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Updated June 7, 2018 - 11:23 PM EDT
Iraqi Parliament Orders Full Recount of May Vote
  Pentagon Plans to Release Detained US Citizen Into Syria
  At Least 20 Killed in Bombing of Baghdad Mosque
Locals: US Airstrike in Libya Killed 3 Civilians
  Battle for Libyan City of Derna, Where 125,000 Face Fresh Violence
Manbij Arabs Won't Accept Turkish Military
  Syrian Kurds Ready to Talk With Damascus
  Netanyahu Had Serious Talks on Returning Golan to Syria
House Bill Would Demand Detailed Report on NK's Nukes
UN Ceasefire Plan for Yemen Would End Saudi Bombings
Rand Paul: Why Have We Been in Afghanistan 17 Years?
item Anonymous Snipers and a Lethal Verdict  by Amira Hass
item Raqqa Civilians' Devastating 'Liberation' by US-Led Forces  by Donatella Rovera & Benjamin Walsby
item Washington's Dangerous Fixation on Iran  by Doug Bandow
item Populism and the End of the European Union  by Justin Raimondo
item A Middle East With No Master  by Chas W. Freeman Jr.
item Propaganda 101: How to Defend a Massacre  by Nathan J. Robinson

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Guantanamo Commanders Put in Pitch for New, High-Value Prison
Syracuse National Security Program Director Registers as a Saudi Foreign Agent
Israeli Lawmakers Kill 'Equality for All Citizens' Bill Before It Is Even Introduced
World Less Peaceful Than a Decade Ago: Global Index
Blast Blindsides Sadr City Mosque; 45 Killed in Iraq
Turkey Taking Closer Aim at Militants in Northern Iraq: Minister
UAE Says Iraq Election Shows Waning Iranian Influence
Syria Opens Homs-Hama Highway After Near Seven-Year Closure Due to War
Turkish University to Open Campus in Northern Syria
Europe Asks Trump Administration for Iran Sanctions Relief
Iran Stands Ground on Nuclear Inspections as France Warns of Red Line
Two Iranian Guards Killed in Clashes With Rebels on West Border
British PM May to Raise Iran Nuclear Deal With Israel's Netanyahu
Israeli Army Kills Palestinian in West Bank in 'Cold Blood'
Parole Board Rejects Tamimi Request for Early Release
Israeli Police Arrest Ramadan Wakers in Jerusalem
Macron to Netanyahu: Jerusalem Embassy Move Led to People Dying, Didn't Promote Peace
Middle East
NATO Rejects Qatar Membership Ambition
Yemen's Intelligence Officer Kidnapped by Gunmen in Aden
Turkish Court Releases 14 Students Being Tried for Opposing Afrin Operation
North Korea
Singapore to Restrict Airspace During US-North Korea Summit
Japan PM Seeks Trump's Assurances Over North Korea in Latest Two-Way Chat
Japan's Ethnic Koreans Loyal to Pyongyang Look to Summit to Bring Peace, Boost Status
Sudan Says It Has Cut All Defense Ties With North Korea
Two More US Diplomats in China Hit by Mysterious Illness
Female Candidate Kidnapped in Northern Afghanistan
Pakistan Activist Briefly Abducted; Quetta Policeman Killed
Egyptian Cabinet Resigns in Wake of Al-Sissi Re-Election
Egyptian President Sisi Pardons 712 Prisoners
Kenya Says Five Police Officers Killed in Explosive Device Attack
Ethiopia's PM Says Ending War, Expanding Economic Links With Eritrea Key for Regional Stability
Thousands Protest in N. Greece Over Macedonia Name Issue
US Envoy Richard Grenell Should 'Reconsider Role' After Europe Comments: German Lawmaker
Nicaraguan Tourist Destination Suffers Violent Clashes
Venezuela Frees Two Chevron Employees Arrested in April
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Rex Tillerson at Hoover

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