Wounded
Middle East
India Says It Only Follows UN Sanctions, Not US Sanctions on Iran
Turkey to Relocate Ballot Boxes; Kurd Party Cries Foul
US Drone Strikes Kill 11 ISIS Militants in Eastern Afghanistan
White House Says Trump and Abe Agree to Meet Before Expected US-North Korea Summit
Bangladesh Kills 86, Arrests 7,000 in Anti-Drugs Campaign
Pakistan Orders Probe of Ex-Spymaster Over 'Spy Chronicles' Book
Kremlin: Permanent US Military Presence in Poland Would Harm European Security
French Prosecutor: 40 Terrorism Convicts to Be Released Soon
Croatia Blocks Extradition of Suspect in Hamas Murder
Four Army Soldiers Killed by Landmines in Libya's Darna
West Libya Factions Raise Doubts on Paris Talks
Cameroon Jails Anglophone Activists
EU to Observe Zimbabwe Polls for First Time in 16 Years
11 FARC Dissidents Killed in Colombian Military Operation
Cuba to Update Soviet-Era Constitution, Adapting to Reforms
EU to 'Swiftly' Hit Venezuela With Sanctions Over Election
Canadian Mine Latest Business Affected by Mexico Violence
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