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Updated July 1, 2018 - 10:13 PM EDT
US Ends 70-Year Military Presence in SK Capital
  Mattis Tries to Reassure Japan on US-North Korea Talks
  SK Team Face Draft as Punishment for Poor World Cup Performance
Ceasefire Talks With South Syria Rebels Restart
  Israel, Jordan Won't Accept Any Syrian Refugees
Iraq PM Orders Immediate Execution of Hundreds
Trump Mulls Pulling Some US Troops From Germany
True Scale of UK Role in Torture and Rendition Revealed
NSA Purges Hundreds of Millions of Call, Text Records
item The Trump Administration's MEK Fan Club  by Daniel Larison
item End the Wars to Halt the Refugee Crisis  by Ramzy Baroud
item Princely Visits  by Uri Avnery
item War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty  by David R. Henderson

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Leaked Emails Suggest Trump Campaign Duplicity on 28 Pages
Not Up to US to Decide on Assange Asylum, Ecuador Says
Five Cities Vie for Cash, Clout of Hosting New Army Futures Command
Turkish Shelling Kills Kurdish Teenager; 24 Killed in Iraq
Iraq's Sistani Says Leaders Should Focus on Fighting Terror, Not Election Results
Syrian Army Takes Hill Overlooking Key Deraa Road
Number of Displaced Triples to 160,000 During Fighting in South Syria: UNHCR
Lebanon's Hezbollah to Work With Syrian State on Refugee Returns
Israeli Forces Kill Two Palestinians in Gaza Border Protests: Gaza Medics
Palestinians Say 13-Year-Old Killed Along Border With Israel
Bill Could Prevent Netanyahu From Forming Government
Birthright Walkout Is Met With Vitriolic Rage in Israel – 'Radicals' 'You Will Be Raped'
Hezbollah Denies Eight Fighters Killed in Yemen
UN: Over 18 Million to Die of Starvation in Yemen in 2018
Turkey Says Will Not Cut Off Trade Ties to Iran at Behest of Others
Libya to Declare Force Majeure on Two Contested Oil Ports
Struggle to Control Libya Oil Ports Adds to Global Supply Worries
'Permanent' Cease-Fire Begins in South Sudan's Civil War
eSwatini Police Fire Stun Grenades at Anti-Govt Protesters
US Military
Officers Censured for Bringing 'Embarrassment' on Navy in 'Fat Leonard' Scandal
General: Project Maven Just the Beginning of Military's Use of AI
Americans Still Dying
Canandaigua (NY) Native Killed During Navy Pilot Training in New Mexico
Family Remembers Army Reservist (AL) Who Died During Military Training in Florida
Pompeo Tells China Continued North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Needed
Russia's Envoy Discussed Korean Peninsula With US Special Representative
US Forces Chief Says S. Korea Paid for 90% of Biggest Overseas Base
Japan to Buy Advanced US Radar for Missile Defense System
Japan Protests Over China Drilling Vessel in Disputed Waters
Afghan Government Ceasefire Ends Amid Heavy Clashes
20 Anti-Government Militias Killed, 19 Wounded in Afghanistan
Nine Foreign ISIS Loyalists Killed During Air Attack in Afghanistan
Afghan Civilians Among 11 Killed in Herat Clash, Blast
US Senate Confirms New Military Commander in Afghanistan
Afghan Activists to Continue Sit-In Protest Outside US Embassy
Three Militants, One Civilian Teen Killed in Kashmir Gunbattle
Two Army Personnel Injured in Grenade Attack in Kashmir
Secret UN-Myanmar Deal on Rohingya Offers No Guarantees on Citizenship
EU Leaders Agree to Extend Economic Sanctions on Russia
Russia Warns It Could Strip France 24, Deutsche Welle of Licence: Agencies
Lavrov Warns Russia Might Leave Chemical Weapons Watchdog
EU to Deepen Military Readiness, Raise Spending, Leaders Say
Trump Calls Out Germany, EU Allies on NATO Defense Spending Ahead of Summit
Spain to Move Catalan Separatist Prisoners Closer to Home
EU Leaders Back End-2019 for Start to Macedonia, Albania Talks
Poland's Kaczynski Says Germany Should Pay Damages for WWII
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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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In Korea, We Should Welcome Anything Peaceful

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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